Kattee Professional DSLR Camera Backpack Review

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“So it s obvious that i have never reviewed a product before or anything. Like like that but i love this product. So much that i feel the need to the word out there. And so you have my photographer friends know about this product.

Because i love it so much and i m only had it for like a week. So start behind this is i am looking for a bag that would fit my laptop for the way there and the way back and my camera gear and a bunch of other everyday essentials for my trip. Which is in about two weeks. So i was looking for a backpack that would carry my gear that in a way that you know it s padded is protected and a bag that s compact enough that i can bring it for everyday use and so i was looking forever couldn t really find anything and then went on amazoncom.

And i found this bag so it s called the caddy or katy k8ttie professional canvas slr dslr camera backpack now it s on the amazoncom website so it s in us. Dollars but i originally got it for 50 499. Before tax and shipping and whatnot so after tax and shipping and conversion to canadian dollars. It was 94 dollars.

But let me tell you it is so worth it and think about it this way any other camera bag that is like a stroller bag messenger bag or bulky backpack it s probably over 100 so this is first of all super cute and super functional. So just wait until i show you what it looks like inside now just to note that it is actually cheaper..

Now so you should probably go and get it before that runs out its 4999 set of 5499. And it comes in three colors. But i got black one because it goes with everything so it makes this bag. So great that i feel the need to review.

It well first off as you can see it is super cute and stylish. So perfect for everyday use going out and all that and it just looks like a normal backpack. So it s amazing. The back has potting back support or whatever you call it straps as well.

And it also has a chest strap for added support the bottom one of my favorite features is that it has these little feet so it keeps your bag off of the ground when you put it on the ground and also has this fake leather which makes it i guess easier to clean if you need to if it gets dirty so this compartment you open it up and it s just like any other bag so there is a 13 inch laptop sleeve padded and the inside is like a waterproof material and then there s a clear zipper compartment here. Which would be great for little things like your keys your phone extra battery since it is a camera backpack and i m sure you re wondering where the camera compartment is but just just do wait. So i have like a bag of essential stuff like chopstick hand. Sanitizer lotion and all that my wallet and there s a little compartment for like even smaller things and pens and melt stuff so here is the big reveal well.

I thought it was amazing notice how i said first compartment. So this is the second compartment..

Which is the whole reason why i thought this backpack first off it s like lined the zippers line. So you actually can t see it it s disguised. But it actually opens up like this and what you see here is a removable. I m not going to remove it but a removable case and tada.

This is where your camera gear goes so it s just like any of those removal cases inside a camera bag it s padded comes with three dividers. I actually don t have one of them put in because there s no room to fit any more than a camera body and two lenses. But that s fine because that s all i m actually going to bring for my travels and so in here. I have my canon 6d body.

A 50 millimeter lens. And my 16 to 35 lens. So it fits perfectly not too snug. And yeah.

So it fits perfectly in there. And it s disguised there s also these two little pockets which i assume is for either extra batteries or memory cards and that should have blown your mind because it is for me so i fell in love with this just while doing research and i just loved it even more not that i have it and i m so excited to bring it with me add one more thing back here i wanted to keep this last because i thought it was the coolest part..

But there is a secret pocket here which actually goes all the way up in the backpack. So you can like hide. Important stuff. If you want like so.

If you want to hide. A passport or like cash or something. There s no way anyone s going to get in there. However.

It is only like held together by a velcro patch thing so i mean user discretion. But there is a rain cover in here for your backpack. So if that wasn t enough all the stuff that i showed you this should be another one so i m going to try to fit it on as gracefully as can and i believe this little thing here goes over top of this i think i don t know or maybe this goes to the bottom and secures it but either way it covers your backpack from any rain and moisture. Because you want to keep this little babies.

Oh yeah. And then you just fold..

It up and put it back in the cup to become pregnant. Which i am not going to do because i can t do it gracefully. But anywho so hopefully that gave you an insight on how much i love this product. And why you should get one too so i m going to post the link in the bottom.

If you want to get one it should. Be cheaper. Now actually like i said its. 4999.

750. 499. So with shipping and handling. You should still be getting a better deal than i am and i ” .


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