Is Traktor Still A Good Choice Of DJ Software?

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“This video. We re going to talk about whether traktor is still a ngood choice choice of dj software here in late 2019 if you re thinking of getting into should you go with traktor and if you re already using traktor is it time to make a nswitch to other software or should you stick with the platform. If you enjoy this video please nhit that subscribe button. So we can bring more like this okay.

So lets talk about how nwe kind of got to this video. So traktor has it s nfair to say fallen behind its competition for many many years now a very slow or haltered nprogress on updates to the software. Very little new hardware basically a lack of love nfrom. The parent company native instruments.

It got new hardware here s a npiece of new traktor hardware. The traktor kontrol s4 nmk3 also the s2 mk3 last year. Which was a nwelcome shot in the arm for the platform and it s really nice hardware especially these jog nwheels with this kind of motorised platter. It s nsomething pretty unusual to have this kind of platter spinning and it s cool.

It s got haptic feedback. It can give you a little nkick on the platter. Just like your phone can when you re at a cue point and stuff like that it s really nice hardware. And it was well received oh.

I love the way the effects as well you can alter each individual neffect on each channel. So i can have that one with one thing. I can have the other ones with nsomething totally different. Which is really really cool.

It s nice to see. And it was well received the trouble is since nthen nothing s happened and they updated the software. Nat. This point.

As well called the traktor pro n3 from traktor pro. 2. Where it had been stuck nfor. Many many many years and it wasn t really a massive upgrade.

It didn t really fix many of the problems and at the same time they nannounced that they were going to develop a whole new dj platform in order to eventually take nover from traktor pro. 3. Which is the current nsoftware that all their pro gear runs on because they know that nthat software is done that software is dead. It s old it s too old to fix they re building a new platfrom.

But that was a long term plan. So they were kind pf. Asking their fanbase to enjoy the new hardware and to hold tight new software s coming. It s going to take years nnot months to develop.

It and traktor. The platform nwill continue to move forward from there that was kind of the promise last year. So what s happened since then well unfortunately this nweek as we record this the beginning of september 2019 they ve just announced huge redundancies at native instruments across the board including nin. The traktor team.


I was emailing people that ni know in the traktor team and in the press office. And i was getting a bounce back saying no longer working at the company. Which is really horrible nnews for traktor employees for their families and of course for the company. No one would have taken nthat decision lightly there so that means that traktor users are now back on that same question should we stick with this platform and new djs should we ngo for this platform.

It s not looking very rosy right. So let s talk a little nbit about what we know to help you make a more informed decision. So the first thing. We know nis that traktor development is continuing.

I asked specifically for na statement on traktor and native instruments put out a statement. Adding to the press release they put out about these redundancies nspecifically. Answering some of the questions that i asked them and they said. It s ndevelopment is continuing.

So that s the kind of good news. There is a new controller ncoming. They confirmed that this year. They said so nthere is new hardware coming this year for traktor again that is a light at the end of nthe tunnel.

If you like there is a little glimmer nof good news. There they didn t say anything nabout. The software that would make people feel good. Frankly they kind of eluded to the nfact that software development is continuing.

But the whole gist was about something they re calling one native. Which is taking their nthree big silo products komplete machine and traktor and kind of combining them on one platform. Which they re starting nto build now for 2020 and moving forward. And that was the excuse they ngave for all the layoffs now whether that was the ntruth or whether it was the fact that they ve taken nan.

Awful lot of investor money. And maybe. The company wasn t performing how it should have been and therefore they needed nto save money from somewhere to pay back the investors. I don t know we can speculate about that truth is we don t know nunless we work at the top of native instruments.

But whatever the reason nfor the redundancies this direction that they ve now painted is the kind of glossy npicture of where the company goes forward from here this one native all the three nplatforms under one roof. So what djs don t care about that djs care about the nfact that this combined with the software. They ve currently got it s got loads of things nthat have annoyed djs for many many years in there and they can t just put plasters on there to fix. It it needs to be completely nrebuilt from the ground up and there s no word.

If that s ngoing to happen quicker. I m going to guess. It s going nto happen a lot slower now. Which is bad news for traktor.

Users. Traktor uses want what s ncalled elastic beatgridding. So that they can beatgrid their tracks that are non electronic. It s been asked for for many nmany years by traktor users.


They can t do it in the current nsoftware. It won t work. It s very processor nintensive. The software.

It s not written in a lean way nso. They can t add stuff to it without making it underperform and without making it nask more of your computer than it really should it looks terrible because nthey can t get it to work on retina screens and modern high resolution screens. The library functions are awful nthere s no smart playlist that s a basic. Nowadays.

The way the library nworks is very very clunky. It needs a big rewrite and one native is not the nrewrite that users want it s distracting. The nresources that are left in native instruments onto something else instead of fixing the traktor platform that s bad news. There s nno addressing that out for traktor users so new hardware is coming one native isn t really nthe best idea.

Frankly as far as we can see i nhope traktor prove us wrong. So if you re happy with this software. And you think. And it nhas got a good things.

It s got great sound quality nespecially. Traktor pro. 3. Has a got a way of bypassing nall.

The internal eqs and stuff. So you just get na. Very clean signal out. Which is really really good.

It s something that high nend users will enjoy the are things that ntraktor still does better than anyone else. But then they re little now nthere s not many of them left. If you still think the software s fine and you enjoy using the software or you re prepared to take the gamble that over the years to come nthat s going to improve and they re going to fix. It well hey you ve got nothing to worry about if you are thinking of nstarting your djing career with traktor.

