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“Pixel battle professor layton versus let me introduce myself you may call me l hershel hershel and know this i can be cruel and hate. Losing duels. Based on my and my high iq level you. Only have a 2 chance to win this battle ladies first.

I suppose for i am a. True gentleman we. Are opposites in outfits as well as in hygiene oh. I.

Do know who you are l i know. The truth it is obvious that the cowarldy anonymous is you death does not scare. Me you re just thin air we. Don t fight for the same cause you leave criminals out there no need for a crossover when.

My franchise already descole. Ated. Aren t. You a professor layton then prepare to be educated the shadows around my eyes highlight my dedication these little dots do.

Say a lot that you look like an idiot and you. Need an apprentice how. Lazy can you get i took a look at your puzzles but they. Bored me but they.

Bored me to death objection i. Just finished analyzing all of your rhymes my. Word it..


s appalling . It should be a crime that reminds me of a puzzle. Oh nevermind oh nevermind a gentleman should never give an alphabet letter all of. His time look at me .

I am. Sitting normally i do it elegently superbly to be bent that way is so dirty . I don t meddle with trash. I leave it to my assistant by the way introduce me to your friends oh sorry .

It seems that you can not it seems. That you can not oops hmm he. Mocks me his chances of victory fell to 0 . I expected more out of a man with such presence he must be faking out until the last turn then i.

Won t leave him that chance you pedophile these poor kids. Admired you you use your lego head. And. Your smile to attract them onto you and then you exploit them don t pay them and your case just worsen .

I. Will hunt you down wherever you. Are hiding and i. Will kill you for i am justice you re but.

A deadbeat father why. Don t you take care of your kids you sherlock holmes faker you ve. Bitten more than you could chew i..


Will let you flee . I. Would have eaten you up but defeat. Is just too salty you pedophile.

for i am justice i. Will. Hunt you down wherever you. Are.

Hiding and. I will kill you i think i understand now why are you so n xious l. m. Patient.

Aren t you you died in front of who you wanted to kill and. That s the truth . You must know of that saying for it was ink on a notebook that was your undoing by the by why are you so obsessed over light yagami you. Have a pretty gay relationship with your so called.

Ennemy anyway. Let us turn the page l. And together. We shall write lawliet following.

His humiliation dies from a heart attack who is the worthy winner who will be next ” ..

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