Macro Lens for GoPro Hero 5 Black Test Footage Included

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“Folks another little interesting product here i m going to show you today. It is is a macro lens for the hero. Five black from polar pro now polar pro all kinds of cool lenses and accessories for gopros and a lot for drones as well if you have a phantom. 4.

Phantom. 3. Gopro karma. Even if they have a lot of different filters you can use with your drones.

But what we re going to be looking at today is a macro filter. This is one of those things that s not for everybody. It s pretty specific and mainly if you want to do a lot of nice close up shots. You can see there on the picture.

You know you can get a nice close image with this attached to your gopro that you can t otherwise achieve..

Just with the stock lens. That s on the gopro. So first let s open it up see what all comes in the box. And then we ll kind of go over it set that off to the side so.

The first thing. We have is the lens. We also have a little case for the lens and this case actually doubles as a microfiber cleaning cloth. So you can keep your lens polished up.

But you actually recommend for best results. Very important to keep these absolutely clean any little smudges or dust will cause problems when trying to do macro photography or videography as a little strapped you can hook up to that little hole. There and attach it to your camera somehow so you know if you take this off. It s not going to fall anywhere a couple stickers and finally.

Some instructions basically gives you a basic layout of how to use it how to install it so pretty useful information on this little piece of paper..

So here it is here and it s actually really easy to install all you do is you slide. It over the existing hiro cover so it just slips on just like that and stays firmly in place. So basically how these lenses work the lens changes. The focal length of the camera and basically anything that s going to be close up is going to be in focus anything that s far away is going to be blurred slightly.

So it gives you that nice effect. They recommend anything from 6. To 14 inches. Should be the distance you know for best results.

And they also recommend shooting and medium view for best results. But i ve been playing around with it in different settings and even on their website. They state you know play around there s all kinds of different things you can do with it. But for all to optimal results use a medium field of view.

Now this can be used both when shooting video or photography..

And you can do some really creative. Things. The reason. I decided to get one is last summer.

A few activities that my girlfriend and i were doing i don t know how many times. There are some really close up stuff. I wanted to do and obviously the gopro just isn t really designed for that a good example is a butterfly sitting on a twig you know with this you can get right in there. And get a beautiful shot.

Nice and close up full of color. Which you just can t really achieve with the hero by itself you can still get a nice shot of it. But not as close and not with a nice blurred background effect that just helps bring the subject you know makes it pop instead of everything else in the background. I really haven t had much of a chance to use it yet.

I just went out this morning and took a few quick shots and a little video clip just for the sake of this video..

Just so i could given you a bit of a station. But i got a bit of learning to do with it i m gonna do some more reading and see what kind of things i can create this summer. With it so that s really all for this video. What i ll do is i ll include the links down below in the comments down here and you can check this out further.

And i ll maybe include some links to some of the other filters that they offer for the euro. 5 lakh well folks i want to thank you for watching don t forget to subscribe to my channel. Maybe give this video a thumbs up if you liked it you can click here to subscribe and over here. I ll include some other videos that you might be interested in seeing as well thanks for watching.

And we ll see you in the next one ” ..

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