I think you nneed to think a lot harder. And i think the problem is nthat traktor doesn t have a niche anymore so let s talk about the big platforms. Serato is the number one platform serato is huge it nbasically dominates. The us and pretty huge in the nrest of the world.

As well serato s big thing is that it is well it started off as the nplatform for scratch djs and now. It s a platform nkind of for everyone. It s really stable good software nwith a lot of the features if not world class. They re ncertainly up there with the best it does everything pretty well the elastic beatgridding.

So nyou can use non electronic music is really really good. The library s pretty good it works with a whole nwide range of hardware. Which is another problem. That ntraktor has traditionally had they ve been pretty nlukewarm with other people wanting to make hardware nfor their platform and no one really does anymore.


Serato s got all those advantages. It s deservedly. The number one platform coming behind serato nrekordbox and virtual dj. Both for very different audiences.

Pioneer s rekordbox is a piece of software that works. Both if you re nexporting music to play on pioneer s pro dj gear. Nwhich is in every dj booth. All over the world so it works there but also it works when you plug in your laptop.

Nwith pioneer controllers same software and that means that nthere s a big sale there for pioneer hey come with us and you can use our library. Our software on preparing your tracks and also on djing with your tracks on controllers same thing you start on our software. By nthe time. You re in the pro dj booth.

You can continue using nwhat you ve always used it s a strong sale. Virtual dj has always nhad its software work with pretty much all hardware. They just hack it together and make it work. So anyone who wants to plug nanything into virtual dj can be pretty sure.

It s going to work. And they ve always had a very strong and loyal user base among mobile ndjs karaoke video djs and that kind of thing again there s a niche. There what s traktor s niche. It was always we re kind the platform for electronic dj producers and they kept trying to meld production and djing with their remix ndecks which i think we can all accept pretty nmuch failed for 99 of djs because they were too complicated stems was this idea where nyou had four individual parts of a track.

The bass nthe melody. The drums and the vocals and you can mix them all together. It was nice it was simple. But the format didn t ncatch on it was brave.

But it didn t catch on and it hasn t caught on today again another way of trying to meld djing and production that traktor tried. So that could be the nkind of hope for traktor so if this one native where nthey re pulling together the machine stuff. The komplete stuff and traktor under one nroof. If this finally gets them to make traktor a platform that in an intuitive and easy and fun way allows nyou to be a dj producer in a way that serato rekordbox and virtual dj.

Don t nwell hey. There s a big big market there potentially right everyone dj s a dj producer. Nowadays once you want to get past a certain level. You want to dj outside your ntown outside your city.

You want to get booked by npeople who don t know you you ve got to make music right so dj producer kind of is dj. Nowadays that s what it means and that to me seems to be nthe great hope for traktor if they can finally own nthat segment for djs make hardware and nsoftware that allows djs to dj in a very simple way from beginner all the way to professional nalways. Incorporating elements of live remixing or production nstuff. They ve worked on at home that they can ndrop in that s maybe new and different.

Most big djs ntend to play with remixes and re edits of big tracks neven. If they didn t make them. And if traktor can kind of own that area that could be a good ndirection for it to go and in this idea of one native of pulling the three brands ntogether under one roof that just if it s done nright might be something that traktor can find a nreason for existing again via whether it ll do it or not i don t know i mean i m clutching at straws here. I hope they do it.


But i nthink traktor as a platform is now the forth. Most popular nplatform among digital dj. Tips community. The ndigital dj tips community and our community is.

Huge we do a census every. Year n40000. People took that census last year and traktor is ndown at about 12 of users from being the number two traktor and serato were about 35 n40 each a few years ago. But traktor s just died off can it get back there i don t think it can i think.

It s come too far. I hope they prove us wrong. And i say if it can become nthe dj producer platform. If they can put some serious resource and some serious thinking in it and make some good decisions nfor it it could happen.

But i think it s an uphill struggle so to circle back to the nquestion that we started with if you are new to djing. Now and considering traktor possibly possibly go for it but ngo in with your eyes open if you re currently a traktor user then as long as you re happy nas. I said a little bit earlier with the way things are right now and you don t need it to innovate in order to let you do what you want nto do hey stick with it it s not going anywhere. Ntraktor s not going to disappear.

Hopefully not anyway. Even nthough. The native instrument s press release called nthemselves the company that innovates in nelectronic music production and didn t even mention ndjing in it s first sentence hopefully that was an oversight. But i don t think it s going anywhere.

I think it s going to continue nbeing in existence for years to come so i don t think you nneed to worry existentially about your platform. But nif you want your software to catch up with serato and rekordbox and virtual dj. If you nwant the innovations that you ve been possibly screaming for for a long time. I don t think nthey re coming any quicker.

They re probably coming a nlot slower than they were they were promised a year ago. So if your patience is running out maybe it s time to jump ship. Anyway. I d like you to nshare what you think underneath this video are you a traktor user are you going to stick with it.

What s your frustrations. Do you want it to work with more hardware is it the software that s frustrating you or do you think. It s brilliant and are there features that nno one else is doing well that are keeping you loyal to traktor and you can forgive the things nthat maybe aren t working out well let me know and let me know if nyou re brand new to djing whether you re considering it and whether this video nhas changed your mind in the comments. Underneath meanwhile.

If you ve enjoyed this again. Please do subscribe to the channel. We would love to have you nas a community member and whatever platform you re using get good get out there and make the moments. I ll see you again soon.

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