Hp Beats Laptop Disassembly and Hard Drive Replacement

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“Guys badger here today. I m going to show you how to disassemble and remove remove the hard drive for my hp beats laptop okay first thing you do is need to remove the battery of course now please keep in mind there are a few hidden screws. I ll show you where now okay first one is a 10 screw underneath the battery compartment. Please remember to remove this okay.

There we go after that we re going to try and remove the cd rom drive so remove the screw thankfully all of the screws in this laptop are exactly the same size except for the two hidden location screws. Which i will point out now now please keep in mind that the cd rom can get stuck. Sometimes as you can see i m struggling a little bit. But we ll get to that now so remove the screw right underneath.

It and now you can remove the screws in any given order. It really doesn t matter as long as you remove all 16 ok. Moving the next screw. There you go and the next one closes through the heatsinks.


Okay then and the one very close to your fan system. Okay. That s it now we re going for the hidden screws. Now you can use a blade.

Now please keep in mind. Here is a hidden screw that i m pointing to you can just use the blade to flip up the little led there and take out that screw now we want to remove this rubber grommet there you go and underneath. That you ve got a hidden screw. Okay so we take this out please keep this one one side.

Because the screw is a different size to the rest okay once that s out then we can try and remove this little plastic cover now you lift it from bottom. And then you slide it out forwards there you go and underneath that we ve got another screw. But that is the same ties as all the rest okay so let s take that out now you go and try the other side. Other rubber grommet.


There you go. And another hidden screw also keep this one with the previous hidden screw. As this one is also a different size lift this up same way as the previous one and then slide it out forward that s it and we ve got another hidden screw. They re also the same size as all the rest.

And that s it then i m just going through basically making sure that i ve removed all of the screws. Why do hp have to put in so many damn screws okay that should hopefully be it okay now let s get back to that cd rom drive. We have to remove this as you can see it can be a bit stubborn. All that i m doing is basically i m just forcing the cd rom drive back into its original location and then you ll see hopefully it should just slide right out okay.

There you go now that s that s done we can just flip it back up wait sorry guys yeah. There s another hidden screw underneath the cd rom tray. We will need to remove that as well that is a very very small screw so just remember to take that out okay. There you go now.


Most of it is loose. And we will be starting from this little corner over here to remove the top tray. Now what you can do is you can use a little blade to just open it up and you should hear a little click sound. There you go okay and then in order not to damage the casing at all because it s very soft plastic.

Just use something like a credit card or a gift card and just force it in there and keep applying pressure upwards and you should start slowly. But surely hearing the casing come loose. And it will be clicking all the way there are about roughly ten of these little clips that we need to loosen up as you can see the top casing is starting to come off now and right underneath. This mouse pad.

Is where the hard drive is located so thankfully. It s not too deep in okay. So just work our way through very slowly be very careful with this you don t want to break these steps thankfully. It s not very hard and there you go.


There s your hard drive. Okay. So the only thing. That s keeping this hard drive in is it s got two rubber grommets next to the drive itself.

And then the ribbon cable coming over it and the actual ribbon itself. So just remove the ribbon coming over it you don t want to damage this please don t damage this be very careful okay once we ve done that you can just take a flat screwdriver just put it underneath or from the back of the drive and just lift it up and your drive should come out and you ll see there s that little ribbon. That s still attached to it you just need to take that off as well as the rubber grommet and there you go that is the one terabyte that hp gives with this not a bad drive. But unfortunately in this case.

This drive is completely failed and this laptop is about ten months old and will need to replace this once your new drive is in just follow the steps backwards again do everything in reverse. And just apply pressure from the top and you should hear it click all the way through and that s it your new drive is now ” ..

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