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“I m jacob mccord. And today. We ll be reviewing five speakers from jam. Audios.

Audios. New line of bluetooth speakers. Three from there hang. Series the hang up the around.

And the hang tight as well as two from their new chill. Series. So the chill out and the zero chill. A few things i want to talk about the entire line first all of these speakers have either bluetooth.

41 or 42 technology. Which means that they re really efficient on battery. The smaller speakers give you eight hours of battery..


The mid level speakers. Give you 12 hours of battery. And the high end speakers. Give you 20 hours of battery life not only that but you can utilize.

These bluetooth speakers to make phone calls the quality of these phone calls isn t amazing. But it s good enough to make your phone call third thing. All of these speakers have ip67 protection. What that means is they are dust proof.

But also they allow you to dunk them in water. So they re waterproof for up to a meter in depth. And you can have them in water for up to 30 minutes without damage one bold design decision that you ll see with all these speakers is the x and o button design. So if you look closely at the actual speaker itself.

What you ll see is that there s an x an o. And a bit of a raised step button on all of these speakers. Which controls all of the features that are on the speakers..


So if you want to turn it down or go back to the previous track. If you re listening to music you use the x button. If you want to go forward or turn it up you use the zero button or the o button here and then if you want to power on or play pause you d actually use this step button right here. So.

With that those are the features that are kind of shared across these different speakers let s dive in on each individual speaker. Now so first we start with the hang up it is the smallest and least expensive speaker in the line to put the size of a hockey puck and it performed really well given its price point. It s a small device. It s got some great highs in it some good bass.

Some fine mids with a good mono sound. There was some distortion to higher volumes. But it s to be expected for a speaker at this price point so most of the devices in this line have a point of differentiation and the hang up has a neat one it has a sticky pad on the back. So.

There s a reusable sticky adhesive pad on the back that can be stuck up onto. Most surfaces. So example..


I stuck it up on a cupboard and it stayed there for a few hours without falling. So the next speaker. I want to talk about is the hang tight. And it s a larger version of the hang up that we just spoke about it s about the size of a small frisbee golf disc.

This speaker was my least favorite out of the bunch because of sound quality. The sound was not a really basis ound not only that but it didn t really have any any special features or gimmicks like some of the other ones like the hang up that we just spoke about with the adhesive pad. Earlier next is the hang around now this one had a great form factor. It could fit in a lot of smaller spots.

Because of its pill shape so example. I put this one up near my pool table on the top of my pool cue rack. And the sound of it was great this speaker can run for approximately 20 hours between charges and can be paired with another one of these devices to create a stereo sound this one had a good sound profile. It was warm and had some bass to it especially compared to the last model that i spoke about the hang tight next.

We ll move over to the chill series and first talk about the chill out so this one s about the size of a whiskey glass and for the size. It actually delivers a really good sound. It s about three inches tall by three inches wide by three inches deep..


And it s just really good to have especially given that it s waterproof to bring to the cottage. You can throw it right in a cup holder. And it delivers a surprisingly good sound for its profile and next the zero chill kind of rounds out the line. And i really saved the best for last.

This is the only speaker in the whole jam series that has stereo sound. It s about the size of a tall beverage can and it really gives you the best sound compared to the all of the other speakers that jam audio has provided here. It s a lush sound. That is just perfectly balanced between bass and treble.

And it doesn t matter. What kind of music you re listening to the sound is great and that s it that s a review of five brand new speaker offerings from gm audio in both their hang series and shell series. If you want to read my full thoughts. You can do so at blog best 5ta thanks for watching.

” ..

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