Is 28mm the new 35mm?

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“Guys. What s happening welcome back and on episode of shoots with coops and today. Today. I want to talk about is 28.

The new 35 28 millimeter lenses you they re becoming a lot more popular is it the new 35 as far as you know street documentary environmental type photography goes. So let s dive into that subject today so for the longest time guys from whatever as long as i can remember really on youtube. You know reading listen out whatever i ve heard you know the go to lens of choice for any street photographer documentary photographer photojournalist they all seem to say you know 35 mil the 35 mil lens seems to be what s always attached to everyone s cameras and i you know was the same earlier on this channel. You were to see me guys you know with my likers.

You know m6 m7 whatever. It was you know rocking a 35 mil whether it be a zeiss like a whatever. It was you know i was rocking on 35mm lens on that camera wi fi s was my digital cameras. You know rocking a 35 on my fuji cameras on my x pro.

2. On my ex t3. You know even when i am out in the water shooting surf in my housing. I m rocking a you know 35 millimeter equivalent lens.

So i really thought you know it was time to try 28 for the longest time. I thought. 28 was you know as you know as useful as a waterproof tea bag like what s the point. You know you might as well shoot.

35. And there s more 35 lenses out there there s more variety you know there s less distortion on a 35 minute. 28 beam. I have seen a lot of people recently starting to make the shift you know just for instance.


You know the new rico gr. 3. That is you know previously versions of the rico as well. But you know they re very very highly regarded street cameras and they all have a fixed 28 mil lens.

So i finally decided to i didn t want to get too out of hand to be honest for my you know you guys would have seen this bad boy on the channel. Before my original film camera. My nick on al. I went and got one of the nikon.

Eseries 28. Mil to point out lenses and if you remember the e series ones. The glass is good. But they just built pretty average.

You know i mean like they re all plastic instead of metal right the other eye is lenses nickel made from the era that was cheap. I think it cost me. 140 australian dollars. So convert that wherever you are and i thought you know what i ll whack it on my al it s not going to cost much money you know i ll grab a few rolls of trikes and i ll go out and shoot.

And i was super super surprised i mean one the quality of this lens. It s pretty good there s not much distortion when you stop down wide open. I didn t really shoot too much why doctor open because i was actually designed focusing quite fair bit even with an slr but pretty impressed with the lens. But what actually blew my mind is when i got the images back and i was staring at the images.

I m you know and i had to get close. I ll say that now that is the one drawback of the 28 mil lens. I found is you have to get close now i mean you really need to get up in people s grill to get it you know to make a really good compelling shot with a 28 mil. But when i was looking you know add a lot of the photos.


When i got my scans back to be honest. I was thinking about why i had had the idea for this video. Because i was thinking to myself like i honestly if i showed this photo to someone i don t reckon. Even a good photographer could probably tell with some of the images whether it was a 28 or a 35.

And i really you know and i was looking the images and they all came that really well and i m doing you know maybe. There s something to this maybe. The 28th really is the perfect straight lens documentary lens. And i ve just been living under a rock or be too naive to even give it a shot all these years so before we keep talking guys i jump onto the computer.

I m going to show you guys some of the shots that i ve taken with his 28 milsom street stuff and enjoy and then we can talk a bit about of it up a bit about of it after now pros and cons guys now the biggest con. I m going to say the 28 mil lenses you have to get close you have to be really close to make a compelling shot or to have interesting subject matter. Most of the time so if you re someone who s a little bit street shy for a term. I suppose if your bid straight.

Shy it might not be the lens for you you might not be comfortable getting that close you know getting right up and just into you know your subject or or what you want to you know create the certain look you might be better off. We for 35 mil lens. Because you can just be that little bit further back. And you don t have to intrude on sometimes other people s personal space to create that image one of the other cons.

I ll say about the 28 mil lenses guys is they re not super fast they are quite slow lenses a lot of the vintage ones the cheaper vintage ones you re going to find like. You know. This. Nikon here they re usually.

35 or 28. At the widest aperture. So not super fast you re going to find the more expensive ones. A sort of f 2.


And lower. They are gonna be quite expensive and the other con. I ll say with that is you know twenty eight mil lenses. That aren t very well made are gonna have quite a lot of distortion and you know probably a heavy vignette you know obviously so if you re trying to shoot a lot of straight lines.

You re gonna see that curving effect at the bottom and the corners of the frame. So that is just something to be mindful of but the pros over 28 million guys. And there are a couple i think to balance the argument out the biggest one i m going to have to say for you know for straight shooters is it is so much easier to design focus with a 28mm lens. You know the wider the lens.

You ll generally find the depth of field you know your zone focus scale that can be seen on especially. Most vintage lenses. It s got a much wider leeway because of the you know the distance because essentially with i just so for instance. With this this 28 mil to par to point out from nikon.

You should be able to see that with the you know the distance scale. There once you hit 2 metres. The next marker is is infinity. As you can see there so for instance on a 50 millimeter lens.

Or a 35 millimeter. You can have the that 2 meter. Mark. And then you can have a 3 meter.

And a 5 meter. And sometimes a 10 meter. And then infinity. You know what i mean so.


I m saying you can essentially you know stop down your lens to f11 or something like i can with this lens. And i can preset focus so that anything from 1 meter. To infinity is gonna be in focus. So that makes you it gives you that really large you know focus range.

When you re on the street. So design focusing you know quick shots without focusing you know instead of having to sit. There focus compose you can just whip the camera up snap and i think that s one of the major reasons. It lends itself to being such a fantastic street lens and now the con.

I ll say guys are you know the environmental portrait. So to speak you know. 28 being wider than 35 you can include a lot more in the frame you can include more background subjects. If you like buildings more people.

But then you can also isolate certain subjects as well so it s pretty pretty handy to be perfectly honest guys. I mean like i said i kind of wrote this lens off from the start never haven t used it hurt a lot of people just save nuts. It s just not worth it and never tried it myself so it just goes to show that instead of just following the trends and listening to what everyone else has to say give things a shot for yourself guys. If you re interested in street photography.

If you like to get close and you want to try something different if you haven t before try and find yourselves you know a vintage 28mm lens fit on your film camera or digital camera and have a play around with it and see what sort of shots you can create you might find yourself you know like me being very surprised at you know how close you can get. But you know how great the images can turn out and how close it really is you know. 2 35. In the end so i hope you enjoyed that one guys leave me a comment down below like do you guys like the 28th or do you know do you think.

It s useless and have you never tried it let me know let s have a little chat down in the comments as always thanks for watching guys. And i ll see in the next. ” ..


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