iPhone 5C unboxing from ebay

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“Today. We re gonna have another bb unboxing of the iphone 5c and white actually actually it came customers looked at it actually play this was opened. It came just this box in standard dhl wrapping. I just unwrapped it and that s how it looks actually it says red to four for money and i actually ordered alive iphone 5c so just check it out what we have look this phone from ebay um.

It s hundred dollars in auction. So it s pretty much cheap deal it s locked to at t. I believe but i believe i m gonna unlock it by myself listen to me bubble wraps. The condition is what with it as mint and as we can see it s white.


So it s good. The box was just lying that s right okay just move the knife in the box. And yeah. If you have a pretty much a good condition iphone.

It s really in good condition as you can see i m sorry can i don t focus in really good condition. I never had the iphone 5c it didn t really like it. But because it was a good deal 100 free shipping. My country.


I m not from yes. So i just have to pick it up i m probably gonna sell it because it s an in mint condition and in our country. We can get like 300 for this so i m going to go to unlock. It it s pretty much just a phone without box or cables or headphones for anything so i m going to go buy some cables probably some ejection tool and just consult for yeah.

It s no service for what 300 and make a profit about 200. So it s for working out this heaven latest iris because i just saw brand new apple watch edition. So it s 8 gigs. So it s pretty much small item.


Then it s a tape on three yeah. I take on three so it s pretty much that s brand new let s have siri. I m stopped a lot loved this doesn t have any account. So i can actually a cloth locket.

Yeah. That s pretty much it. So it does have probably me oh oh yeah. It does have some messages our kids come through that so probably yeah.


It is come on it s nice for working does the camera work. Yeah. Camera works. The front camera work.

Yeah. The front camera works perfectly that s pretty much it so. Thank you guys for watching stay tuned for ” ..


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