Kate Spade Hybrid Shell Galaxy S6 Review

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“Ladies and gentlemen zapping gah sighs over here. And today. We re going to do do a quick unboxing and installation for the kate spade hybrid hard shell case for galaxy s6 this is one of those fancy cases if you want to give your girlfriend boyfriend. I don t know or yourself it looks pretty nice looks pretty fancy and you can find these at the best buy and possibly nordstrom or i d seen them that they sell it.

But it s go ahead and see the packaging. It s pretty fancy has a goal line level just the color of gold and you can see kind of the front of the case. And the back is like blurry. Blurry.

So pretty interesting just got this case on you is just if you re wondering how you look on your galaxy. S6..

So let s get this open see what comes inside and how i look oh my god it s sunday. So out time. I m going to happen putting the actual case to the side. Please comes very sales not even.

Other cases so you can read that for yourself. It will give you a true i like a quick story from the company or what they want you to believe in as a limited warranty for one year not like many other cases and i ll give you some information on contact information. If you have any problems with the case. And this is a two party case as you can see let s go ahead and take the fake galaxy s6 because we have the light one right here so to port case live colorfully kate spade new york branding.

But um. It is actually it doesn t feel glittery just it s glee really but if that s the word..

But um. It won t stick so it s just plastic. So let s see if the cutouts are any good actually we have to put gel in first and yeah. My girlfriend has this case for the iphone 6 similar and chips drop the phone use the case daily and nothing tap into the phone.

So these cases are pretty good and they re pretty fancy as well even if you were taking a work or on a night out so it s very tactile definitely a little hard to press on the power button. Even on the volume rocker. So what what okay it s a little hard bottom. I guess.

That s good so you don t need take me heat it up or down or turn your screen on and off. And yeah..

The whole bottom is open that s something i m not feeling. But a when it falls. It actually won t touch that part and at the bottom. You have cutouts for the actual sensor for the ir blaster and the extra microphone that it has so now look.

I m how it looks when you put a face down. I mean face up and then face down. It doesn t look that bad let me see if i can adjust inviting so you can kind of see it better yeah. So it looks pretty nice pretty fancy.

And there s a good space between the camera and the actual lining for the case. So when you put it facedown on the camera won t touch the surface of wherever you placed it up so pretty fancy..

I like this case. I think it s worth the price for when you re going out at night. But if you want the ultimate protection. There s a better cases out there that will give you more protection for your money.

So thank you for watching. I hope you like these videos. If you have any questions. Please please let me know in the comments below.

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