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“Girl you re so damn fine go i m trying oh the hitter from behind behind oh. I m sippin on you like some fine wine. Though and when it over hello youtube. My name is money right trail aka trillion blogs and you guys are my trillion earth and today.

I m going to be doing a iphone six plus case collection. So i m not gonna cut this video. I m gonna just keep it as tall as it is and i m just gonna go on straight into it right now. My first case is this black and white case.

You may think. It s just a regular black and white case. But if you see the reflection. As you can see that it is a dry race poor case.

And here s my iphone right here you just put the phone into it like this clip. It in and there goes your case um. I don t think. It s a very protective case as it is just whatever.

It s called plastic on the sides. But um. I like the cut out of this case has this sort of trapezoid cutout and i really like it like you can just ride on a safety in school you need to take down some quick notes with some quick homework of stuff like that you can just write on the case and i think i bought this case for about i don t know if it was about ten dollars on ebay you can just lick up dry race sport iphone. Six plus case now to the next case.

My next case is just white silicone cases man. My favorite types of cases has to be silicone cases. When i did have the iphone porn for us..


I used to have about thirty cases and things like that i used to have about 13 cases yes. Thirty cases for my iphone form for it so i like silicone cases. I bought this silicone case online. I didn t know that it was gonna have this little front part right here.

I m sorry to hear voices and record people talking. But i m some i bought it on amazon weiss. Little case. But it wasn t supposed to have this little hop on it i don t think you can see it oh.

Thank you those are yes. This little hump right here when supposed to have that hump. It was supposed to be like my old iphone 6 case. This is a six plus case compress the iphone 6 case where it s just plain and lying.

But this one has a little hump. So here s what it looks like on my phone here s what look like on my phone. It makes my phone looks a thousand times bigger than what it actually is i mean the six plus six big. But when you re used to it it s not big at all so here s the phone right here it just looks very nice if you like clean and sleek things and stuff like that everything you look nice professional then i advise you to either get all black stuff okay so always slow in case.

Whichever one matches your phone next case. I m going to go with is this clear case. I bought this clear case was one of my first clear cases. I specifically looked for a different type of location.

Why don t you can just snap on not have to use this piece and a front piece. Too. And it had a trapezoid cut out like this case..


But then it came here. And it looked like this. I was like what is this junk. So let me put this on the case.

You just put the back on and then you just clip on the front. I did like this case. I didn t like when i first got it in the mail. But i did like this case when i started using it because it made my phone feel a thousand times bigger than what it is i need a screen protector on the phone.

I need a privacy screen protector not for like privacy. But just that the privacy screen protectors look nice on people s phone cuz. It s all dark and stuff on the white background. So i need one of those or anti glare.

Screen protector. So. Here s what my clear case looks like and i got this on amazon for about three dollars. So you just take it off like that like that my next case is this blue and green otterbox.

This is one of my first cases. I got with this white case. So let me put it on first you put the back coin. It comes with a screen protector built in but i um took the screen protector out because i don t like the screen protector.

Something don t like the screen protector because i really want to touch my own screen and i want to clean off my own screen instead of having to clean up the strength chapter so here s what it looks like this phone will turn into a tablet. When you put this on this case is huge. It is very bulky..


If you like a bulky case in your pocket and go right ahead. But it protects your phone. If you got a new phone and put a case on it the same day you drop it or throw it up in the air. It s not gonna crack that s the good size that s the pros of this case and they come in many different colors.

I got the blue and green color okay it s hard to put on one but here s the case right here it looks very nice looks very clean and sleek it s very protective here it is right here. It s a very protective otterbox keeps your phone protected and everything like that well yeah so when you drop it boom boom bang bang bang bang it won t crack and it s always protective in i don t know if you even need the screen protector because all these sides are risen right here. So i don t think that it will get a crack or anything like that and i got this about. Oh.

No i got this on i think it was on ebay for about eighteen dollars. If you just search it up on 18. If you search up otterbox defender. This is the atomic green case and this was about 18 dollars.

But when you first put it on it s very hard to take off my next case is this new case. It s another otterbox about this black otterbox on um. I think i bought it on yeah about this one on ebay. This was about fifteen dollars.

I want to talk about commuter because it was way skinnier then the defender series. The one that i just had on this is a commuter series that don t do the same thing. But it s just that this green and blue is more protective in this one. It s more it s more thin and things like that and i like the color.

I want it to get black because i ve seen people have gold on black black on gold whatever you use it and it looks pretty nice. But this case is hard to take off i took it off millions of times. But the time i took it off yesterday it cracked..


You can t tell that it cracked. But it cracked let me show you ok here s how you put the case on here. It is right here the black otterbox defender man commuter on a white iphone six plus on the back it looks like this but you can see you can t even see it. But the crack is actually right here you can t see it at all because it s all black.

But like if you take the case off that s only when you can see it so. If you re walking around or anything in it and the case crack you can t see it. But um. You d be the only one to see it when you take it off.

So. How i take it off is i just do like this and that s how it cracked right. There as you can see and then when you put it back on you can t see the crack. But how i take it off is i just do like this this is the way that i cracked it like that but now i can just push it out on the side now like this and then just it just looks like a regular case again my next case is i m going to show you my iphone 6 cases here s one of my iphone 6 cases and then here s another one i m half on finish it one was bigger that s it for this video make sure you follow me on instagram.

At money. Guy trail. The instagram will be right here. Oh oh.

And then my snapchat will be at the end of this video. Thank you trainers for watching make sure you give this video a like a comment and make sure you subscribe. ” ..


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