How to Stream and Record with GeForce Experience

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” ve buddy this is kit friend today. I m gonna show you how to stream stream and record with g4 geforce experience why using this software from nvidia. It s s pretty simple when you use obs and you stream with your cpu your cpu is taking a lot of resources just to record or stream. The game that you already play and sometimes.

It s cuz. It s causing a drop frame. If you don t have an i7 for example you i don t know you re playing on ai trio or even i. 5 or an older generation.

You will see a lot of slaughter. A problem with your a number of fps etc on a video card you have it on amd and also in video you have an encoder that you can use to record or stream your game. So i ll show you how to do it and with which program..


So first of all make sure that you download geforce experience. And you have the latest version click on the small icon over there. We will start with the setup first of all we will go to connect make sure that you connect your a twitch account youtube facebook whatever you want to use to stream or just send your videos after that let s go to recording recording will just show. You where your video is going when you record broadcast live so when you want to broadcast you can select facebook twitter or youtube you have three choice and after that you can select the quality of it or just use custom for me.

I m using 720p 60fps and i m using the max bitrate of twitch that is 6000 okay. So you can go until 18000. That s pretty good for a stream and you make sure that you have the connection normally you should use 60 of your upload so for an example. You will you have 10 mm bite from for your upload.

You should use 6000 here okay and after that just select your twitch server. You can also add custom overlays. If you want to to improve a little bit the your stream and your branding..


After that audio audio make sure that you re using your default might so microphone me. It s a blue yeti. But sometimes here you will see that is your camera microphone and the camera microphones is always sucks so just make sure that whatever if you re using a headset professional microphone etc. It should be there for source.

And this source will be for everything. It will be for your videos. Your twitch etc after that video capture so this is when you re recording a video. I me i m putting it right now at eight eighty thousand sixty m.

Bite. And the resolution of my monitor slash gain so right now it s always 1080p. But a cool feature here you can change it if you even if you re playing a game in 1080p you can record in 4k..


If you want okay here. It s for the quality of your video. If you put it at one hundred thirty you will see that your recording file will be a huge like one example you will record for i don t know one minute and your file will be 15. Gig.

So just make sure that you have the best setting here me at eighty thousand. I feel like my video are pretty much like sleek and very clean and for 1080p for sure if you have a higher resolution over there you should increase a little bit your end byte okay. So that s about it for the settings. After that you just have to say like if you want to record a brock broadcast.

So if you click record you just have to start here press start and you will record your display same thing with the broadcast. You press start you will have a couple of options you can change your title. If you want on twitch location..


At the end etc. And you just press go live. So with this you will save a lot of compute on your computer. If you have a older generation you know intel generation tree or even the laptop this thing can be really really helpful for you and you make sure that you re recording a game streaming a game and you don t have to up fps when you play in your game.

So that s about it guys. If you have any questions just post me your gpu and i will try to help the best that i can and don t forget to subscribe to the channel. Thank you very much guys. ” .


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