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“To our channel today i m gonna show you guys an app which can display display pictures or images on to your fitbit versus smartwatch now the fitbit versus smartwatch a very vibrant and very excellent colors so it would be really nice if you can watch pictures onto your fitbit versa like this. So. If you guys are new to our channel. Consider subscribing to our channel.

We do post a lot of videos about fitbit versa. And if you guys are here. To learn about fitbit also make sure you check out the playlist on fitbit versa. Where we have a lot of videos on fitbit versa.

That will be really helpful so without further ado let s get started so first of all we need to go into the fitbit versa app on to the smartphone currently i m using an android device so in the all apps. If you go you will have a list of all the apps which you have installed on your fan and you can go in all the apps now to nail down of the apps. Which can show the pictures onto your watch will just type photo in the search bar. And you can type other keywords.

Too. But follow will show you all the apps which does that job. So there are a lot of apps now i m showing you two apps today which are free of charge. So you don t have to pay anything for that app and they work no last name.

So the first two apps right here they are paid. My photo photo. A photo album watch app. It s also paid just so you guys know star war is not a photo app somehow it came up on this keyword google photo viewer this i have tried it but there are some issues it s a beta version and it s not working.

They re good. So i am not recommending this one to you face camera remote app. That s a camera app. Again it s a paid one the key places.


It s not an app for pictures easy picked by dynamic is very good app. And i m gonna do an in depth video about this. And i have done a video about this as well altitude is not a food web alright. So now today.

I m gonna do a review about two of the apps. The first one which is my favorite. Which is right here is slideshow by gondwana softwares alright. So this is a slideshow of the pictures you want you can even put id cards or point.

Collecting card. And it s the picture quality is awesome over here. It s a high resolution. So you can even scan.

The barcode displayed on the picture. It sure the description says that a separate version allowing 20 or more picture may be released in future. But at this point this particular version. I m using only allows 5 in chibuto right now i m gonna go in the app and show you how to add pictures on it so.

If you go in this setting icon right here. Then i didn t if the setting icon right. So. You you must hit the setting icon right here and then it will kick you in the setting.

Where you can adjust the time for font. Which is on the top left you can adjust the color of the font. You can adjust the position right here time. Which is top the taste top center.


But it s top left the color of the date and the position of the date. Then you can pick an image from the gallery or camera. And then let me show you guys so that that way you can have a better idea so whatever picture you pick. I will show you an option to crop once you hit done then you get all the options.

Which are default by option at this point. But you can customize that as well otherwise. It s gonna pick up this default setting right here once then you hit send watch you can even type a status. Which will come up on the bottom right here.

If you want to type anything about that image they will come right here and then once you hit send to the watch. It goes to the watch now i m going to go actually to the watch. So as you can see up to this point. The pictures were changing by themselves.

So that s the slideshow effect here. You can also manually swipe the pictures and you can see clearly the pictures are very crisp and clear and i really like this now. I m gonna show you a couple of options right here so if you hit the top button. Just press to once and you ll get all these options.

So the first one is auto off if i hit this it s just gonna stop playing the pictures. The time indeed. It s not gonna show the time and date. If i hit this one or captions.

Which are the small text at the bottom auto advance and edit slides. So you can actually. Edit slides over here now it s too bright. I m sorry about that but you can arrange the position of the slide and delete the slides from here.


But you only have five pictures option over here alright. So that s my favorite app for viewing pictures on to your smartwatch alright now i m gonna do i m gonna show you guys another app. Which is easy pick by the i need so i m gonna show you guys that app as well just right here easy pics now this this app allows you eight pictures yeah. Eight pictures.

Which you can load from your phone to the watch. And you can view it on the watch. There are a couple of options to adjust settings right here. Where you can like just the quality of the image.

So if you go over here. It is an updated version as well they fix some bugs over here so i m going the setting of this app. And i m going to show you guys how to upload the pictures so if you go in settings. You can actually select the quality and the transfer speed for now.

I have high quality and low speed. So that means the images are of high quality. But the transfer rate is slow you can hit any other option. But i personally find this option very good in terms of crisp images.

Okay and then to select an image you just hit this to go into the galleries like the image. You want and then you just upload it will also give you an option to crop. I have this image already so i m not gonna prove this image of caine alright. But i m gonna show you guys how it looks on the watch itself alright so here are all the images which i have uploaded from the phone to the watch alright so if you hit that you can see now if you guys want to see a picture without any time date or anything.

And this is the best app and you can see more pictures as well you can see about eight pictures. So then you can the slide feature does not work over here. So you have to manually press the button to change the image alright. But as you can see the image quality is so awesome.


And very crisp without any text or anything it looks pretty good and decent as well alright now if you guys want if you guys want to have a look at the time and date as well and the other one which i showed you earlier. Which was the slideshow app would be the best but either way both of this app. You cannot load pictures from your google photo. It s you have to add the pictures from your phone to the watch.

If you want something where you can view the pictures from google photos and this would be a good one it s gp viewer by dying it i have installed this app. I have also added my google account onto it but somehow i am not able to do with the pictures. So there it says clearly over here. It s a beta version.

So i guess they are working on it to fix all the bugs and maybe once it s fixed. It s gonna be really good one so where you can go on the watch right here. And you can it says requesting. But it just says in question.

It never comes up maybe they re just working on it. But i ll just show you a quick setting right here. If you go on the setting. Right here.

Then you actually can log into your google account right here and authenticate it i have already authenticated one of my google account but someone i m not able to load the pictures right yet it just pops up requesting all the time so i won t recommend you this one. But there are a lot more apps coming up at this point. These are the best apps available. So i hope you guys liked this video make sure you subscribe to our channel.

So you don t miss any upcoming videos out here and i m gonna see you guys in the next video take care. ” ..

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