Macfree Brushless MCF2201 Micro F-22 Warbird RC Airplane Review

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“Bet you don t know what i got in here today. This is the makri makri f. 22. Airplane.

I m a very advanced little tiny little airplane. But it with a nice carrying case that you can take it out and set it up out in the field with let s open. The case and see what we got here you look inside got a controller you got an airplane you got batteries you get two batteries. With this in a.

Nice little control battery charger. For these two batteries. You need to add and remove the landing gear wheels. When you go out in the field.

It s not hard to set this thing up though. But let s look at the airplane. See airplane self without the wheels attached yet. But and i also added stickers to it but it has two control surfaces these are normal many elevators.

But i guess there are elrond s elevators and ailerons built into one it includes a brushless motor. This is the brushless motor version additional things about it it has a little it s 300 milli ampere hour. Battery. Let s pull it out and take a look yeah.

It is 300 milligram per hour battery. But it has a special white connector those are not losey connectors. They re smaller than losey. I ll connect was pull mat and show you the battery goes in there like that.

But it s one of these smaller connectors that you re starting to see on smaller quad copters. But as more and more get out there you ll be probably seeing more and more of these along with more and more chargers that support this little. 300. Milliamp per hour.

Three point. Seven volt. One s. Battery 20 c.

By the way so. But again you stick it in there. And it has a little slot. That you have to line it up with to get it in there put it with the battery.

So we can charge plug in the battery later. But and i also did mention that you need to put in on the landing gear..

Let me get the landing gear for this before you fly get three landing gear wheels. When it goes in the front like so very easy to put these in and out. And you get spares. Too in case.

You lose these you get a complete set of spares. Which is good putting this one in there the winds picking up because. We ve got a little thunderstorm go by here. We re getting some breezes now to go as the sun heats up the desert here we were overcast for most of this morning.

It was nice and calm and of course as soon as i get out here. The overcast starts to go away. Let s put that landing gear wheel in there. Now i don t have a place to take off so i m gonna watch by hand here.

But i will try to land on the ground here to start this up that s lastly let s go over the controller because there s a lot that you need to know about this controller. It has what s called a smart mode. Where if it s engaged and it s engaged when it comes from the factory. You have to turn off this feature actually it s auto leveling stabilization.

But what it does is it s for beginner pilots and if you press takeoff button. And what we ve done for two seconds. The airplane will automatically you ll give you a voice command. And it ll be say takeoff and if you saw on the ground on a runway.

It will take off and then it will start into a circle pattern. Now keep in mind. There s no gps on this airplane. So if there s a wind like today.

And it starts. That circle pattern. A circle pattern is going to move and move with the wind. So you might not want to start off or try that smart mode.

Unless you re indoors. In a big. Gymnasium or on a totally woodless day. Today is not a windless day.

So we are not going to fly in smart mode. Today now. We are going to fly in self leveling. It has 3 modes self leveling stabilized mode and normal mode and let me explain what those are and self leveling mode.

You get into trouble you just let go of the stick center will try to come to level flight. You know it s similar the xk a600 airplane this will try to prevent you from crashing in self leveling mode in stabilized mode..

Though there is no angle restrictions you will be able to crash into the ground with that but what it does is if there s gusts of wind that comes along the gyros will sense those gusts of wind. And if it tries them move the aircraft from its original flight flight direction. It will try to stabilize the aircraft divert prevent the wind from flipping. It over.

But you ll still be able to do rote loops and rolls. Which you can t do in self leveling mode. I don t believe a normal mode. There s no stabilization.

All the gyro sensors and accelerometers are turned off so again on top and auto leveling you got accelerometers and gyros trying to stabilize the quadcopter and stabilize mode you just have zeros stabilizing the quadcopter and in normal mode. There is no stabilization at all it s normal flight like a normal rc airplane this also does have takeoff and landing automatic takeoff and landing and again you press the automatic takeoff by holding this button down for two seconds. And it will do an automatic takeoff and when you were ready to for it to land you press this button for two seconds in the quadcopter will come down and land itself. Again let s see what else did i want to talk about there s other buttons here.

I mentioned that when it s in smart mode. With this button up that the quadcopter will be doing circles. You can increase the diameter of those circles by pressing the throttle stick down and will go from low to large to small or small to large to small each time you press that button also go increase or decrease the size of the circles. You can increase the rate of the quadcopter.

