iPhone 5S GOLD 64GB (Official Review)

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“So today we re checking out this yr classic vibe 70s check him up finished finished in a free color sunburst just bought this from jk. It was around front a 40 pound that seems to be the average price in the uk at the minute again. Just been released these are crafted in indonesia. The previous classic vibes were all crafted in china.

But these are definitely on a par in terms of build quality. So i ll give you a little close up of that free color sunburst finish. Which looks really nice it s on our poplar body you can see the the wood grain there terms of weight is pretty much the same as the the vintage modified. Which sees classic vibe to replace him.

Yeah. I m really diggin the color. Wow that s definitely got a kurt cobain jaguar. Sort of vibe to it and so spec wise.

It s got a full. I talked with shell pickguard. These are a bit darker than the the old british modified ones. I prefer thee the look of these it s got new fenders design down eco pickups stern up rate if bridge these are more likely the mustang barrel saddle bridges it s got the nine and a half inch radius and yeah they just they re easier to set up in terms of the the written ones had just little grooves.

So every time you hit the strings are these to slip off the you know the strings used to slip. But these pretty much stay in the slots on the saddle. So that s a good look. What great miss got the jaguar sort of jazz master style fender vibrato does come with the wiggle stick.

He got a master volume tone control for when you re switched down into the lead circuit. So you have a if you don t know about the switch in for the jaguars. You ve got an on off switch for the neck pickup on off switch for the bridge pickup. Then you got a high pass filter.

So it cuts. All the low end ale and they used to call it a strangle switchback today so if you flip the switch up you change to the ribbon circuit. So this is just a neck pickup. Only you ve got a volume and a tone control for that so that completely bypasses.

This lead circuit. Another cool feature you could use this for is if we turn the volume right down and be using the rhythm circuit. You can use that as a kill switch. Which is quite a nice feature to have so moving on to the neck.


It s got a maple neck. Large 7c style head stock this has got the vintage binding around the side of the the neck that looks really really nice. I do dig that these is one of the the big changes from the vintage modified one along with the pearloid block inlays. Which i really dig so it s got sort of that cbs cbsa or a look about it the the blocks are slightly smaller than the sort of original mid sixties block inlays.

But yeah they still look a lot better than the vintage modified ones in my opinion. It s got an indian laurel fingerboard color wise. It you know it really does look pretty much like a rosewood and i these indian laurel finger boards they feel just as good as rosewood. So yeah.

Muster further over the like the poe ferro. They put on the fenders. Nowadays so it s got the narrow tool frets. I m not a big fan of these.

But you know is what it is it still plays nice. Nine and a half inch radius. Fingerboard. 24.

Inch scale set short scale. So 24 inches from the nut to the bridge. These come with nine gauge strings. I do recommend to put at least tens on these because they are quite slinky.

I did have a problem with the so i haven t changed the strings on this yet still what the stock nines. I m not going to stick some tens on because this this bot bottom saddle was wiggling around a little bit so hopefully. More tension on the strings. You know of a thicker gauge that should pin that down a bit another upgrade is the bone nut and this one s pretty much well setup.

So that s another nice addition so you got yeah. Vinci stole tuners which i think the ratios on these ain t as good as the ones that you spun the vintage modified does this feel a little bit more difficult to fine tune. But yeah they re still they still work well when i always prefer there have any style tuners so again this is crafted in indonesia. It s got a vintage style tinted neck on the maple.

They ve made it a little bit darker to the finish modified one it s got a skunk stripe down the back you got your bolt on neck with this squire neck plate there so that pretty much covers specs. So yeah. Three hundred and forty three pound to be precise i pay for this from jk included free delivery. A lot of places.


Ai. N t quite got them in stock. Yet so i m sure they will be shown up so and they also come in at black and our surf green. So keep an eye for them i went for this one because i made go for a cobain motto at some point.

I ll put some humbuckers in and i ll see what else to do to a bit. Yeah lay down a line on the bullet with a view to what it up to kurt cobain jaguar. If i should sort of think stick around on the channel. You know yeah should be a series on that coming soon so i m going to play to a backing track today.

