InnovAge PACE in Action

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“Is in of age. And this is in of age pace pace is the program program of all inclusive care for the elderly. In of age pace centers. Provide the to help seniors stay independent and continue living in their own homes primary care physicians nurses dentists social workers home care workers physical and occupational therapists personal care workers behavioral health experts nutritionists recreation.

Therapists pharmacists and transportation specialists in of age is the largest pace provider in the united states and we re just getting warmed up an innovate center is both a clinical hub and a social hub with programs and services designed for seniors. Like a clinical exercise program..

A beauty salon activities like gardening and even local artwork. Because sometimes. It s the little things that matter like rosie. She s a little thing with a big heart.

This is an interdisciplinary team meeting interdisciplinary is another way of saying working together and that s what in of age does best this team creates and coordinates a personalized care plan for each participant and here are some of our people to tell you what else makes innovate unique the thing. That s different at innovate is the availability of resources provided to our patients..

All under one roof. It s really a team approach to health care. We re just so much more than just a doctor s office. We are really a social model of health care if they can come here and get all of their health care in one spot is great for a lot of them because they don t have transportation.

The most rewarding thing is hearing my participants stories. I met a participant when he was in what we call a pmd which is a motorized scooter and he wanted to walk and so i saw him for nine months and we worked on it and worked on it and worked on it and after nine months of working with him two days a week..

He finally was walking with a cane and that was that was so rewarding one thing. That s unique about in of age is that we try to keep people in their own homes pace. Is a different way to think about care for seniors and ativ h. Is a different way to think about pace healthcare transportation personalization fun friends and even rosie all in one place.

Because what s the point of being able to get around if you don t have a good place to go in of age pace centers are good places to go talk to us for more information about enrollment in the program of all inclusive care for the elderly in of age. This is life on your terms..

” ..

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