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“Everyone the prelims have started for you see. 2 23. Tonight. They re on fox fox sports.

1. Bt sports. 2. As well multiple streams in cody.

The easiest way you re wanting to watch. It for free you don t have a good paid service like eternal tv. Then i would suggest starting with mobbed row. We ll go ahead and open the app and it s pretty straightforward so you could just type.

The name of the network at the very top in the search bar probably the easiest way to get to them will be go to the sports menu down here click on that and then right there bt sport to the prelims have already started like i said then turn this down. So. The prelims have already started. But on bt sport.

Too if you re watching in mob drill on this channel. The pay per view will be broadcast on here live as well and as you can see it s streaming pretty well so if we re in mobbed row. We can kind of push down on the control navigation. The down direction and it s gonna give us.


I believe maybe not will back up. So that was bt sport. Too. The other one is fox sports.

1. It s being broadcast live right now on fox sports. 1. In the united states.

And it s bob geocities gotta. Give it a second and there s fox sports well obviously. It s on the commercial. Yeah.

There you go jarrod would be happy. So that s fox sports 1. I m gonna back out so that s in mobbed row. That s the easiest way to do it that s the easy way we ll go back to my home screen.

Here. If you happen to have hard knocks and you use eternal tv. We ll show you here just real quickly you can go to the sections menu and internal and this is pretty much rock solid true for every pay per view go to live events and then we ve got one two three links. There s the prelim link.


Let s click on that i ve got three links for the main card. And you ll see this comes up pretty crispy real real. Vivid. Awesome hd came on quick streams perfect.

So that s eternal tv. You can find out more information at eternal tv net. That s the easy way of course. The main event will be here as well and if you re in cody.

And let s say you just want to look for the fight in cody. We ll stop that i would slide over to your sports menu and you could try starting with planet mma down. There you could try live sports events. It s just trial and error.

It s kind of the same you know the usual suspects here you can usually find these events in planet mma sports devil live sporting events. The reddit links so on and so on planet mma usually doesn t load right the first time so there we go we get our message there blank screen. I m gonna hit the back arrow and back out and this is really typical for playing mma add on now. There it is so we go down to fight night.

Live click on that this usually has prelim links and then it ll have the main event and so on and so forth. So we got web links and reddit links will click on that and this is just trial and error. I don t really do this in advance. It s usually pretty consistent the way it works so if one link doesn t work you just try another link there we go and i don t know if this is only the main event.


If it is it probably won t work or it ll be something else be interesting anyway. You can kind of get an idea of the process. This link may or may not work depending off. They re showing the prelims.

But even for the main event. If you didn t want to use mob. Drew or don t have it for some reason. You have cody you can do it you know through the cody add on it s pretty easily as the night goes on if anyone has specific questions about an add on or something or trying to find it find it an add on or mob drill goes down this is a good way to do it.

And you can always holler at me and shoot me a question i ll be watching it it doesn t look like this stream is gonna work. But we ll give it a couple more yeah it didn t work anyway. I m gonna back up here so planet mma is one place. You re gonna be able to find links for the main event.

If we back all the way out if you just click on the sports menu itself that will open sports double. I think that goes directly the live sports event thing in sports double. We ll see you know it s it s a whole different out on and i don t necessarily see it in that it looks like soccer. Yeah.

I ll see it in there. We ll click on the sports option. The main menu their sports. This will be sports devil and you go down to live sports and you start drilling down it ll give you a list of different sources.


I guess and you just kind of start drilling down through those i ll pick that one i don t know if it works or not some of them works. Some don t so we re just hitting this sometimes. It seems like none of these work sometimes you can get tons and tons of them it just all depends some of them will show the main card. Some of them won t show prelims the easiest way though is really to use mobbed row.

And there s oh let s see your pay per view ufc main events. This will not show a fight pass okay so it looks like there s some options in there. I m gonna back out. And you can literally go through all these just looking at different potential places to stream those links from back out of here.

So that sports devil planet mma. I m sure there s other links in here. That also work. I just usually don t get that far i mean it ll probably work on mobbed row for sure for the whole night.

Playing at mma is pretty solid. That s the one of the first add ons always try and just never seem to get past that or sports. Devils. So enjoy the fights.

I ll post another link just kind of verifying. The pay per view is up and running on bt sports in mobbed row and of course all verify it s flawlessly streaming in chris phd on eternal as it always is have a good ” ..

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