Kim s Convenience Season 3 Episode 2- Cutie Pie

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” m so full you finish what that s great what a growth ball backwash one one ball per person when you are little we all eat from same bowl first pardon me then don t don t you you re not serious. Yeah. Same spoon. Oh why didn t we use their own balls.

It s nature on like a bad how when you a little we poster chew your food to make a song then keep to you oh stop that s nothing you know how we trim toenail no i don t want to lose our teeth. I think no i want to know how we cut our hair. No oh then we use your hair to make a pillow. I can t what i just a kitty.

We never you just cesar and here do change said. The wisher to the well ok. See you ok. Mr.

Ken frank. What you want well if you re gonna hold my feet to the furnace. I need your help in the cyberspace what the internet twitter facebook. I know what the ethernet ye.

I need a positive web review for my business. My ex wife bernice went on the google after a bottle of shiraz and really took me to task. 0. Stars left the lovely review for the wine mind you why are you even have online.

Buddy. Beautiful. You re not really a modern business. With adam.

There s probably a whole bunch of them out there for kim s may i uh. Mrs. Kim. Ezel watch a shakira video here we go kim s convenience.

Why not go do this wow. 4. Stars love this place great prices on the cherry sours and that mr. Kim is a real cutie pie cutie pie oh clear history wink wink o.

Think i really did clear your history. He d been sweeter than the treat her nice used to say things like that not about me. But no i had a run of 5 cards so that s 5 points. Maybe i don t get this game.

I thought you taught her he did yeah. That s why she doesn t get it. Oh my god is at the time gotta fail. Early morning.

Yeah thanks moona get home ha ha. I thought she was going home. She is hopefully. I need a break from spooning.

She s a fifth time this week. No she can t keep staying here. She doesn t pay for it water by drop. If you could keep it down that d be great.

I ll just pretend like reading mirror. Guys. Did you hear yes so did. Shannon mention what you d be doing.

When you came back no i just figured you know keep it fresh. But hey you re assistant manager i get it and i couldn t be happier that you re back yeah john she reunited yeah okay. See you there we re still a block away yeah. But i don t want to be seen giving you special treatment it could undermine my authority.

I talk to you all the time when i was assistant manager yeah. And it really undermined your authority. You seriously what i m gonna get out this is my meantime things get real we re close. But trust.

Me you don t want to see block away kimchi fine crazy online. Your review of a store..

I said some people must really like a store owner me i ll leave you to your fans. Mr. Barry thank you for the know hope you don t get the jitters. Why this is crazy.

Oh. I d be well you should i could that because everyone who write online is crazy or ugly beside. You is not a cutie pie use more like a bread bread. Yeah big round crusty loaf and not everyone wanted cutie pie.

Some people wanted ruffle the teddy bear one i already missing i m falling off. But they don t care. They like all. The stain or smell.

Oh your ball need to moisturize huh. This is where the magic. Happens you don t have to say that for every room. Stacy omar.

This is john hey hey oh. And there s kimchi yeah we ve met yeah. But he s different now drunk. Hey guys looking good well welcome to andy oh i used to work here it s actually a really funny story you should probably get back to it can you clean the elantra and you might want to put this on i could hold up a towel while you change huh am.

I using your mug oh no it s fine. I ll just use one of gerald s mom s creations. It s just gerald said. You d think i hang around too much no what i was just we were talking about rent.

And i said something about three people taking more showers and two people i don t even know if that s true it makes sense i mean i love having you around it s just not as economically feasible. I totally get it great they re just send unis transfer for the expenses. Wow. Let me know if you need more you can use the whole couch.

If you want mrs. Kim. Say i m not a cutie pie. I agree with you hmm.

I ve seen this story a thousand times. It starts with casual flirtation and ends with mr. Kim trapped up in a pot of soup. Why are in a pot of a soup.

Now what i know i m not inside the mind of a lunatic. I know i offer her big discount on cherrise our next time she busied one order of catfish coming up i just offer discount for such a positive review and the prove to mrs. Kim. I m a cutie pie.

