Lorex 4K Security Camera System – How to Protect Your Home!

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” m andru edwards and nyou. re watching upbeat music being able to monitor your nhome. Nhome. No matter.

Where you are offers a tremendous namount of peace of mind. But days. Many people nare also worried about relying on cloud services. Nfrom google ring and others that may leave your private data exposed in this video.

I give you na look at a system that offers the best of both worlds in the lorex 4k smart nvr security system what is going on tech. Squad andru edwards here neditor in chief of. Gearlivecom. And as i mentioned today nwe re talking about the lorex smart.

4k. Nvr security system. In this set. In particular.

Features. Four 4k smart security cameras. Which also include ndeterrent security features. Now in this video.

I m ngoing to be giving you my top five features of the nlorex security system. And why i think it makes sense nto give a system like this a serious look. When determining the best security monitoring noptions for your home especially. In this day.

And age. When privacy is a major concern before we get started let me give a big thank nyou to lorex for sending over the system and for nsponsoring this video now before i give you nmy top five features of the lorex security system..

Let me give you an overview of what you re going to find in the box. First you get the cameras. As i mentioned. Earlier nyou.

Get. Four of these 4k ultra hd. Smart deterrents ip cameras. Which give you a 111 degree field of view and record in high dynamic range to give you great video quality.

The cameras are ip67 rated nwhich means they ll work even in harsh weather conditions in temperatures as high nas 122 degrees fahrenheit. Along with the cameras you nalso get a quick start guide a mounting kit and a cat 5e ethernet cable for connecting each camera to the nvr speaking of which you also get the lorex n841 n4k network video recorder. And this set in particular includes a nvr with three terabyte s of storage. And uses a security grade.

Hard. Drive. Which that s meant specifically nfor. 24.

7. Monitoring. And is an enough to store 11 ndays of continuous recording from the four cameras at 4k 15 frames per second or can record one month of nmotion recording instead. Which means.

It s only ngoing to record. The footage. Where motion has been detected along with the nvr you nalso get a power cable. Usb mouse ethernet cable hdmi cable and a quick start guide all right now let s more on to my top.

Five features of the nlorex security system starting with smart home integration smart home. Integration nof devices..

Like cameras. Adds. A nice level of convenience. When you want to access them with lorex this means that nnot.

Only can you pull up both live. And recorded video feeds using a display that s nconnected directly to the nvr. But you can also access it on an apple tv or google chrome cast that s on the same network. You can also quickly naccess footage and features with voice commands using both amazon s alexa nand.

The google assistant. This means you can ask alexa or google to show you the backyard ncamera on a nest hub or an amazon echo. Show. You can ask them to turn nthe lights.

On or off on a specific camera or you can even ask. Them nto sound. The siren alarm on a camera as well and of course. This is nall.

Just using your voice moving on to the next major feature of the lorex smart nvr 4k screening system. Let s talk about privacy with the lorex set up all nyour recording and footage is stored directly on the nvr. Which remains in your possession. There s no requirement nto send your camera feeds to any cloud service provider nor do you have to pay na monthly storage fee or cloud service fee in order to store or naccess your recordings instead everything nlives on the lorex nvr.

Which you can physically access anytime. And view right on a display or by using the lorex home app. Even better you can use the system with or without connecting it ndirectly to the internet in other words. If you ndon t want any of your data to be accessible remotely nat.

All and you only want to be able to use it on site you don t care about things nlike notification. Alerts..

You can keep it 100 off line when it comes to privacy with nlorex. The choice is yours and that s a rare thing to see these days with smart camera devices next up let s talk about nsome of the additional smarts built in to the system namely smart vehicle and nsmart person detection. Lorex algorithms are able to nidentify the important objects that might be moving within nthe cameras line of sight. When you re relying on motion detection.

It s a safe bet that you care nmore about a human being or a vehicle. Pulling up to your home than you do branches in nthe background. That are swaying in the wind. The lorex home app will only nsend you a push notification and image screen shot nwhen a vehicle or person is detected on your property reducing false positives by nmoving debris and animals and of course all motion alert footage is accessible in the lorex home app.

By using the smart search function all right next up feature nnumber. Four on my top five list of the best features of the lorex smart 4k nvr security system. Let s talk about the communication and smart deterrence. Features that are built in to the physical cameras.

The lorex security cameras feature a built in speaker and nmicrophone allowing you to record audio along with video. But it also allows you to listen in on the audio live and even ncommunicate with others through the camera with ntwo way talk through the lorex home app. On top of that. The cameras nalso have two super bright led s built right in to them.

And these you can customize nto turn off and on on a schedule or to be nautomatically triggered by motion. And there s even a strobe nlight setting as well the remote triggered. Nsiren is also super cool. It s something that you can nuse to maybe stop an intruder or a trespasser in their tracks.

And you have an option to trigger that also in the lorex home app as well and the last major feature nthat. I want to talk about with the lorex smart n4k nvr security system has got to be full color nvideo. Even at night with other smart security ncameras that i ve used you get vibrant color during the day and then you get a black nand white night vision mode. This isn t the case with lorex cameras.

Instead you get color. Night vision..

Which preserves full color. Even nin low light conditions. As long. As you have some ambient lighting.

Now this will let you see things like the color of someones clothing or the color of paint on a car which could be helpful. If you re trying to identify a trespasser. So you have it guys those were nmy top five features of the lorex smart 4k nvr security system again if you want something that can cover the entire nperimeter of your home. That gives you extra privacy that can be kept off line.

But does also have a nbunch of smart features if you don t mind being online. You may want to bypass nthe more entry level stuff by some of the other nsmart home device makers and go directly with lorex. Any questions that you guys nhave about the lorex system or smart cameras in general drop them down in the comments below. And i will meet you there nfor further discussion.

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” ..

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