Instagram Doesn t See the Hot Glue Burns: Jasmine James Story Fan Creators SYFY WIRE

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“Think it s a pretty thing and i m just wearing costumes and i m m just modeling. It s not that late instagram gets all the fun stuff. But don t see what i m crying and covered in hot glue bits hi. My name is jasmine james and i do cosplay it s weird cuz i like i would never think i would own any of this kind of stuff like if you asked me this question three years ago.

It s like hey would you have like a whole toolkit in your house. If you like no and now i have power tools once she finally got into the con scene..

I really didn t have to do much really all i had to do was bring her and this is like this is amazing after that you know i made my first costume then it went off well and that was it that was i was in it so the graveyard. This is where everything goes when i m done with it so i just kind of dump them. In there. When i m done.

I m like okay. Bye like straight out..

This is just hair. Mashups are like my favorite thing. I try to do at least one major mashup a year now that i started doing this technically for research. I spent at least a couple of weeks just trying to break it down and figure out what i m gonna do i work as a artist currently and a video games video.

I kind of approach. It the way..

I would if i was doing character concept art like my wonder woman isn t here. Wonder woman is a very special costume for me people really gravitated towards it first of all wonder woman is wonder woman that is literally the og woman superhero. And it was really cool online in general just seeing different women of different ethnicities cosplaying wonder woman and i think people really gravitated towards that not to mention. I think i did a decent job as a two year old she had pokemon cars and markers.

And paper. I think it all kind of has come full circle being able to put it on and like makeups done..

Everything is perfect you re not yourself anymore. And that whole idea of being this powerful character that you immediately forget all the stress that went into making it because just that end result makes it worth it ” ..

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