Logitech Touch Mouse M600: Unboxing & Review

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” s up guys. This is mike. The detroit borg with a look at the new new logitech m600 touch mouse essentially logitech s answer to apple s magic mouse and s touch mouse essentially they re designed on the same principle. They re a single click mouse with a touch sensitive panel.

So when you right and left click or scroll. You re basically touching the top of the mouse and it s determining exactly what you re intending to do so. Although you have one click basically when you press down it clicks once it knows whether you intend to click left aren t intend to click right so you also have your unifying reciever here. Basically this operates on the 24.

Gigahertz spectrum. So this operates on radio. Not bluetooth. So this is now the bluetooth mouse like the magic mouse and on the back you have your basic gestures left click right click vertical scrolling and back and forward.

But what we don t have here is horizontal scrolling so unlike the magic mouse and microsoft s touch mouse. You do not have vertical scrolling. So. Instead you have just back and forward.

Which again is pretty intuitive here you basically use that for navigating through webpages to go back and forth in your history. Or having any photos in your photo gallery. Now this is compatible with windows 7. And of course.

You do need a usb port in order to connect the unifying reciever. The unifying reciever will connect up to six devices. We get if you have six other logitech devices..


This will connect to just this one receiver and you can see it s pretty low profile and small so it s ideal for laptops. So let s go ahead and unbox this we just pick up this plastic cover and inside. We have instructions for releasing the mouse from its little holder. Here.

But basically i have to do is hold down this tab here and pops right off. So there is our mouse. We ll take a look at that in just a minute and we have our little receiver. Which should just slide out there we go it looks like we have a packet here probably containing batteries so again.

We see our batteries right there. We enter a little cover. That s a cover battery cover. A literature looks like a carrying case so again this is ideal for carrying this with your laptop.

The interesting thing about the m600 is that will operate with just one battery installed. So you do not need to install both so that lightens the mouth. Quite a bit another great thing about the m600 is that you can stow the usb unifying reciever in the battery compartment so you just there s a slot dedicated to it and it fits right in so you can close the battery compartment and you re set to go. Now.

Let s go ahead and turn the mouse on and take a look around take a little look at the mouse itself. You can see we have this glossy plastic covering along with this printed pattern underneath. Which sort of disappears into this black void in the center. So it s kind of a neat design on the side.

You have the sort of ridge pattern underneath the plastic the foot itself is actually part of the click mechanism. So this is what clicks not the top part or anything like that it s just the bottom. So you have to be on the surface in order for this to click you can t click grip this in the air and click on it you have to be on the surface you look at the magic mouse versus the m600 you can see that both of them have this glossy touch panel..


But the magic mouse is a little more square. While the logitech has this rounded design this makes it a little more ergonomic to hold it fits your hand better. The other difference here is that the m600 is taller than the magic mouse. So again it fills your palm a little more comfortably than the magic mouse now the real difference here lies in the material.

So the magic mouse is a much more simple and elegant design. And it s made out of aluminum and polycarbonate again very very rigid feels very solid to use the m600 is all plastic. It s a little more creaky. There s a little more parts going on here.

It doesn t feel quite as solid and rigid. But overall the click function feels very nice again you have the right amount of sensitivity and feedback. I think it works pretty nicely. It s definitely a very comfortable mouse to use and it s very conventional.

It s it s like using any other standard mouse. You re used to it s pretty comfortable. The magic mouse definitely isn t the most comfortable or organ avec amounts to use. But i definitely like it largely because on the mac.

You really need a magic mouse in order to take advantage of the multi touch and gesturing features you have on the mac pile in terms of setup. It is pretty easy. I have to do is plug in the usb unifying reciever and you re set to go you don t have to install additional software you can improve scrolling performance by installing the logitech flow scroll app. So this works with windows 7.

Only so let s go ahead and install that as you can see before i install it you can see the scrolling isn t the smooth as possible so let s go to download software install and see the difference with smooth scroll you know so you can see performance is now much better in fact you have some physics here. So if you want to move down. The page a little faster..


Just move your finger low faster snap to the top of the pages by swiping your finger faster so pretty cool in terms of web browsing again you have up and down or left and right again left and right will take you back. So let s go back a page. So again we re just browsing through our history. If we want to go forward just swipe forward.

So you get the idea in terms of the horizontal scrolling here again. I like all you can do is go back and forward so i ve open the photo gallery here and we re going forward now we re going back. So you get the idea works pretty well pretty quick logitech m600 will work with the mac. I have to do is plug in the unifying reciever and it will work with the drivers already installed so again.

This is just using the standard drivers. But that causes some problems so. But i can mouse around just fine. I can click on safari i can right click.

Which is just fine. I can scroll up and down. Now the only problem with this mouse on the mac is that when you swipe horizontally. It launches.

The app switcher so you can t get out of this this happens. No matter what you re doing so if you re in safari. You want to go back. A page swiping left won t take you back it.

Just launches. The app switcher so until the logitech launches. Some software for the mac..


You re kind of stuck with it so hopefully. They do it eventually so you can use this mouse with a mac. Unfortunately. The other big problem here is you lose all those multi touch gesture in options you have with a trackpad or with the magic mouse.

So again don t buy this if you have a mac. This is for pc now fro. I m pretty impressed with the hardware for logitech m600. But where i think it really feels is software so this isn t the mouse.

I d recommend if you re a pc user and want something like the magic mouse instead i will look at microsoft s touch mouse and that s because there s much better software. Support. And that mouse supports multi touch. So you get a lot more gesturing.

Features with the with a microsoft mouse versus. The logitech. So for example. I think the fact that you can t side scroll on the logitech is unacceptable you can do that on the microsoft mouse and you can do things like three fingers to reveal all windows or swipe.

Three fingers to reveal all windows or use two fingers to reveal windows side by side you get a lot more features with the microsoft mouse versus. The logitech mouse. So that s going to do for me guys in this review. Thanks for watching.

And i ll see you again in the ” ..

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