Jason Bateman Teaches You Ozark Slang With the Cast of Ozark Vanity Fair

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“My name is jason this is giggles and bubbles bubbles. We re gonna teach you you some ozark slang today neri is the word not any ever ever is the hunker down. Oh hunker down means to squat. This one wants to put squat in a sentence get ready that s a very small amount.

It was just a smidgen of sugar in those muffins or smidgen of interest in this bit. We re doing buggy buggies. A cute word. It s a shopping cart or if you re shooting.

A show in atlanta. And you ve got a home you re living in there during the shoot things can be buggy inside your home check your sheets. Everybody turn up like a summer pig turn means you need to shave. Usually slang will shorten try to say in this case.

This is what you say usually when you need a little discipline. I m gonna turn your hide. Yeah. When you spraying down furiously causing the scene so ran out of gas.

I was better in a wet hand. I ll bet that s booze for hooch hooch white lightnin. I was thirsty. We ran out of water.

So i used some pause white light thingamajig just an object. I just forgot my i thought my yeah. Think of my jig is in a hankerin for us. I got a hankering for something something means you want something okay understand anyone not murder those new yorkers or burners.

They ain t from the outside that s a non local. A burner did not know that power a holler can be a narrow valley or holler..

At your boy right. Give me a hug. Give me a holler give me a holler when you get okay fixin to getting ready to i m fixin to eat a peach that s not true don t fly jar flies is cicada. A cicada is also a grasshopper cricket.

No there dadgummit that s because they re so set on not cursing that they d rather say that than dammit thank right your father s loosen and we loosen and weed. What we re hearing is that loosen and weed is that this is something one would use to unbind yourself. I suppose. If you know what we mean combined.

The pipes run by the pipes. Help your plumbing out stove over stove. Up. Means.

You got sore muscles. Oh. Well its environment. Rodent or something you wrecked.

Okay. You want to get rid of anything you want to kill varmint like a legging. More like a dirty laying that s plumb tuckered out it means exhausted and you re plumb tuckered out. You a tired tired tired person thanks bandy fair thanks yep if know what i mean okay.

It has also six gigabytes of vram. However it has g ddr. Six running in a total of what 12 gigabit per second versus. The eight gigabit per second found on the 1060 s.

Six gigabytes of gddr5. So there s obviously a step up there there s some architectural improvements as well that you guys come sure can learn more about in depth on some of the other more deep dive..

Tech channels. Like steve. It gamers nexus or digital. Foundry and hardware.

You know a lot of different hardware sites. There s a major improvement to the way fp and the integers you know the the instruction sets are actually being accessed and working simultaneously now rather than kind of alternating. So that s basically i guess kind of like an asynchronous compute. Which is where they re getting a lot of the shader improvements in which is why you re seeing a lot of improvement.

Massive improvement actually compared to the 1060 even with this small generational gap from i call it small secondly not it s a whole new core. Obviously if the touring architecture. But that s why we got a significant increase of 25 or more percent across the board. When you compare these two generations.

But we didn t stop there because this card does not exist in in videos portfolio. What i mean by that is there s no founders edition card. There was a founders edition. 1060.

Which is kind of interesting to me that they didn t do one this time around. This is one where nvidia obviously designed the core and then they re involved in you know a lot of the you know blueprint designs on how they came to the aib and how they implement them. But it s up to the aib to come up with their own solution now for many many years. This is the way nvidia operated until pascal came out yeah.

I think pascal was where they actually went into the retail market themselves selling cards direct to the public. Where previous to that all it was was reference cards that were available ever a little bit let s start through the ai b. s and then they would kind of disappear in custom cards who are you found so. What you re gonna find is a huge variance across the market between these car the way these cards are implemented.

So i ve got a lot to talk about with this review. I m gonna get sort of just right into it right now with the benchmarks and before we do that i m gonna tell you the logic behind the cards that we chose this right here is the gtx 1660 ti strix..

As you can tell is a massive card. It s got the quite essential strix appearance to it it s clearly the biggest of the cards that we have this is their phoenix card. This is our entry level. This is the msrp card this is the massive markup card and then actually there s a card missing from here we re actually testing against a 2060 as well just to see how the 260s hold up we ve got the msrp card.

Another msrp card from evga these do not have a markup over the msrp pricing. Which nvidia kind of controls the map on that or minimum advertised price again a custom implementation triple slot for such a small card. Which is kind of funny funny. A single fan.

But massive cooler on there and then this is the gtx 1066 gig. We re not testing the three gig that card should have never existed in my opinion opinion. I said that then i agree with it it s still today and then at the last minute. We got an email from amd.

No surprise. It happens all the time any time. One company is getting ready to launch something we start hearing from both sides going hey don t forget about us and la blah. So we re gonna email from amd saying.

Hey you can now get a vega 56 for 279 knox. We re like no so we click the link we go to new ag and of course. That s that s a msi card with a very basic cooler. One that s terrible even worse than that although this isn t terrible cooler.

It s typically the cards that come with lower style like this are not the greatest coolers. It s a garbage cooler as far as i m concerned. But a bigger 56 for 200 bucks. Say.

It isn t so well they were all sold out there was only one sku all the rest of the skus on the market were four hundred plus dollars. So i wrote them back to my guys..

There s only one card at that price. And it s gone and we need i reached out for comment. Are they gonna be more cards available at this price point or just this ones. We re waiting to see so for the heck of it because at least for a minute.

You could get a vega 56 for 230. We went ahead and put this on the the benchmarks to to see how it compares. And because of that we sort of took the 590 off the charts all together. Because what amd effectively did is that they truly reduce the price of a vega 56.

And not just some introductory thing or a temporary thing. Because of the launch of the new 16 60. Ti. They sort of cut off their own 590.

As making sense unless they dropped that 200 which then it makes sense again so that was sort of our logic. So we re be testing one two three four five six cards and seeing how they stack up in this sort of a 300 dollar battle royale. So here s how they stack that so here s my first kind of complaint. We actually have three asus strix models that range in price from three hundred and nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents.

All the way up to three hundred and twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents so slight variances between the cards fits. My problem you are now biting up against our tx. Twenty sixty pricing of msrp of around three hundred and fifty bucks. So i mean i guess three hundred seventy nine ish at that point it s like should you save the extra twenty to thirty bucks or so i think so the phoenix card even this guy right here.

They are they have a dual a gtx dual sixteen. Sixty ti. Which is 304 and 309 five dollar differences. Why do you have a skew for difference of five bucks.

Now evga also ” ..

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