Land Rover DIY Rust Protection Guide Part 1

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” ll welcome to my next edition. Or give. This day is hoping find a peace peace and comprehensive versions. How to rush through one of these now as poisoner defenders.

Now if we a damn good idea try and protect your investment. So what i m going to show you a complete alien 4×4 is how you re going to be able to protect all the cavities or a box section to your vehicle using a wi fi support. I ll show you what i ve got here and now what i m going to see so first thing you can do you ve got to clean the vehicle first now i ve got those sides and fresh water out so as we ll be applying a surface section. Like this i d recommend that what we re going to use if the degreaser fits best.

So what we ve got here fill handle surface hc consultants. We can and as it s fairly nasty stuff your visor as well the first what you want to do you go underneath go to looks and crannies cream and get away all the surface mud. That s in there the obvious. There s land.

We ve got lots of mud traps. So what they do is it all gathers around in set on top of the chassis rails underneath the cross members and the outriggers and you don t really want that so you really got to get this as thoroughly cleaned as possible to get the best results for your vehicle as always you ll just be trying that you ll trap the mud in there. And it s just not going to helping it will just start going all over again. Then we re good they once off in underneath.

Let s go go all the much from all the cross members and the hiding holes or go underneath. I ve got some great cleaner and a rag and i ll get rid of the worst of the greasy spots..

Which were the oil reserve and the grease is straight from the prop shaft. And i ve been doing routine maintenance is and then from then i will then go on. And i ll use the a heavy duty. Degreaser from bill amber.

Oh provide links below. In the description. Where i like to purchase. Everything.

And then we ll give it a thorough wash. And then a jet wash. And that should wash it all away and we ll be ready then for the next stage. Which then i ll show you which is the masking of the vehicle.

Let me have it once we ve cleaned it all underneath. It s fast forward a couple days and we will move the bumpers move the rocks awesome side double my flaps general comment. The more you remove need really little oil given for the sake in general and look spraying as far easier access so next on the wrist masking as we can see part way through the masking process and a few things just to add for those with defender 110. Openers is the time it takes to do the fiddly little bits all out round.

They re all in behind. There the just gaps from where you ve got the c pillars..

Where they join the wheel boxes. It ain t a straight gap and the same here on the b pillars you got to be careful will seal up all those gaps always down there bit masking tape good job. But as they say with anything yeah. Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance.

And like anything. It s the cooperation that takes the time so if you do it carefully you do it right you won t get any problems as we can see after the degreasing wash. The shaft is in fairly good condition. But even after this vehicle.

It s only three years old and the forms are getting here a stone chip. It s just tested. It s just got a bit of flaky surface rust on it so let s think big start with a wire brush. Just don t get it all the surface stuff after that increase it with a rush neutralizing solution.

There s plenty of those it built hand of the oxy camera lights crossed also what s good. But this is jenna light than you well proven use for years. We do paying that on do it 20 minutes wipe off the excess. What i do is that reverse the old iron oxide back down to iron in a stable substrate and that neutralizes any further.

Rust corrosion and i ll cure that before we edition of the extra rust cleaning properties of the a built hand of going out explicitly so go from there there s a few little spots on the chassis. That we could go around and do and next then we ll get this thing on the ramp get it up in the air..

Ready for ready for spray whatever issues of these the factory paint on the chassis is actually not that very good so you see it s a the chalks really is um. It s also not uv. Stable. So only requiring us a uv.

Stable topcoat pancreas. As it is really in fairly good condition. Within a few minor rust spots. Don t come through now.

Which will be covered by the pain one good doers is purely news. A a green scotch brite pad use it like a random orbit action. We would do is just providing a key for the paint to adhere to so you go wrangle these already and then what i can do then get some paint on it and well says. I found this rather good masking stuff it just cleans like that to the paint.

I said. It s not too bad masking tape on one end really even simple just mask you all off so you any paper that you want right now i ago mastering off the best account. We will see among little a 2014 model year vehicle. So really there shouldn t be much concern about even then is definitely showing signs that if i believe this we ve lost.

But we definitely set in yes you take these links. I ll look at the back axle..

Must both need be going to behave in a few minutes. Time should we get a hard wrinkle. There this is what really priority is getting this protected now the stuff. I m going be using is built hand of line access st for the chassis.

Bulk sessions and on the outsides. I shall be using the dynamics newbie. Which is a brownville also you can t get you see. Which is a clear formulation which on what use up on the front outriggers.

Just it is very visible bits elsewise. It s all looking fairly good if i put the general light on you can see nicely in that what all the rust has gone easy now they to be unsealed. You can see the big reasons works really well got 99 something like that way the rest of it won t be mushy a little bit more masking. See the start spring right markings all done or sorted.

What we do first let s start by the painting. The via crossmember will be used to office in soft. ” ..


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