[How-To Stardew Valley launches with graphic problem

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“Guys so i was trying to launch stardew valley and i m going to show show you exactly what it did so as you can see whenever i launch it into the upper left hand corner. And it actually does not fit to the entire screen. The scaling is all wrong. I can t see any of the buttons or anything so i went to google to try to find a solution and unfortunately i could not find anything on google that works for me now.

I saw where it did say to do a few steps that could fix it so just for the sake of being thorough. I m going to show you those steps those steps. However did not work for me. But maybe they will for you so you re going to right click on star.


Do valley and go to properties and under the local files tab you re going to click on browse. Local files. You ll see the stardew valley. Exe right here we re going to right click on it and go to properties.

Now the solution that i found on google. Which again did not work for me said to disable display scaling on high dpi settings. So i ll just go ahead and click that and then i ll click ok. And that should take effect so i m going to go ahead and hit play again just to see if it actually worked and it s like i said.


It it doesn t work for me. So i ll go ahead and close out of stardew valley. Now the other thing that you can do which did work for me. And it s kind of a workaround.

It s not a silver bullet. Solution pressure windows key and the r key at the same time. And you re going to type in this string of information. Which is the percentage sign app data with a capital a and a capital d with another percentage sign following it press enter.


It will bring up all of this you re going to go into your stardew valley folder. And then you re going to see this file. That says startup preferences. We re going to click on it or sorry.

We re going to right click on it and click open with and you can choose notepad or wordpad. It doesn t really matter they re going to be formatted just the same click on ok. What you re looking for is right here the start windowed it s set to false automatically. But we re going to it to true and then we re going to save close out of that and then i ll show you that it does in fact work so now it starts in windowed mode and thankfully.


I can press this little square up here and it will go into full screen mode and i m just going to double check to make sure i guess. That is still recording so this is one workaround that you could do hopefully. One of those two solutions will work for you if one of these two solutions worked for you be sure to give the video a thumbs up and drop it down in the comments that it worked. If it didn t work try to give me as detailed of a description as you can about the problem.

That you re having so that maybe we can find the solution thanks guys. ” ..

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