Huawei P20 & P20 Pro Review

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“Huawei p. 20. Mp. 20.

Pro. Are the best phones. The company has ever made made and the huawei p 20 pro claims to have the best camera ever put a phone hello guys. This is vik christophe with falun arena and today.

I will review the p 20. And the p 20 pro. I have used these two phones. Alongside shot.

A bunch of pictures with them and compared them with the best phones out there. But first let s take a look at the design of these two because they certainly look great huawei was clearly more than inspired by the iphone 10 here both phones have an iphone style not vertical cameras glass and metal construction with similar rounded sides and even the same drilled microphone and speaker holes. The standout feature. However are the new gradient colors unlike that of any other phone.

The p20 pro signature version is a twilight gradient going from blue to purple. While the p20 has a lighter pink gold gradient with various shades of pink. You have other colors. But these two gradient finishes are the ones that catch the eye the most all physical buttons are on the right side.

And you have this little red accent on the power key on the bottom. You have a usb c. Port for charging. And no headphone jack.

Unfortunately. You do get a pair of basic usb c. Earbuds in the box..


And they sound okay. But if you want higher quality sound. You need to purchase wireless headphones or the hard to find usb c headphones. It s worth mentioning that while the p20 pro is fully water resistant with an ip67 rating.

The p20 is not and it should not be submerged in water or you risk killing your phone up front you have a fingerprint scanner positioned below the screen on both phones. It s a bit of a stretch reaching it when it s so far down. But you get used to it the fingerprint recognition is very fast it happens nearly instantly and with just a tap you unlock the phone by default the two phones come with on screen navigation buttons. But if you don t want even those buttons taking up screen space you can use fingerprint gestures for navigation and disable.

The on screen buttons completely it s your call. We found fingerprints a bit too fiddly you tap once to go back long hole to go to the home screen and swipe from the side for recent apps. But those gestures. Don t always work from the first try and we just went back to using the on screen buttons after all one key difference between the p20 and the p20 pro is the screen technology that they use while both have the same full hd plus resolution the p20 features a 58 inch lcd screen while the p20 pro has a 61 inch oled display with lush colors and deeper blacks comparing the two side by side you can see the difference everything appears more vibrant more saturated and livelier on the p20 pro both screens look good though and you will not be disappointed by the image quality on either of them and the not well you get used to it.

But if you don t you can actually go into display settings and hide it completely so that it all appears is one big black bar on the top. We prefer having that extra screen space but you can do it if you want huawei calls its custom android interface emui short for emotion user interface and here you have emui 81 the latest version on top of android 81. Oreo. While we adopts a bucketload approach with this interface and has almost every feature you can think of from cloud backups.

Yes to the huawei cloud to twin apps to its own file safe. A secure folder like feature and more. But then there s also the bad emui copies ios in some ways that are just too obvious huawei just had to make that phone dialer icon identical and also copy the healthop icon and the music icon in the settings icon and so on. But it also copied whole apps just open the weather app to see that it is a complete ripoff this shows a troubling lack of original thought and certainly doesn t speak good for huawei under the hood.

The p20 series run on wow is own kirin 970 chip this chip is not quite as fast as the qualcomm snapdragon 845. But it is not too far behind either in the daily grind both the p20 and the p20 pro performed smoothly without stuttering or lagging. Which is a great thing we ran our standard suite of benchmarks and the p20 performs slightly weaker than phones like the galaxy s 9. Or the latest iphones still most games would run just fine on these phones.

While the p 20. Series. Do not have a microsd card slot..


They offset this by shipping with a plentiful 128 gigabytes of on board storage. This is double the storage at apple and samsung offering their base phone models good job huawei the p 20 and the p 20 pro are also dual sim phones. So if you have two different numbers active at the same time. And this is useful for those who have a separate work phone and don t want the trouble of dealing with a burner phone.

You just have one phone dealing with both sim cards. The biggest thing about the p20 series. However is the camera on the p20 pro or rather. The cameras as it has three of them on the back.

A main 14 megapixel shooter. Yes. 40. Actually a reincarnation of the nokia pureview system.

A second 20 megapixel black and white camera in a third 8 megapixel telephoto one for portraits that main 14 megapixel camera also happens to have a super big sensor. Size at 1. 2. 17.

Inches. And while the main camera is 40 megapixel. The phone defaults to shooting in 10 megapixels. This way it combines 4 pixels into one to get better results in a while you can go into settings and choose to shoot in the full 14 megapixels.

We recommend sticking with the default 10 mp. Option. But how do photos actually look well different than all the rest for starters. By default.

The camera has artificial intelligence or ai turned on what exactly is ai on a camera turns out that the p20 pro can recognize a scene and change colors accordingly now experience it recognize greenery and blue skies. But not much more when it recognize these 2 c. s..


It would automatically change the colors. It just boosts the greens for greenery and the blues for blue skies and produces some wildly overblown colors. It s almost like a filter. But a very strong one and what we actually did not like these fake colors.

So we turned off the a option in camera settings to get more pleasing. Photos. Photos indeed look good most of the time but not quite as revolutionary as you might expect. There is noticeable over sharpening and the colors during the day are a bit too cold so when we compared images to an iphone.

A galaxy and a google pixel the p20 pro photos are about on par and sometimes not quite as good. The p20 pro. However impresses with its built in three times. Zoom and five times zoom shooting at these models delivers outstanding detail above anything any other phone can offer at night.

The big sensor also helps and images turn out spectacular. There is a special night mode that works by the camera taking a four or five shots and combining them into one final shot that looks great this however takes time and will not work with moving objects. The selfie camera on the other hand shoots good looking put pictures and supports a portrait mode to blur the background and create more artistic portraits. What clearly doesn t look good is video.

The p20 pro can shoot video on up to 4k 30 resolution. But there is no video stabilization footage looks very shaky almost unusable with that big issue you re basically forced to using the much less sharp 1080p video recording option in terms of sound quality. The p20 series use a dual speaker system similar to the one on the recent iphones. You have audio separated into two channels.

One coming from the bottom firing speaker where we have the whole range of sound. And one more coming from the earpiece at the top that acts as a twitter with higher pitched sound. The speakers do indeed get plenty loud and the quality is very good this is one of the trends in 2018. Great loudspeaker quality and the p20 pro definitely lives up to the expectations here.

We also had no issues with call quality on the p20 and the p20 pro as both sound spend clear in. Conversations but what about battery life. Get 3400 milliamp hour battery in the p20 and the massive four thousand milliamp hour battery on the p20 pro..


There is a weirdly issue with those phones. You cannot manually set the brightness level. The option is there but the phone keeps on automatically adjusting brightness so unfortunately we could not run our battery test it requires a set brightness level. However in our experience.

Both phones and especially the p20 pro have excellent battery life and easily last you even those longer days at the end of the day. The p20 and the p20 pro are who always best phones. So far. It s just a shame that huawei has copied the apple iphone 10.

So shamelessly in so many places from the nudge to even the whole apps like the weather app. And while the camera on the p20. Pro is not quite as revolutionary as we hoped it s still among the best out there with a solid battery life and a smooth android experience these phones definitely deserve a mention when we speak about great phones in 2018. And this rounds.

Up. Our review of the huawei p. 20. And the huawei p.

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