Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review – By TotallydubbedHD

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“What s up guys thought. It s up to here and today. I m doing doing a video review on a logitech g. 810 mechanical.

Keyboard now this keyboard can found for around 140 pounds on amazon. The curie k. And around 160 on amazon usa. The links will be down in the description below in case.

You re interested now on top of that you might want to see a sexy written review with sexy images. I don t know why it s sexy. But hey. Let s say it s sexy it s on my website check it link in the description below in case.

You re interested nope. No obligations now. I was very much intrigued about this keyboard simply because it uses launch takes very own romer g. I don t know how you pronounce it.

But romaji key switches. What i m going to call. It the reason. Why it s intriguing to me is because i m very much accustomed to cherry mx switches.

So you ve got all different sort of switches over here which i ll get into in a bit and the romich is obviously a it s a relatively new mechanical switch now. It s not the first time. I ve seen this from manufacturer. In fact steelseries did it with the m 800.

You see razor have done it with their which are partnered up with a manufacturer called kenneth. I think is the way you say it. Which is a chinese switch manufacturer and basically that s because cherry mx for our patents and therefore. Because of that you see all these new switches coming up which are using the same sort of principle of having a mechanical switch over a membrane keyboard.

So what you get in the packaging. And what you get for that very hefty price well. Unfortunately you only get the keyboard. So here s the lovely sexy box.

Which i m just going yeah. That s great there s nothing else included within the box. Which is really a shame because you don t get extra wrist rest that you could attach in fact. There s no actual source watts.


That you can actually put a wrist rest on anyway. There s no key puller which is very useful when you want to clean them accounting keyboard i use a key pool all the time when i m cleaning them a keyboard and that s over there in a background. Which is pretty sexy. I know and also that you don t get any extra key caps.

Now you might be wondering why would i want extra key caps. Well key caps are these so they ve got just different colors or whatever. It is and most of the time you get it from say wasd. Which has a gamer profile whatever i know it s an rgb keyboard.

Which is very cool and therefore you can customize the color to do whatever you want. But having an actual different colored key cap would have been cool and you might be thinking well. Why don t you buy your own key cap. I would love to but it s not on cherry mx.

So therefore each key cap is using the room where g key key cap switch. It s a bit different. And i ll show you this in a little bit more detail. If my camera can adjust later.

But essentially because of this you can t put your own key caps. And therefore. I would have preferred all liked if lunch that actually provided some key caps. That you could actually have by default like as i said wasd alternatively.

Even mac key caps. It s it s very simplistic to say this. But i mean i m on windows. But there s a lot of people who are mac and actually like gaming and if they want to use the keyboard.

Why can t they just have the command. And you know option keys that are default by mac. And again. They can t buy a custom switch be a custom should i custom switch custom key cap.

Because there s none such thing. Which exists at the moment and even the ones. Which exist for from logitech s website are actually made for the g9 one zero. Which is its older brother speaking of which and very much intrigued about the pricing.

So the g9 1 zero. Is actually cheaper than the g8 1 zero. And offers a wrist rest. It offers macro keys and even a place to put your handy smartphone.


The g8 one zero. Which is newer doesn t have those functions but yet is more expensive so realistically speaking. I don t understand why anyone would buy the g8 one zero and i m saying that straight up at the beginning of the video well kind of beginning of a video just because i m pretty much intrigued to understand why logitech have chose to bring it at this price range. Even even if we re talking about resellers over here.

Even if we look at the logitech s website. There s only a 20 pound price difference. And hey if i m spending a hundred and forty or 160 quid on a keyboard. I think.

20 quid is not a far one non of money to put down to buy an extra one so the g8 1 0. Kind of feels an odd position to me i would have i would have thought it would be much cheaper and therefore you know you lack those functionalities and whatever. But anyway. Let s get on to the build quality of the keyboard so it s braided.

It s it s terminated by i braided a usb cable nothing too special there there s no extra usb which you can plus you re like oh. My god i can t speak you can t plug your flash drive or anything into the keyboard. So it doesn t have that that functionality. Nor do you have any audio controls obviously because only usb now at the back of the keyboard.

It s very sexy. Which is great. But you re never gonna look at the back of the keyboard. Unless you have a see through desk.

I don t know so you got a nice sort of textured look you ve got the rubber bits. Which prevent it from sliding. Which is great nothing too special and then you ve got the keyboard risers now the keyboard risers i really like because there s two different level hopefully you can see that on my on my camera at least the lighting conditions you there s two different levels and i really like that fact and on top of that a logitech. I thought you know what in case.

They the keyboard slides well. We ve put some rubber bits over here. So they ve added some rubber bits on the keyboard riser bits. Which mean that when you put it down.

