Kingdom Hearts 3 Where to find Keyblade Upgrade materials

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I thought i would make a video regarding the qiblah upgrade materials because i ll turn on youtube recently before i beat the game. I beat the game just last night trying to figure out where last material. I needed was and ended up finding it really really easily. And i thought i d make this video to show where to get it so first things first if you guys are worried about spoilers don t watch the video.

It s gonna be a slight spoilers about location later on the game. So if you re fine with that you know continue watching. But anyway so first things first you need to be able to have access to twilight town. I believe and then from there i had to keyblade forge.

I ll be working on this keyblade since i don t have it upgraded at all and the first we re gonna need is fluorite. So what we re gonna do is we re going to head to the gummi ship. And i will meet you guys over there regarding. We re gonna get fluorite.

Okay now that we are in in space. Well what need to do in order to get fluorite is this is gonna be the easiest material to get as it s really on the game. So i just need to do is come over here shoot some rocks and eventually you ll get some fluorite. Let s hopefully i can get something pretty quickly.


Here. I didn t get any there i got a mythical stone. Okay. I got a fluoride.

So the easiest way to get it like i said. It s just a comment in this sector. Oh i m sorry. But i didn t show the sector.

This is the starlight way there s first gonna sector in the game. And you can get fluoride from there and you also get other materials. I m shooting the rocks as well you saw i got a mithril gem. There or isn t metal stone regardless you can know you can get a various stuff like that so i ll meet you back at the mobile to show the next upgrade material is so back at the boo boo shot we re going to go back to the forge keyblade and we re gonna park the kings you little bit here like i said i m using this just avoiding like potential spoilers regarding keyblade so you obviously see up at top.

But like what other key blades are but this also allows me to just show that you know the the different operations will need and next. We need we re gonna need some damascus. So just like last time we re going to be going back into outer space. And i ll show you you know the sector.

We can get that so i ll be back momentarily. So we re back at the world map. Here and just like last time. We re gonna find some blobs to shoot down.


We are still in the starlight sector. The thing is about this one about getting damascus. It s a bit harder to get in the first sector. But you can get it so hopefully.

I ll be able to get some is everybody as you see right there got fluorite again kind of show that you can get it here try and find it in this sector. Fairly easily i ll just cut away until i find it alright. So i just got a piece of damascus. There it took a while to get it in the sector.

So if you re trying to find it in the starlight way. I might be a little bit harder. I know you can get it in the second sector so i m gonna head out over there real quick to show you you can find it over there. As well so i ll be right back so as you can see here we re now in the misty stream sector.

And i found my cluster rock so let s just start shooting them because we should be able to get damascus a lot easier here because i know this is where i got more money than i did like everyone see there it is we got damascus a lot quicker here and it s much easier to get intersection sector. I think it just has a higher spawn rate in the second sector as it s just a little bit easier to get here. So now let s head back to diva would see what the next material. We need up later keep waiting back here at the move with the keyblade forgery.

Which i have damascus so let us just go ahead and level up. Our king. And king. A little bit more here so a 3 2 metric.


With this and now we re getting to adamantite. So as with before i will cut away to where i find adam and tyne in space to show you where to get it so we re back here in the i fried potato sack. There was this misty stream. Yes miss you stream somebody again always been to some rocks around here and if it takes a bit too long.

I ll just cut away to myself finding the adamantite. It shouldn t take too long. But it s a bit harder to get adam intimate. His damascus obviously as adam is the upgraded there s a higher rarity material yourself damascus everything isn t mitchell jones as well see the message of a lot more easy to find in the second alright.

I ll just kinda wait till. I find it okay it took a lot longer than i would have liked but as you can just see on the screen. I just picked up the atom in time for i m gonna show a few more oxy to see if i can get another one. But yeah and this sector is fairly hard to come across at any time.

But this is this is by far i don t know it s the easiest way he s just what i ve found to get these materials both matter of fact. I m going to show another another area. Where you can get adamantite. So i will be back momentarily again.

So here we are in the third quadrant of the game. The via clips and as before i m just going to store some rocks super adamantite at a minute. It has a highest born right here because it s not as rare in this quadrant. So i can t find it within a few few rocks as usual.


I will cut away and until i find it well got some electric there it s not really what i wanted to show you guys just yet. But you can see you can get that here as well now and i think i will end up cutting away right about here and collect around midnight. So i will see you guys back here in a bit. Then i just saw right there i just got another piece of out of maine time so we re gonna head back to twilight town because realistically i we just got all the materials for updating and upgrading keyblades.

So i ll meet you guys back at all that down so back here at the mobile shop. We got again just gonna go to keep light upgrades. We got the atom in tight. We need it s always gonna operate to seem to be a little bit more a little more here or more and as you can see now we need the electra more which i ironically i got in the last quadrant before i had received that a bad sign that i was looking for there so because i got that earlier.

I won t be showing you how to get it again as you saw me pick it up and i can t upgrade my keel anymore because i don t i not have all spring crystals. But hopefully this video helped you guys out if you did enjoy be sure to like come in scrabble share support. I realize help me out. She has video around with anyone you think might have trouble finding these materials and if you guys like to see any more that s kind of guide like things for a kingdom hearts.

3. Be sure let me know what you guys like to see down in the comment section. And i will see you guys next time later. ” .


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