LG V20 B&O H3 Wired earphones by B&O Play

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“Guys we re back with another one and this is the h3 by piano play play these are the banging olsen. Wired. Earphones. So here we go we got the got it these earphones 40 lgb.

20. That came as complimentary with my purchase. These are the h3 is by b o play. And this is how they look so these supposed to be top notch earphones.

That s supposed to work really good with the lgb 20. Let s get right into this so i ve been back into the headphone realm. As you guys know i cover a lot of bluetooth devices. But ever since.

I m you know i m dangled a lot with the lg v10. But with the lg v. 20..


And testing back and forth between the v10 and the v 20. I ve been using wire earphones and man. I ve been like missing out on that dac. It adds.

It makes regular headphones sound. Even more. Punchy er and they make great headphones. I guess sound even greater so i was looking forward to getting this.

So. If you have a lg v. 20. Make sure you know you go on the site.

And you register your phone to get these earphones look at this man this looks absolutely awesome. This is gorgeous nice looking earphones you got the volume up volume down be you know right there look i give a button at the back. No the buttons in the front..


You know thin kind of kind of cheap wire. Because it s real thin we kind of expect great sound to come from thicker wires thicker. Cables. 35.

Millimeter. Jack. You apple fans are missing out man velvet feeling case with seems like it s two areas look at that man piano brandon right. There.

This is a nice little pouch man. The pouch look like you got two sections within the pouch. Two sections. So you can put a bluetooth on one side earphones in the other this is nice really severe.

Tips you have like three sizes of ear tips all in this back. So you guys can see that pretty good and a booklet for earphones okay vocally for earphone maybe the booklet says you cannot use with the iphone 7 right maybe it says that anyway alright so we got the lgv 20 and now the lgv 20 is complete by having its earphones that is supposed to have so pretty much we plug this in some tunes with these bno air phones. I m gonna let you guys take a listen and then i ll pretty much give you how i sum up these be an old headphones all right so we re hearing the beano so we heard the sound..


So we heard the sound of the beano earphones complimentary what you get with your purchase of your lg v. 20. You can find these on amazon these earphones are supposed to be like really expensive like 150 bucks or something like that on amazon and i m going to tell you guys if it s worth it i listen to the sound. You guys listen to the sound and even with the doc.

I don t think these earphones are worth it they re good they re nice earphones and build quality and the sound is pretty good it got some good separation. These will be some good as some asmr type of air phones. But they re lacking bass and i don t care. What anyone say i need some bass.

When i m listening to my earphones now listening to soundcloud is a little bit of a lesser quality than listening on google play music. But still in all these earphones are lacking bass. So as good as they are i m not that excited i m not that impressed with these bno play air phones. I think they re pretty good.

But they re not up to par and the difference when you put on the dock. And you don t is really not that much of a difference. So what i recommend you get these with your lg..


V20 yes would i say spend about maybe 70 vidiian maybe. But not for the price is going for on amazon. But i ll put all the links in the description. And you guys let me know what you think about these vno earphones.

Because the unboxing experience is pretty nice and they are nice earphones. But for the price and for the height. I don t think a little bit over to your comments right there at the bottom. But i m not that impressed so pretty much you re that that s the end of that these are the vmo earphones that you get with your lg v.

20. Even with the dac i m not ” ..

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