How to Win in Tetris 99 – 5 Tips to Survive! (Guide)

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” s it going everyone brainchild here and i ve got a few quick pointers on on rising through the ranks of this newfangled battle royale game aptly named tetris 99. I don t know about you but as an avid tetris player. I was kind of expecting my tetris experience over the years to seamlessly transition over to tetris 99. Without a hitch.

I initially didn t take 99 s. Core gameplay loop to be that much different than the other tetris games. But after a few rounds of playing it became quite clear to me that game mechanics wise. I was definitely missing something and the game seemed intent on keeping that something from me considering that there s absolutely zero in game.

Explanations for all the game works at all nevertheless with lots of experimentation in practice. I picked up on a few strategies that helped me to survive for a lot longer than i ve been doing initially do keep in mind that the following strategies are based on general observations and experiments. I conducted that seemed to yield consistent. Predictable results.

These strategies are not official and may be based on incomplete data. Which is to be expected when analyzing a game with no official documentation about its gameplay mechanics with that being said let s get into it survival tip number one go for easy kills early in the game. If you haven t started already you should start using the analog sticks drive to select a targeting strategy that the game will carry out automatically or manually select their targets regardless of the method that you use targeting opponents is absolutely vital for surviving for more than a few minutes in the higher ranked matches of tetris 99. However we re just gonna focus on the pre designated targeting strategies in the game due to the fast pace and nature of the tetris game playing from the fact that the entire game is built around taking advantage of these strategies and actively eliminating opponents since each match is likely to be competitive you stand a better chance of surviving early on in the game.

If you can pick off opponents. Who are already on their way out it s cruel as that sounds simply switch your targeting strategy to kos to focus your attacks on these players. As far as i can tell similar to other modern tetris games. The loss condition that needs to be satisfied in order for the game to register kale and tetris.

99. Is either for a player s garbage attack to push and other players tetrominos outside of the boards matrix or a player s newly spawned tetromino to land itself or be time lock outside of the matrix. When the game meets these condition. It s considered topping out and that s when a ko is registered aside from easily securing a placement.

Other than dead last. Targeting easy kales allows you to amass badges more quickly. Which is quite useful since badges increase your attack power and puts you on more equal footing against more skilled players especially those who are particularly adept at core tetris gameplay. But haven t yet mastered battery out strategizing in tetris.


The strategy is less important for top level players who are confident that they can swiftly obliterate any opponent that they face. But even if that were the case. A top level tetris player who hasn t collected any badges yet may find themselves losing to their lesser skilled opponents especially if there are multiple decorated players of lesser scale attacking the top level player so the easy chaos strategy really is a universally advantageous strat for the early game do keep in mind. However that the game cannot perfectly predict who will be ko at every time especially super early on you want to make sure you re not wasting your time.

Targeting. An opponent. Who isn t gonna be kayode anytime. Soon.

That you can reselect. The chaos. Targeting strategy in the game. Will select another opponent.

A predicts will be ko. Alternatively. You can manually target. An opponent who seems to be struggling in the game.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid putting too much time and effort into setting up your board to clear a ton of lines during this phase of the game. The point of the strategy is to take advantage of the high probability of certain players being eliminated soon and to do it quickly. So you only really needs to produce just enough garbage to send them all to the edge survival tip. Number two target your attackers.

If more than one of them targets. You simultaneously. While you might have a specific target strategy in mind to take down your opponent s you can bet that your opponents have targeting strategies of their own. If you have too many targets on your back.

You ll have to put your strategies on hold if you want to survive since the garbage sent from your attackers is cumulative and well it might seem a bit unfair that your attackers can gang up on you and stack their garbage against you switching your targeting strategy that attackers definitely helps to even the odds you see you re awarded bonus lines of garbage depending on how many people are targeting you simultaneously the more people that target you the more bonus lines. You ll receive for clearing their garbage. And even though you re retaliating attacks are distributed evenly among your attackers. They re still far more powerful than your attackers attacks against you especially.

Since your badge bonus sex on top of the bonus..

You get for using the attackers targeted strategy. When multiple people are targeting. You suffice to say that it doesn t take long before most of your attackers will to back off and when that happens you can resume your main objective. However.

Sometimes you notice that some attackers will not back off. And this is likely because they also have the targeting strategy set to attackers like you do once you stop. Using the attackers. Targeting strategy.

You ll often find that those players will immediately. Stop. Targeting you overall the strength of the attackers targeting strategy lies in the numbers. The less people you have targeting you the less advantageous.

