iPod Touch 5th Gen Battery Replacement From Start To Finish.

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“This is john with pics hit planet today we ve got an ipod touch 5th 5th generation. It s the a 1421 and everything s in good shape. But the s not holding a charge for very long. So the customer wants a new battery put in now we just put it on a hot plate and we re gonna loosen up some adhesive that s down at the bottom near the home button.

Once we ve separated the adhesive from the bottom part of the screen. We ll be able to just pop these edges loose. There just snap in with little clips. They can be a little bit stubborn and then it s just hinged at the top with a metal bracket.

So we ve got 12 screws that we need to remove from around this shield. Some of them are a little different size. So you want to keep up with those and make sure you put them back in the same place. Now.

The home button is on this little flex cable is stuck down with adhesive..

So we re going to heat that up with a with a hot gun just a little bit and that ll make it a little easier to get underneath and lift it up and it just slides through an opening in the shield. So the battery soldered down to the mainboard and it has little three little solder joints that are underneath this piece of tape that i just peeled off. But it leaves behind this sort of substance that s going to have to be scraped off a little bit like scraping a lottery ticket. So you don t want to gouge the motherboard or the connector or the solder pads.

But we just want to lightly gently scrape off that substance so we can get access to these solder pads. So now you can see the three pads are starting to show through once. We ve got enough of that out of our way. We ll be able to put some fresh flux on there and we re going to put a little bit of lommel alloy or you can use leaded solder to lower the melting temperature of the solder to make it a little safer to remove because we don t want to pull any pads.

So we re just gonna work that in there and the existing solder. So we re not actually going to lift it off yet and i m just going to use a hot air station to finish it up and get this off of there. But you can use a soldering iron. Now we can take our old battery out.

And there is a one flex cable that runs up through the middle underneath the battery..

So be careful that you don t tear into that or cut into that or anything with your tools. So once we get the battery kind of started. It s stuck down with adhesive also but once we get that started. We ll be able to just sort of lift it up out of there and it comes right on out.

So we re going to put some fresh adhesive down on the housing. So that the battery will stay nice and secure and the new battery just slides in underneath. The motherboard there and watch out for your home button make sure. It s stuck down.

Good. Now we ll be able to we re going to wick off any solder that s left over on these pads and get those cleaned up real good before we go any further. We don t want any lommel alloy or anything to be on there we just want pure solder so we ll just clean all that extra flux there off and then we ll be able to tend those pads. So we re going to put a little bit of fresh solder on each one of those pads okay.

That s perfect now we re going to leave the flux that s there so that we can use it to help flow the solder through those little holes on each one of these little connectors..

So we re gonna get it situated. Where we where we want it and line it up really good on each one of those solder pads and then we re going to hold it down. While we use the soldering iron to draw some of that solder through each hole. And then we ll come back and touch it up now we re just gonna clean off all the flux residue and everything and we ll cover it over with some kapton tape.

So they those joints can t be touched by anything take a closer look nice and sexy now we re gonna go ahead and put our shield back down you can test it before putting this shield down if you re not sure that it s gonna work. We re gonna go ahead and put our home button back into position and put our 12 screws back. So we have enough of the old adhesive down at the bottom. There that we can just reuse that that stuff sticks.

Really hard. And i had a little trouble with this last screw so we ll go ahead and test. It real quick before we close it up permanent oh and i got a new mat for my bench. I ve had blue mats static mats on all my benches except the one i actually do these videos on and i finally got a new one so it s all clean.

So we can see the little lightning bolts..

There and we ve got a little green icon. So it is charging. We re gonna go ahead and close this up now. There s a little metal bracket underneath.

The top. It s located right there and then another spot on either side of the frame that fits underneath the housing kind of hinges in there. And then the sides just snap back into place and the bottom sticks down just kind of clean it off give it a quick once over all looks good so will power it on with just the battery. There we go so anyway.

I hope this was useful for somebody out there and i hope if you liked it hit the like button and subscribe and share and all that good stuff. ” ..

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