The real crime would be not responding for murder. Which is an actual crime. I post. I m impressed i don t think i could have done it i ll be sure your ashes are spread evenly around the store.

What no big deal. Yeah. Review women probably never even see oh see see and kissy face that mastectomy hmm the weather. My god.

It s everywhere. Oh my weird right note. I is that immense good one. I just wanted to check in you know early days.

Touch base how are you fitting in everyone is so nice stace the oh man although i am still trying to figure out the whole power dynamic since the merge is you and me both because i used to be like up here hmm. So if you re like up here and kim. She s here. Then am.

I here like here okay so like here here. So here. Did you just lower your chair tonight. Oh hey.

I didn t know we were meeting. Oh not a meeting tony and i were just sorry what were you talking about just check it in with the shan stir..

Oh hey well if there s anything you need you could always run it by me first probably a good call. Absolutely just we have a shorthand. Yeah. Well we got a shorthand and you and i have a shorthand.

So it s like a shorter. Shorthand and i actually have long hands. My dad used to call him piano fingers hey. Why don t we get you back to the garage.

Yep. Anything. I can do to help the team hey maybe get you a bigger shirt that would be helpful just use the stairs. Like a normie girl.

Oh are you going somewhere yeah. Here hey. I think she s moving in i just need some air is there any air in your life. Why is this happening.

I have no idea. Why didn t we think of this before when did we think of this my parents was so psyched to get rid of me daven. That s great is it unless i totally misread something and you want me to go no no no of course not yeah. Thank god because i m crazy about this guy and i did send you that money which you accepted like right away.

Why did you take her money because she was living with us for free. I live with a girl you live. With me you don t count thanks. Not breaking up with her is gonna be impossible.

I didn t know you re trying i am. I think i m not like you you know i m just not that good at what telling people what they don t want to hear you re being weak. I know see you re good at this you should do it no i m not talking for you even though. I would have done it really well hey did you move the rack.

Then uh. Yeah. I thought it made more sense over there i like it hey what s going on i have fixed the ragman wait. The ripens broken.

No just made more sense. Then terrence did you take the key to the women s washroom. Again. It s clean in there.

We have keys for the washrooms should they just be a lot. Yeah okay. That s terrifying. I agree with chung yo.

Where s the ragman god stacy key pop and why is the lunch room. So far from the garage. It is far that s a good point omar. You know what i m gonna write some of this down one bag all people okay see you i believe i was promised to discount you right you posit or guilty.

I m lisa you is not a crazy or agree i mean you turn over not a normal. Very pretty. I don t know i only see customer nothing else oh you really are a cutie pie here s what you re looking for oh. No i don t want that peterson now pay for dentists at a time.

Oh you re terrible. Oh. That s very good question. Oh i have an austin yeah.

It s actually about yo boy. You see all i see is you making fool of yourself. So you do see she only floating with you to get a discount. Yeah that s what happened huh p.

Conspiracy candy bandits strike again fine don t listen to me just trying to protect you protect me from candy bender to compromise. She s probably laughing at you right now be careful. If you leave a cutie pie on a windowsill someone might steal did i hear cherry sour zone special not the for you whoa the chair won t go up i found a wrench but i can also get you a booster seat hey i was just looking for you in shannon s office. What here aren t you about that kim chi and i were talking and we think it d be best.

If we all respect the new chain of command. Absolutely i just wanted sorry kidding..

But you should tell it to kim chi. Sure pretend i m not even here. What s up man well. It s probably nothing but i couldn t help.

But notice a bit of a divide between management and the workers really sorry anyway. They ve brought a number of issues my attention you ve been here a day anyway. I made a list of concerns suggestions shortened hallway to lunch room. Yeah i could probably work with them on that the important part is all of this could be easily managed with the right point person in the back well that s not a bad idea and i ll be honest.

