KK Shows Cheyenne She s Not One To Play With Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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“Flew by and i have my nephews. So is mandatory for me to get a a bigger house. So i call shining over to come help me pack up and know get everything together. But my real motive is to get her mom dukes to kill that beef they ve been having because i m tired so you found barber shops from a couple locations are you pretty solid for what i know about saying stand up pops and whatnot.

I think it ll be cool. I mean you know now dukes is on the way to the spot. All the bickering and pettiness or whatever..


It is about farm bills and doll. No way so tim. I understand that cheyenne has a phone on mom dukes phone plan and she ain t paid bill and we know dukes you know she took it way out of the force and she blew up and she turned it in the war. I don t know what s going on in this place the doors not locked see i was expecting you i don t need to go to me live.

Hey. My are you doing i m good so i brought my high blood pressure thing cuz. I need to know how far i can go today..


I ve got some stuff. I got to say to cheyenne you carry this with you everyone i have to cuz. I ve been in like she is my own blood and i can t even believe the disrespect that she s shown me every time. This is not just about a phone here.

It s about science. Nasty ass attitude. She came to me so quick..


It s 180 over 120 for its to life just extremely hot. I m really beefy with your sister for her sorry. I know that you had the money to pay your phone bill you didn t pay it to spite me because i pushed you up. But i trust you out because you were talking you was being a bitch.

I was right i have no reason to make it up i m not pity. But when you say you bitch. It was like a stab in my heart..


I never assisted on their phone last week was one big family yeah that is completely you re never gonna admit to what you really say it s okay i love to admit when i m wrong to understand it so how can this situation be solved you need to say you re sorry. Because you re not admitting that you say what you say well at some point somebody s gonna have to be the bigger person be the smile bitch this time did you tell him about shooter. If you liked that video subscribe to vh1 s 11 hip hop. ” .


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