It s still not gonna slide. Even though you have these little raises raises rises up so that s really cool nice little small functionality add. But i really like it as i said no rest rest can included so it s very much a kind of compact keyboard. Now the keyboard is finished in like a black matte finish.

Which is great in terms of preventing fingerprints or anything like that i always saw like high glossy look always attracts fingerprints and it looks pretty bad when it comes to dust. Which naturally occurs in life and so yeah just generally speaking. It s look is quite nice and it s built quite well and there s no keyboard flex as such so. Which is that s always a plus in terms of it it s a hefty keyboard and you can kill some zombies with it in case they come to invade our planet now talking about the keyboard let s go and talk about the switches.


So i did so i m going to talk about them. And i do want to so i m going to just zoom in at just a little bit. So obviously you can see the keyboard is fully rgb lit. Which is fantastic.

And hopefully my cat camera is going to be able to pick this up it might be a little bit hard. But anyway. I m gonna unplug the keyboard and then show you this so hopefully you can see that now. It s pretty blurry and i apologize for that there s nothing much i can do with my camera.

But anyway. So you can see this key cap over here. You ve got like four little prongs on the outside. And then the basically the stem of the key cap is well essentially the middle bit is where the light is and on the sides is where the key cap goes.

Whereas. Cherry mx. Which if i just bring one in to picture. Over.

Here. You ll be able to see quickly that the de stem is in the middle and in the key cap or has like a middle stem. Which goes on top of it now it means. It s different therefore you can t put custom keycaps as i mentioned before.

But what s quite intriguing over here and the reason. I m mentioning this is the build quality now. I don t know if you saw on the left hand side that i had a yellow keyboard well that s a custom painted custom lamborghini painted logitech g7 100 plus mechanically board using cherry mx browns it s a fantastic keyboard. I ve been using a lot however the problem i found is these key caps are signed to break on my keyboard and that just comes from the cheap plastic.

Now a lot of people have complained about it and to be honest. I m not the only one to have noticed it and unfortunately as soon as i picked up this keyboard. The first thing. I did is i let me check the key caps.

And again they re very like key caps and they ve got these really really small prongs. Which in all honesty. If i use this hard core for like i don t know a couple of months. I probably will start seeing these key caps on a break they might think oh.

It s not a huge problem well in my opinion is because the key caps to buy this keyboard. Well don t exist or even. If you do want to buy them has to be from logitech s own website. And it cost.


I think 40 or 30 or some like that there s not even a pound that i can give you i don t know how much it cost so it s a problem because you know on my keyboard. I can replace it with cherry mx switches. Which are it s cherry mx key caps. Which are very easy to come by but in this case with a g8 1 0.

It s hard to come by so it s something worthy to note over here and in terms of the key caps. It s very intriguing in terms of the build quality now speaking of the key caps. I do find them very comfortable to type on i m just gonna get down and just be a little bit quiet and get a word document and just start typing so hopefully that gives you a little sound sample of how they sound. I would have to say that in terms of the actual feel it feels like a cherry mx brown.

That s being mixed with a cherry mx clear so people who don t know those well cherry mx clears are quite hard to come by but basically cherry mx clear has a bit more of a tactile bump to it whilst. The mx brown is very soft oppressed. So it s it s very soft to press. I think it s got a 45 gram or 50 gram actuation.

Which means a 45 grams. Re actuation. Which means. It s very very soft to press.

However it does have a slight tactile bump. Which reminds me of the mx clear which is over here so it s a mixture of these two combined and a baby of these equals that that s the way i like to see it that s the way it feels at least so in terms of the keyboard feel i quite like it it s very nice. It s very soft respectively speaking in comparison to say. Other mechanical keyboards which used like i don t know cherry mx blacks or whatever so it feels great sounds quite good in terms of it s quite silent you know without any sort of dampening sounds or anything on that it s it s quite good and on top of that the overall feel of the the switches arm is impressive now finally i just wanna and end it on the on a bombshell and basically talk about a software.

Where i am. I think one of the world s first actually noticed this if i go on the software. And i just put it on to lighting mode. And i change it to effects and then go to key press.

Where it means effectively when i m pressing it comes with a key. If you look over here i press numpad right look these colors don t activate caps lock num lock scroll lock. If i go on a different mode whatever mode it might be you ll be able to see it being activated at the top. So i think i m one of the world s first actually find this because i haven t seen anywhere else.

But anyway. This is one of the bugs i found with its software. But other than that the software is flawless. You ll see pictures on my website and a description of everything it s fantastic it works for all of them.

And it s a good implementation by logitech area guys hope enjoy this review and make it as you will but i can t really see myself recommending it just based off the key caps. Which are quite hard to find. But the actual keyboard is quite nice but not given its price alright guys i m ” ..


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