Jave Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Magnetic Sports Earbuds Earphones Review

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” s up indonesia. Peter pan to hate audiophiles. I bought these m90 wireless sports stereo stereo earphones built in magnet. That was a big piece of why i bought these the reason.

I bought it is you know i ve had wireless earbuds of the past and i m just not very good about keeping track of them and doing some activity. The other night and neither the earphones and i put on our just a regular pair of regular headphones and man. I ll be honest. Once you start sweating a little bit or getting a little gross.

You do not want big over the your headphones on and then i was missing my earbuds and i couldn t find him so i went online and bought another pair and i bought these because they were the cheapest ones are good find cheap this and so hopefully they re decent let s see what we get here a little baggy all right so we get a little bag of kind of the inner ear loops spacers. They re kind of the braces that hold it in place. We have a couple of other silicone ear pods or the earbud covers. So it looks like we have a kind of a large size and a small size and i m guessing the mediums are already on there and we have this this looks like a like a clip to attach it to your shirt.

Maybe or something like that and then a micro usb cord right there so let s take a look at the good stuff here. So we have two earbuds themselves. And here they are nicely tethered with a you don t know if you can tell here. But a flat like rubber band.

Which i really like because it kind of keeps them oriented..

Correctly and then it s pretty long and this is actually a little longer than i think the other ones that i showed you which was a little tight when i connected the magnets because like when you take them out of your ear. Where do you put them connect them. And then you can wear this thing like a necklace. Which i really love the fact that some don t come with these magnets is a deal breaker for me now i love the magnets.

But i do like the fact. That it s inside the chubby neck. This seems long enough to go around that but kind of a flat connector. But then you also have a little control bar here probably where the battery is and like your this b port right.

There. And then you have power button up and down. And then it looks like a little holder for a microphone as well so you ll be able to advance or rewind and then also volume up and volume down. I ll find out as i play around with it whether you have to hold or you tap for either of those and then this is power on and power off usually by holding down.

But then if you tap it you ll also play pause or answer or hang up a phone. Call and as you can see here. You ve got the earbuds themselves right there and they re all metal. There are like aluminum construction.

They obviously have like the the silicone caps on them right there and i m focusing on it..

Without losing or zoom in without losing focus and then the are marked left and right kind of like a little tiny tactical flashlights are bullets. You ve got some nerve. A little like enamel red and amal ring. And then you can see the speaker on this end so should just fit in your ear.

Like your plugs. Now i m gonna go ahead and turn this bad boy on pair it to my phone listen to a little music and give you some of my thoughts alright guys. So it s pretty easy to pair them they just show up under your bluetooth devices as m90 as the box says and i was listening to them and they sound great you know what i would say that there s a couple things that i would throw out there is that one if you re running with this. There s a little bit of heft to the battery in the control box here right so it s not a big deal.

But if you have them around the back your neck. Like i probably would you actually probably wouldn t mind attaching this so that you can either clip. It to your collar or something like that or what you re not listening to when you release some when you connect the the magnet. Together.

You might also want to clip into your college. Just so that you can because they re so light so just so that you know you re not losing them. The other thing that i do like is that like i said. It is a bit longer than the other one so it s a little more comfortable.

Now the magnet isn t super strong so that it s not how pull apart..

I actually would mine the magnum being a little stronger. But like i said with that clip. You d probably have more security than you need. But the magnet is plenty strong especially if i were to kind of done whatever being active or something just throwing around and walking you re not gonna lose them.

Now. A couple things i will say is that the audio quality is quite good you know any time you re directing the ear directly into the or the sound directly to your ear canal. It s gonna sound pretty good you re not losing much in terms of detail. A couple of things the the pro and con is that you know the aluminum construction on the ear buds means that they re maybe slightly heavier height slightly heavier than like plastic ear buds and you kind of you don t feel it in your ear.

But what i ve noticed is that because they re tubular. They re kind of bullet shaped. You know if they kind of move you lose sound because what i think it s doing is it s kind of crimping. The silicone covering here so you don t lose sound per se.

But it is kind of easier for these to move around than other ear buds that are kind of a little larger and will sit in the ear. A little bit more now it does come with these little you know ear spacers and these might be a big help for just kind of putting them in your ear. And keeping them in one spot. I didn t have any problems where they were getting uncomfortable or i was losing sound.

But you re just gonna notice that you just kind of notice how far they re sticking out..

And kind of you can kind of feel houses. Farther sticking out as opposed to something like you know the apple earbuds. Which kind of really sit in the ear. And don t really move at all i mean if they do just the shape of them kind of forms to your ear.

And so that s just a little bit different there. But you know for you know i picked these up for like 11 bucks on amazon prime these are gonna work great. I m super thrilled with them at that price point especially when most year let s go for 30 bucks or if you want to step up like apples of your pots. Or something.

That are gonna be you know the wireless ones that are doing over a hundred bucks. So for this i m getting everything i need without paying a big premium so check it out i ll put a link to it in the description. I got these in two days they re by jay bluetooth. ” .


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