How to swap faceplates on New Nintendo 3DS XL

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” s up everyone its crimson and today i will be demonstrating on how to change change a new nintendo 3ds xl cover plate so i picked up this cover plate ebay for around 20 bucks. I wanted my empty blue and i m going to disassemble. It quick you don t need the base plate. Because we re only going to be changing out back in the crust let s all decide.

And so. What you ll be needing complete this is an exacto knife for the tabs right here..

Four of them on each side. A philips head screwdriver or six screws you get two in the back and on these tabs. They ll have four. We re going to start with the back is easiest so just unscrew the two back pop.

It honey on a corner put your 3s decide for now in the back. Here you got retaining rings slide your exact under it and just pull up on each side after you take out your retaining ring you can get your screws..

I m not going to put my rings back in because alright feel like it so let s get the back of the new one is your new pdf links on top halfway. There we re going to start with the front and these four cabs left is your move to just get your exacto put it in one of the corners pry. It up careful not to put too much foresight or you could damage. It is held on by a piece of you all for those so after you got all four tabs off you can continue unscrewing all four of these screws.

See you removed all the screws flip. It over grab your on your 3d up grab on the right hand left side and push up and it should click off we see that it detached on each sides and you see able to pull it up be careful with any wires..

Do not want anything to call. It this camera is just set in there so if it falls out don t be alarmed second now we ll do it reverse all you have to do is slightly off center. It do not have it all the way flat on push down on each side here clicking and then push forward. Which i already snapped into place.

Learn how to perform it and knits up so back. There..

Do the same things in reverse salsa everything s connected eat your screws and screw them. And if you want your 3ds to look special i copied my serial number i m a sticker out of it and then laminate it we re going to do is apply that now i don t want to ruin my original. That s it now i have a new shelf for my three. Yes make it look a little different than the other guys and that s ozzie twenty bucks in a couple minutes thanks for watching.

” ..

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