What i mean right you know the agility of the controls by pressing the what would be the patrol stick on this button here also when you re in smart mode. You can increase the circle width or you can change from right turning circles to left turning circles in the sky by pressing what would normally be the roll trim buttons so if you want to turn to the right doing right turn circles you press that button and if you want to turn the left you press that button there there are other menu modes that are outlined in the instructions of this and i m not going to go in them. But you you can change the rates individually for pitch and roll and yaw and throttle in those menus and also it s very important that s where you turn off the smart mode. Because this as i mentioned factory setting smart mode is turned on on this quadcopter.

And you flip the switch at the left. And it s always in self leveling mode. There s no way to turn it off even if you turn off smart mode. So it will always be in self leveling.

So self leveling is factory default with this transmitter. Okay. The one seems to be dying down. A bit.

Let s go for a flight of this i am going to fly this not in smart mode. But we re self leveling on because of the wind. We got here to start this up you turn on the transmitter first then plug in the battery. And immediately place it on self leveling mode.

You hear that immediately place. The airplane on a flat level surface after you plug in the battery. So. It s gyros will will stabilize and let s put it down on the ground and you wait until tell you it s ready you ll also notice the elevators ok we re ready now we re going to take off is i m going to hand toss.

It and the way i m going to hand toss it just throw it this way you ready set see how the winds trying to knock it over but like the 8a 600. It doesn t let the wind knock..

It i m just flying with rudder folks now again it s a windy day today its stall. There so i can t stall. If you do crazy turns like that now there i don t know i was trying to climb. But again it was this in self leveling mode.

So it s trying to stay level. So when you re in self leveling mode. Keep this is bad folks. It wants to stay level.

So when you apply throttle those of you are familiar with are see when you apply throttle. It s supposed to climb this one does not climb it just stays level. Let me go okay. I got the battery going back on again.

The wind is picking up here so i m staying again in self leveling mode. But let s give it a shot why is even in the wind. But this time you got to remember to give it elevator if it s getting close to the ground because it tries to maintain levels level flight slides like a pancake in effect hooks in in self leveling mode. Better we ll leave it like that because the wind maybe i can do a vertical landing.

But yeah i like the a600 you can fly this in a wind. I m surprised. It flies well pretty cool toy make free vertical takeoff and landing. Now again.

It s got a brushless motors. There s a oh you can do loops. I take that back about the self level you can do tricks with this let me try a loop. Okay we got a lad.

It warns you when the power is getting low. So the flight time is not very long. But it is pretty cool. I m gonna do more flight to this if you wait a minute.

I got another battery they give you two batteries. I forgot to mention that let s go for another flight. We re gonna put one more battery and continue flying hope you enjoy it okay. I got the second battery in there.

But i want to show you look how those errands or elrond s react to my quick movements on this airplanes. You know how they try to stabilize it automatically. When i go into weird gyrations like that but again we re staying again still in self leveling mode. Because of the wind.

Today here we go again another launch easy to launch this thing moves fast. Now one thing..

The batteries on this ls uses two double a batteries so this thing doesn t have a lot of transmitting power. Or yeah. Not a lot of transmitting power. So keep it kind of relatively close to you because whoo and with that you can fly out of range pretty easily.

I think okay the wind seems to be coming down let s try turn off low we ll go into the second one stabilizing mode right like a normal airplane so seven leveling mode on because it was a gust of wind. There let s flatter on this first flight entirely and self leveling mode until i get a feel for this airplane. But yeah and beginner self leveling mode. It s not too hard to fly in the wind flies little twitchy with that self leveling mode.

Then again. It s trying to fight the wind. It s hovering above me. Because the only it s flying backwards now.

Let s give a little bit of throttle go into that wind coming downwind. Now yeah. This would be a good beginners. Learn to fly airplane especially well like i said.

It s got brushless and a brushed version best version of course is cheaper. But if you re going to be flying repeated flights like i just did now with no cooldown you might want the brushless version mccree pretty damn neat let s get some rolls squirrely when you do acrobatics you can do acrobatics. It it will let you do it so keep that vibe. But quickly self levels.

I m going to probably burn out this battery fast. And then again. I like the idea that it tells you when the battery s low your little the lady inside the transmitter tells you that i m pinching today focus on the sticks. If you notice reason being i had three cups of coffee before coming out here as usual.

What s done its effect on me. Neither plane. I m gonna have a lot of fun with this a lot of more flights. There we go no power warden bring it in let s bring it done cup cut.

So that was two flights of the makri in self leveling load. Only i need still need to demonstrate smart mode. Make sure i got all the parts on it smart mode stabilized mode and normal flying. I ll do that in future flights.

So that this is the first look at it i hope you enjoyed that flight is me the makri. ” ..

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