LG Treasure Review Straight Talk TracFone

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“Everyone today. I m looking at the lg treasure. This is a new device from from straight talk and tracfone it recently launched. I don t know about a week.

And i know hsn had a nice sale on it this is a very nice phone as you can see it s very thin. It has this sort of ridge on the sides here and one of the one of the most notable things is this lg design. Where the back of the phone has these buttons. That s the power key they up volume key in the down volume key along with the camera and the flash and so that s one of the main things that makes it notable.

If you look at the this is the lg g4 you can see it has the same sort of layout lg has been doing this for a while since the lg power came out on straight talk and for the most part they ve been maintaining this this layout. Which is really neat. If you it takes a little getting used to it. But once you once you do get used to it it s fairly easy to use so anyway.

This is a new device. It is running lollipop so it s not marshmallows not the latest android. But lollipop is still really good. It s also known as the lg l.

52. It s basically a 5 inch screen. Now compared to the lg g4 it s a little smaller and it s very easy to handle i just press this to activate the screen. So you can you pretty much run it with one hand one hand operation there um.


It doesn t come with a lot of bloated. What they call bloat. We re very very limited apps that they ve added on there so basically you have i think it s four gigs of space that you can fill up and it s a pretty advanced device. I mean again.

It s the lg treasure. It s a five inch display. The front and the rear camera both are five megapixel cameras. So they re pretty decent.

One thing. I notice it doesn t have a light sensor a lot of people like to use the brightness where it s auto set. Unfortunately you can t do it with this you either have to manually adjust you the brightness of the screen that s a great feature to save on battery. This one doesn t have it it doesn t have nfc either.

But what it does have which is pretty cool. It s got a magnet sensor. So if if there s some apps that use a magnet like a a compass for instance. This one would work really well so you ve got four gigabytes of storage its android.

511. It s got a decent 21 25. Milliamp battery. Which i believe it s an 11 day standby battery life.


So if you just look at it it s got and if you can tell. But the rear has sort of a rubber finish to it so it s not very slippery. It s it s something that you can hang on to and it s not going to. Fall so that s a nice little feature as.

Well it is a 11. Gigahertz processor. It s a quad core. So it runs.

Very smoothly lg. It has the lg knock code. So you basically can double tap the screen. When it s turned off and you can activate it i m going to go ahead and show you how the camera looks because again there s not really many other apps.

That are pre installed. So i m going to go ahead. And say no to this this is basically just asking you for geolocation. Let s say no to that and speaking of geo.

I have a stone here that i m going to use to to zoom in and show you how the camera works it is a very decent camera. It s not a huge powerfully huge camera. But it does take very good video and stills as well so i don t know if you can see that but i m getting fairly close it has auto auto zoom. So as you get close to the object.


It will correct itself. And that s a pretty decent feature beyond that the camera doesn t have a lot of other features. But there are plenty of apps that you can download that will give you additional features on this device. So again.

It is the lg treasurer also known as the lg l. 52. 5 inch screen display it s relatively compact. But it does have all the additional features accelerometer.

The magnet magnet sensor and it comes fairly light so. Again. You have all of the four gig of gigs of space that that you can use i m going to show you one more feat. One more thing about this guy here.

If you if you see that little notch. There that s how you get to the that s how you get to the camera or excuse me to the battery and to your sd card. So i m going to remove that there s your battery that s the battery. I was telling you about it s a 21 25.

Milliamp battery. And if you see this this stuff here. These are just this is the antenna and it s all around so it i m assuming. It s going to do pretty well because of them.


Because of all the extra antenna wiring. There that s where you put in your sd card. As well as your sim card. This is a gsm device the battery comes off really easily just has a notch.

There and there s nothing underneath there you just slip the battery in slip it out if for any reason you have to take it out there. It is and the back just comes right back on there it just clips right back on there anyway. So that s my quick review on the lg treasurer. It s one of the tracfone and straight arcs latest.

Device the retail. Price i believe it s going to be 9999. Dollars about that it s well worth it because again it s a it s a lollipop device. The gsm also has lte.

So if you if you don t have lte. Yet. You know this would be the great excuse me i m trying to turn it on. But it s not even on yet this would be a great device to to go ahead and get started with that so again.

If you have any questions leave any comments or questions on the on the video here and i ll do my best to get back to you please subscribe and thank you for watching you ” ..

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