Lenovo Thinkpad X131e RAM Upgrade – i3 Edition

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“Guys okay so i m back with another video and in this video. I m m going to try to upgrade the thinkpad x1 3 1e lenovo laptop netbook whatever want to call it with some additional ram with an additional 4 gigs around so i saw another youtube video. Where guy was opening up one. I m hoping that this is gonna be similar.

Because. This is a new addition or new y edition. Which was a new manufacturer. I think last year 2015.

So hopefully this video will end up good and end up working properly and i m not in my office area way. I do a lot of my incurring around with so. Please bear with the amateur footage. So rethink part at the underneat.

I of course. It s always recommended that you check early battery. So at least that there s not you know a lotta current flew in or anything through these systems. Any system for that matter just these better to be safe than sorry.

And this if i hope that the camera could see it. But there are three screws which at the underneath of the laptop and that i assume is what is going to allow us to be able to access. Ram etc. This is the fluid.


I m actually opening up and it s live i haven t opened this thing up before and so let s hope that all is well it s already popped out there when i open just one of the screws. I saw another youtube video guy opening up these and it looked really really easy i mean comparing it to what other laptops are there like what did dell does. The dell has everything you have to take out all your motherboard and stuff just to get it doesn t seem that that s how this is okay so it easily came out wasn t really hard so that s awesome. I mean man.

I could just stop buying the only reason. I buy that is because of the detailed support now this looks like crucial ram. But it isn t this is actually a four gig stick that i took from another lenovo from the tiny. When i upgraded.

It to eight gigs and the problem was is that i bought well it was a problem. But now. It isn t because i bought 2 4. Gig sticks to work in the lindo in the lenovo tiny.

But at the time he ended up only having one slot. So i had to buy. 8. Gig stick to put in there.

And so i took all the four gig stick and i kept it and it s actually some song rom. Which at first. I didn t like samsung. But i ended up like in samsung.


After a while especially because my phone is on note. 2. And i got a few years well with the phone so right okay so if you could we could probably look at this thing a little bit before we get any details. The laptop does look a bit different from the original video.

I saw particularly what i see hard drive seems to be in a good spot. It looks like it taped up some of this stuff. So. That you can t really access.

It oh okay. And it looks like the processor and if an is here a really small fun mmm hopefully. It s enough i mean i guess. It s small because of the power and family looks very different as well it doesn t look like a normal.

Okay. Oh okay. So the fan looks a bit different. If an eye.

I think they said it what a dust free fan is what they call it and i think i see why it s it s it s it the spokes are not completely to the dissenter. It just has a few spooks. So that s kind of interesting. I know that little what i say innovate or sudhi s see of course.


I m seeing i have no idea extension. Oh. I m telling extension yeah. Most likely that but why have no idea.

Why because i m sure that this is going to affect signal in some way i don t know maybe that is too extended this is the wi fi card here so it s extending wi fi out but normally there s a chassis area that a lot of the laptops. While the bigger laptops have and it normally plug into that chassis to get you know a wider wider laptop area so not quite. Too sure about that to be honest. Even though.

This thing has a 2 to 11 and on it which is why do wireless signals. I don t get anything past 54 megabits per second. So it could be based on these signal as well. I m not sitting about that but not really less 254 works.

So that s pretty much it right so you would notice here that there s two slots. So that s the good thing about this laptop. It comes with two two slots to put ram in and one stick is already in so i m just gonna add this additional stick and then we will probably power on and we should be good to we stick looks a little bit hard to go in though so okay now it went in right and jesse not space fit to fit good okay. So i think we re good to go there.

And that should be it that s all to it so i guess. It s so it s very easy to replace the hardware. Very strictly sram. Very easy to replace the wireless module.


Though i hope i would not have to replace it somebody did complain that while that s what you give some trouble. I m hoping at it. But it seems to be expandable for some reason. So that s good at this that is that there is space for expansion.

I ll make sure to sing fits in back snugly. Which doesn t really seem to be what oh yeah. It is it is now these crews are so small that if they eventually get winte and damaged. It s going to be really really hard to get them out okay.

So that s pretty much it we re going to slide back in the battery and lock. It make sure that you lock your battery in just in case. You don t want your laptop to let s give it a boot okay totally skip the pause screen. That s one of the things.

That s a bit hard to get into it s a bit hard to get into the bios all right and we want to enter you buy a set up so i go to f1 great so you could actually see here hopefully you can see here each gigabyte has been installed so each one 9 2. Megabytes. Which is 8 gigabytes. Has been installed laptop is coming on so we good to go we ll do a boot.

And that s pretty much it so we should be good to go so i hope this helps you guys in some way and ” ..

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