How to use NFC Tags in 6 CREATIVE Ways

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“There so have you ever thought. What does nfc feature in your phone. Does at at all some of you we will say that i can pay with nfc and connect to bluetooth devices. Very easily well there is much more to that so i m gonna tell you some very super.

Useful things that you can do with these tags step. One you need a phone. Which has nfc feature built in and don t forget to turn on the nfc by going into the settings step. 2.

We need few nfc tags they are super cheap and you can get them in different quantities from amazon depending on your needs. I have given few links to them in the description down below so make sure you check them step. 3. You need some of these apps to get your nfc tags working tip number one.


You can share all your contact info with just one tap you need to download nfc tools for this tap on bright button and select the add record option scroll down until you see contact fill in all the details you want to share with people and write this to your attack. Now. When every person will ask for your contact info. Just ask them to touch their phone on the stack and boom.

Your contact details will get transferred instantaneously tip number two i use nfc tag as an alarm business function for every single day download this app alarm clock for heavy sleepers open the app create a new alarm after that go into settings. Then profile settings and then tap on challenges change. The settings from no challenge to dismiss now go and stick an nfc tag somewhere away from your bed. What this will do is whenever your alarm will go off in the morning.

You have to touch your phone to the nfc tag to dismiss your alarm. I promise you you will never be late again to your work or maybe college tip number three you can create a wi fi hotspot on the go for your laptop you need this app called macro droid for the first time you need to tap on this on off switch. Now create a new macro scroll down till. You find nfc tag tap on it tap ok and to anything you wanna name.


It scan. The tag and tap on actions over there scroll down. Until you find hotspot select the toggle switch type in the name again stick this tag on your laptop or maybe somewhere else that s it now whenever you will touch your phone on the stack your phone will start hotspot in just one tap tip number four. If you drive a lot to work you can create a new macro and use it to turn on bluetooth put your phone to vibrating mode launch the google maps or music if you want save the macro and go and stick this tag in your car.

And with just one tap you can do all this with your nfc tag. This will save you many steps every single time. Tip number five you can send sms by tapping on nfc tag to know your bank balance. Extremely fast or something else to just one tap create a new macro for this and fill in all your details which you send to your bank to know your balance tapping on it will send sms immediately and you will know your balance in just.

One second and here s the last step give wi fi access to your guests with just. One. Tap use. This app.


Called in star. Wife. Eye. And select your wi fi in this.

List. Let s take. The security. And enter your wi fi password.

Now tap on this button. And write. Your wife and permission to the tach go and stick this tag somewhere. Near your wi fi or any other place now whenever.


Some guests ask you for the wi fi password just ask them to touch their phone at this tack. It will save you a lot of time and steps. There is one thing to note you need a different tag for every different task. If you try to use multiple functions on one tag.

Then previous task. Which you have set on the tags will get lost. And it will use the newer function these were just few tricks. Which i think are worth sharing and i know you guys can come up with more creative uses than me all the links to bio tags are given down below in the description box along with the applications you need share this video.

If you find it useful and as always take care of the pixels. ” ..

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