It s been really hard since the merge. We re all taking more work home and you try to stay positive. But cats figure it out i just think that we could all benefit from i don t know bad manager. Strong suggestion bro hey.

I m just trying to help and i ll see what we can do about getting you some butter pants. So uh better pens the apartment right. It isn t that big of a place uh huh and janet and i have a ton of school to do it. And there s the kitchen and and cooking.

I love cooking. I know it just might be unfair to janet to have a third roommate. It s a lot for her and other people. I get it oh great great okay.

Oh hey. I didn t realize you guys were here. I ll just come back later no mistake. Gerald and i were just talking and i agree with him you do so we re gonna find a place of our own what no iii.

Don t think that that s what i was saying. Oh. What are you saying janet. She move out that hasn t fair.

I think what gerald is trying to say is you were super generous with the rent money oh. And i got us hbo. Just a sec. I ve got cupcakes in the oven.

It s just that we re always in each other s space. When it s so small and it could be bigger. If one of us were to leave do you want to leave gerald not by myself. So you do you want to get a place together is this a subscription to elle.

I ve got us in a your cartoon. Oh my god you went to the big carrot. Yeah. I just think there s one scenario that we haven t considered yet.

I just don t want to leave janet in the lurch. No i mean either moving out is so hard and finding people to live with is a whole other story. There are a lot of weirdos out there maybe we just stay like this for now. What are you doing these are really good.

We are gonna get so fat again sorry for the delay. Getting used to the route housing is a worth the wait. This is very kind she mean box of a cheap don t listen to him. He s just my brother my grumpy older brother okay.

That s enough i m carl by the way young. Me misses a king guess we ll be seeing a lot of each other oh. I meant with it deliveries. Okay.

Thank you bye. Oh carl this box is a little bit damaged is there anything you can do guess i could take 15 off that s okay we pay fuller price you do that for me. Here. Here s your invoice.

That s our number. And that is my number yeah well if you ever want to get a copy or something oh no no i m sorry i thought i picked up on. I just got out of a relationship. It is so hard.

Putting yourself back up. There..

I. Give you signal. Oh oh okay. Well do you like barbecue because i know this great place right.

I m gonna go now it goes in recycling. It s garbage. It still goes in recycling. They re an issue here.

I guess we should take it up with the back manager. So. What s up terrence is this garbage or recycling recycling. Dan.

I guess. He is helpful. Did. You made.

Terrence vac manager. Yeah. Great idea man seriously terrence since you left. He s got seniority and he s very dedicated sorry dude.

I know it sucks. It s okay meet you at the corner. Forget the corner you ride with me the whole way thanks man yeah. But slow so i look taller you leave me install alone for so long time hey why are you worried just a call hot potato car new online dating with the candies a sucker you call me one i teddy bear say i you ugly brother.

I never say ugly. I say older i same thing you know i think it was a handsome and sweet then why you say those other thing. Because i don t like how candy woman is calling you cutie behind the house he looking at you how she looking at me. Like you is a great big cherry sour on the discount.

And how you looking at me. I use my favorite thing use like a specialist hidden on back of menu. We don t. Bother only i order no one else like it tastes funny people complain to manager her okay you really don t know how to talk to people you jockey.

You would you marry to me. I know like i know. Sir hi. Do you have cinnamon.

I mean. She s funny she likes pizza you like pizza. This is good for you hey roomies. I got my name on the lease.

So everything s official. Oh okay. And i can t believe you didn t have renter s insurance. So i got us that too great thanks.

It s really involved no problem. I ll just add it for the receipt. I m sorry those are ganic groceries hbo magazine subscriptions air purifier. Oh.

My aveda shampoo. Janet. Likes i only used it once we ll split it three ways you can just eat transfer. Me whenever you like i m getting another cupcake get them all what s a problem.

I give you review. He reviewed me as a customer for your store. Yeah not a very good one at that though it is fair excuse me do you have cherry sours. Oh.

I guess we just found your secret admirer right no madam. He s married she just want the candy don t we all hi. There i m frank ” ..


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