The strategy is sometimes it can be better to simply ignore your attackers of their low in number in the early game. It s not all of them will be skilled enough to send a significant amount of garbage your way and spending time fighting them takes away time you could be spending getting easy kos. Although you may be inclined to stick with the attacker strategy. Because of how powerful it can be you ll soon realize that maintaining a defensive position throughout the entire course of a match is not really a viable option.

Most of the time so try not to be overly reliant on this strategy survival. Tip. Number three hunt on players with badges mid game. To remove high level threats and become even more powerful now.

This is where things start to get really risky in all likelihood players with badges are more skilled than players. Without badges. So taking decorated players head on as effectively. Provoking higher skill players to target you and possibly defeat.

You yet if you manage to defeat them you will reap the battle for rewards that are their badges making you much more powerful in the end. So. The question you have to ask yourself is is it a risk worth taking personally i think it is umberto royale type games. You re gonna have to deal with haidle threats at some point throughout every match.

If you plan on surviving into the end..

It s not a matter of if you should attack them. But win and determining when to attack is pretty easy. When you realize that higher skill players are most vulnerable when they are being attacked by lots of powerful players regardless of skill level. Which only really happens during the mid game.

What a match first starts. No one has any badges so there isn t any power differential to offset any potential disparity between skill levels towards the end of the match. There are significantly less players remaining. So any highly skilled players remaining are more likely to overcome the odds of multiple powerful.

But less skilled players simultaneously attacking and defeating them during the middle of the match. However setting lots of powerful targets on the backs of highly skilled players can help ensure. Lesser skilled players do not have to contend with high level threats towards the end of the match. When the numbers will no longer be in their favor.

So. What the badges targeting strategy boils down to is attacking highly skilled players. When you ve become sufficiently. Powerful.

And there are lots other people still in the game. If you can pull it off successfully you might find yourself in the top 20. Very often even if you re not that great at the core tetris gameplay good luck trying to pull this one off. Though seriously you re gonna need it so find us at number four near the end try to ko players who are close to topping out anyone who spent some time in the last stretch can tell you how alarming and panic inducing.

The music that accompanies the final phase of the battle. Is when you combine this flight of the bumblebees remix and the following speed of the tetriminos and the incoming garbage from other players. The whole thing becomes a recipe for anxiety. And it can be easy to feel like your primary goal should be to simply focus on not dying.

However if you really want to survive as long as possible i would encourage you to resist that urge you see with increasing falling speed comes increased mistakes from everyone. Which subsequently results and play as being more likely to top out you want to take advantage of this there s a good chance that someone is struggling more than you are if you ve made it this far. Especially. If you ve already eliminated the higher skill players from early on the match.

So you should take this opportunity to switch the targeting strategy back to kos to finish these players often improve your final placement..

If you ignore the strategy. It is possible that you will end up attacking someone more skilled than you and they make aou sooner than the players who are at risk of eliminating themselves resulting in you ending up with the worst placement than you would have had if you had used the chaos hardening strategy. Having said that since the game s algorithm isn t the most predictive regarding. Which players are close to topping out you have to keep a somewhat watchful eye on your target.

There may be times. Where manually selecting a target is preferable. But that s incredibly difficult to do it under circumstances that are so intense your mileage may vary with this one and if all of this seems like too much for you to handle. There s one more survival tip.

That s sure to come in handy survival tip number 5. When all else fails spin spin spin. When you re tetriminos reach the top of the matrix you might think it s over for you. But don t give up it least not yet as long as only the playable tetromino exists outside of the matrix boundaries you can repeatedly rotate the tetromino to stall for more time and figure out how to clear a way through you can t do it indefinitely as it eventually locked in place and in your game.

But it may give you just enough time to save yourself. And even if you can t clear up have downward. If you re at the very end of the match with only you and one other player meaning. It s possible to get a victory royale by simply stalling.

Until your opponent tops out something else to keep in mind in these kind of situations. Is that you don t need to focus on clearing too many lines in order to save yourself clearing one line at a time is often enough to delay incoming garbage from pushing you over the edge. The key to surviving in these situations is acting quickly one line at a time and there you have it five practical tips you can use to survive in tetris ninety. Nine.

And maybe even snag a victory royale well there s a lot more to tetris than targeting strategies. Once you enter the domain of high level. Play like t. Spinning and combos.

Following these survival tips will help you significantly outlast. Most of your opponent s most of the time so good luck. If you ve enjoyed this video please be sure to give it a like and share your thoughts with us in the comments below thanks for watching and be sure to stay tuned to gamexplain for more coverage on all things gaming. ” .


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