iOS 9 Notes Upgrade

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“Has recently made some pretty great upgrades to its notes app. So i kind of of wanted to highlight a few of those today. So i m going to open. And you ll see that i have an already collating some resources here.

Some information on paul revere. So i ve made and we ve been able to make lists and bold and add links for for a while. But i wanted to talk about some other features so when i bring up my keyboard just by tapping if i use my two finger so i instead of a single finger tap. I do a double finger tap and i just tap right in the middle of my keyboard.

You ll notice that the keyboard kind of gray s out but i can treat it like a mouse look out my i m moving my cursor and i m selecting text..

So that was really previously kind of difficult to do on an ipad. So i can now do you select that i could have copied it if i want to but i can also just move my cursor now so if i just need to place my cursor you know right here. I can be really precise about where i want my cursor to go before you were just like tapping and hoping your cursor would end up in the right place. But now you can kind of take it wherever you want to go.

Which is really neat. So now i m going to hit return down here and i want to go over the toolbar or the ribbon. If you will so you ll notice the circle with a check mark in it right there above the q and the w. When i tap it i can insert a to do list or reminders list.

So let s say i m working on this project with a team and i want to create a google folder for teamwork okay then within that folder..

I need we need to start building you know works cited or resource list then we need to start planning projects. So i have three to do lists here. So as those things are happening and getting completed. I can then tap and check off that it s been time so this is great for personal productivity and also for students as well as they are if they have a device or a phone or anything like that the next thing.

I want to talk about on this toolbar is the camera. This makes sense you can insert a photo from your photo library or you can just take your photo and just send it straight into notes. So if you re talking about a location you can insert say a photo of a map or if you take a quick screenshot of a website. You can put it in there for future reference.

The next option is the squiggle..

This is probably the most revolutionary thing in notes right now so i tap the squiggle and i get a blank canvas at this point. You ll notice that the bottom. I have a pin a highlight or a pencil a ruler. A tracer and then three different you know tabs of colors that i can choose for ink.

So i m just going to pull the ruler out by tapping it and i can completely manipulate this ruler so here s a true 90 degree angle and then i can draw a straight line. So then maybe move my ruler over here draw another straight line turn i can completely manipulate the ruler grover. I need it to go oh i need to undo that and get a there we go nice and straight. So then at this point.

I can move you know check the ruler you know off to the side..

If i don t need anymore or if i chopped it goes away completely. And i can just begin writing you don t have to draw this box. But i wanted to show you how the future would work and then now you have annotation right and on your notes. So those are some really great features that have been added and i hope ” .


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