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“Guys and welcome to another tech unboxing once again this is gonna be a virgin virgin mobile usa iphone. It s gonna be the 6s and it is 64 gigabytes. I got my hands on which i m really excited about just so you guys know just like last time the outside paperwork is gonna be the same we have your shipping label with on the reverse side important information we have your pack packing cart and information which is just information to make it easier for people who packing packing it up in the warehouse makes it easier for them. We have the lithium battery awareness document and a little more information about the lithium battery printed on the box.

So i m gonna go ahead and go get inside this box. Now last time there we there was a packaging like to help protect the item. But just like last time that the iphone is rattling inside so we ll see if there s any protection in the box..


Okay and there s like one like bubble thing. But just like last time it does absolutely nothing okay so of course. We have the beautiful box now it has the fish on it with an actual image of the actual iphone course iphone. 6s and of course on the bottom of the box.

We have some important information like the serial number which i m not going to show you i m gonna go ahead and off camera. Take the plastic wrap off the box. And i ll be right back..


With showing you what s inside the box. Okay so i went and took the plastic wrap off the box. I m gonna go ahead and show you okay so of course we do have the beautiful iphone 6s gonna go ahead and take that right out and of course we do have just the normal basic accessories that are included. We do have the ear pods.

The charging brick and the lightning cable we have the typical documentation of course you ve got the apple stickers warranty information a quick start guide and that s about it a little high phone information. Which probably might include yeah just iphone related information and the warranty hey guys so i just got done filming the video and once i was thinking about it i realized i didn t i m get one of those packets like last time one of the packets where it gives you your sim card. It turns out that the sim card now is already in the device..


So you don t have to actually like cut that out and put it in the phone. It s already in there. I also did notice that they no longer give you one of those little tools to open the sim card with it s no longer on the actual documentation folder. So that s a little different than last time.

Thought you guys would want that really quick little tidbit and that is plate easily the end of this video since i already did an unboxing for the iphone 6 on virgin mobile usa. I decided to make this a pretty quick video for you guys and show you that virgin mobile in the united states in america does offer the latest iphones including the iphone se is that what it s called it s the 4 inch iphone that they just introduced so they do have that available thank you guys for watching make sure you check out the rest of my videos. Hopefully..


The focusing in this video wasn t too bad. I m sorry about that guys. But thanks for watching make sure you ” ..


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