How to Shorten / Adjust the Links of a Fossil Watch

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“I m bag and i d like to show you how i shorten. My watch watch band is the new one that i purchased the other video that i have my watch. I think i just put it together because the lady that shortened my the links. I guess you didn t do it tight enough and it fell off so i m measuring it three links are going to come off looks like so since she did in the film up i might as well just do it myself with my ultra steel.

44. And i m just picking the right size for it and i m going to put it aside as i work on taking out the pins from the links. I should have used a skagit here on my video. But i don t know i didn t think of it so anyway.


I decided to push the pins out because i found out that it s not the screw kind. It s just a straight pin. As you can see here. So we don t need to unscrew it so i m just gonna pull that out and something happened with my camera.

So i m just going to have to show it to you again putting the band back on this little gadget here going to push out the pins. I am. Sorry. I don t know the names of these gadgets.


But under the pin. Where it s positioned there s a whole kind of like a hole or a space. There for the pins to come out so it s very good to have and there goes one pin. I m going to work on three more two on one side one on the other so that it s a little bit more even okay so as you can see there i just pull the pin out.

And i picked it up with my tweezers and putting it on that gadget to hold them together. Because i m going to reconnect those shortened links and i m going to hammer. It in and the kit comes with a little hammer with a rubber end so it doesn t break the watch okay and then i m just pushing it a little bit so that is you know parallel to the other pins. And it feels nice and tight so hopefully this doesn t fall off.


But i do have three pins three extra prints and and links. So i m not really worried about it so there you go it s adjusted. And it feels fits really nice. It s a little loose.

I like it when it fits. When it kind of falls to my risk. And yeah. Thank you for watching.


Oh. And this is the gadget that i the set that i ordered from a website. Okay ” ..


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