I m going to play through four different positions. So first of all i ll start from that rhythm circuit. Because not a lot of people demo them. And it s quite interesting saying this a lot darker again.

It s just that neck pickup. Then i ll go down into the the lead circuit. And i ll go through the neck. The middle and a priest position.

I won t be using the strangle switch. Today the high pass filter. I ll have that turned off. But yeah so i ll just give it a quick set up just tweak the action a little bit again.

It s got the stock nine gauge strings on so. I wanna give you an idea of what it s sort of like out of the box. We are recommend to put tens 11s on being short scale. It they really are slinking.

Me yeah. This is just a lot better with tens or 11 zone in my opinion. So yeah. I guess the next thing is plotter in see what it sounds like so they go let me.

See squire classic. Vibe. Jaguar. Finished.


In a free color sunburst brand. New 443 pounds. A couple of places have gotten a little bit cheaper. But there ain t got much in the way of stock at the minute.

But i was in a bit of a rush to get it for next stage and they re very really nice guitar. I am impressive it my only main gripe with these narrow tall frets are not quite. What i sort of like to play with i like medium jumbo or jumbo. But yeah they still play nice quality control its focus.

If i m honest there s no dings or scratches. Really nice paint job on it again there s a little issue with that then settle. But i think that s more to do with the gauge of strings on there because it s just not enough tension putting that settle in but yeah apart from that it s a much better bridge than the previous one and again. It s got the matching radius.

It s a master fingerboard just give you another quick close up that free colour sunburst finish on a poplar wood body again nice weight to it you ve got plenty of sounds to play with with the lead and rhythm circuit. You ve got them fender designed down eco pickups on a 4 ply talkes pickguard. You got your vibrato system. Which is really good they do help tune well upgraded bridge binding around the edge of the neck pearl block inlays indeed low fingerboard nine half inch radius.

24. Inch scale narrow till frets you ve got that last somebody s head stop with modern tuners. A vintage tint to the back of the neck. There with a skunk stripe.

And it really is a sweet guitar. Another little change they did on these is they ve slightly changed. The the look of the truss rod hole. There looks more like the sort of the mexican fender.

One so there s another nice little addition along with that bone nut. So yeah. Let me know what you think in the comments. Whether you preferred it clean distorted or rhythm neck middle bridge position.

No we think some of the best. If you enjoyed the video. Give it a thumbs up please subscribe to the channel check me out on instagram and facebook. The guitar manifesto and now probably do it for now.


So keep. An eye out to see what i do with this in the future and again leave all your comments below i enjoy reading over there thanks for watching see you soon peace s for instagram follow me and buckett tv. But yeah. I really like the itunes feature on this phone now.

And you can get a ton of apps at um. The app store for itunes. And apple is one of the biggest on the market they have a lot one of the cool things about apple that they make separate apps for all the devices. So there s apps for the iphone and ipod.

Then the app is for the ipad totally different made different things like that so they really took the time to work on those things. Now you re probably wondering well sony. How much is this phone going to cost this phone will run you 400. But if you do have a previous iphone or sam phone or something like that try to go to best buy best buy actually buys back your phone.

So we ll give you credit towards your new phone. So i had an iphone 5 while 64 gig and white. They were going to give me up to 400 for it and return for an if i was upgrading to a new phone. So technically this phone was free.

I m not saying you ll get 400. But that s what i was quoted at the time when i did this now when you re thinking of your phone. It comes your wondering will sarney how would i extend my battery life one of the companies that i really like is my charge. And this right here is their freedom 2000 pack.

And what this does it actually lets you charge your phone. It s the case. It goes on your phone and charges it on the go so. If you do need any power options for your phone.

And you want to extend the battery life definitely i ll go to my charge com. Or you can pick these up at best buy. But that s just been a quick video on the iphone 5s gold edition. 64 gig model aka i like to call it champagne if you have any questions definitely have a comment down below.

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