iOS 11 Broke The Music App…

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“If you follow me on twitter. You know that i am not very happy with with ios 11. At this point. I ve been emailing apple about all these glitches experienced and in my opinion ios.

11. Should still be in beta. It s not as stable as ios. 10.

Was when it first came out to the public last year. And i don t know why it s not that big of a feature release it s just very buggy. What i m gonna be talking about today is mostly in the music app. Because that s where i m experiencing all the glitches.

But there are a few small glitches in ios 11..

One of the big ones being the 3d touch stutter you can see there when the page comes up it s it s not as you know seeable on video. But if you compare it to ios. 10. The stutter in 3d touch is definitely visible and it was a lot more smooth on ios 10.

So this video is about the music app and the first thing. I wanted to show you is a layering issue that you see at the top of the screen. Now if you follow me on twitter. You might be annoyed at how much i tweet about this issue because it s so annoying.

And i m i m kind of a ocd when it comes to my operating system. I want to look good at least and when there s a tiny ui issue that bugs me i m gonna i m gonna be really upset about it it s gonna drive. Me crazy so if i jump into songs here and i want to play a song let s pick let s pick a song here. If you see when i tap on the album art.

There s nothing at the top of the screen..

You can see that white background behind this page and that s cuz. We re at the top of the screen. And nothing is there. But if i scroll and then tap you can see up there you can see the scrolling content of my library and then when i go down.

It just disappears. You might not be able to see that but you see where at the top where it says fod. So the name of a song. There that shouldn t be visible and then when i scroll down that disappears.

And then that song titled fod is way up here. I ll show you that again. I ll scroll and then you can see my library is visible up here and then when i go back down. It s not visible so for some people that might not be that big of an issue but for me.

It s really annoying so another issue is i think on ios 10..

When you were playing a song and then you clicked on it again would bring up the now playing screen. But now when you just click on a song again it simply restarts the song so i ll show you that right now i can t have audio playing. But i ll go to the middle of the song and i ll tap on the same song instead of bringing up the now playing screen it starts. The song over don t know why it does this really annoying when you re browsing through your library.

And you just want to click on the song quickly to jump into the now playing screen instead of going all the way to the bottom. It starts. The song over don t know why it was much better in ios. 10.

And the last glitch is when i m in an artist page when you re swiping back it still detects 3d touch when you re in the middle of a swipe so i ll go into an album here when i swipe back when i m in the middle of a swipe. If i push hard accidentally it activates 3d touch don t know why so i ll do that again i swipe and if i get a bit harder. It still acts like i m 3d touching on this song even though i m in the middle of a swipe. So you have to be very precise with your swipes.

You can t push a little bit harder..

When you re swiping. Because it still thinks you want a 3d touch on that item. Even though you re in the middle of a swipe back so yeah guys those are the three main glitches. I m experiencing in the music app in ios 11.

Very annoying for me i ve been emailing some people at apple. I actually got ahold of craig federighi. The guy from the keynotes he actually emailed me back about the glitch where he can see the songs showing through at the top. He said.

He s gonna pass that on to the lead of the apple music team so hopefully that gets fixed in an update to ios 11. But for right now it s really annoying me so tell me what you think about this and the comments down below drop. A like on this video. My name is mike thanks for watching and i ll see ” .


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