MAJORA S MASK New 3DS XL Edition Unboxing!

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“How you doing today. I i was excited okay so all my packages came in in today. The the new 30s was supposed to come tomorrow. But he came today.

I m like oh. I thank you so without further ado before we get to the three debts. I have two amiibo that just came in from amazon. Oh.

She s the first one okay. So this is lucario and it s a pokemon now these packages are very there alright now we got the girl rosalina and day you find issue of age. So. There.

She is what i like about the package bear alright. So there you go these are my two new baby. This was from nintendo uh as a gift to me and so i don t even i know they sent like the 3d s. And some other stuff in here i think it s among stuff.

But i m just i m really excited so thank you to nintendo and aprt thank you alright let s see i i don t know wait hey hey oh my i didn t know they were gonna send this one your boy zoda..

But i know how rare this was to find look at me save me. Oh my god the new treaty. Oh oh okay alright hold on i gotta catch my breath. I didn t know this was a gift did this extra one he says one throw something in special for me.

I didn t know whom. It is this is the limited edition skull kid collectible figurine. So it is gonna be open. I know you i why would you open a box limit that s i m not a collector.

I want to see my stuff okay i want to take it out the package. I want to see it and i m gonna put it up to my very nice so there oh lower him this is so nice all right yeah. I m gonna be nice to this room look at look at this look at that okay. I don t know mike a beauty guru.

That one but oh man say okay so you put it in comparison to the mimo. Just techie. That s this this is so cool. This is something wow wait wait a minute wait.

I thought that was just another figure..

They sent me the game joe oh. My god they sent me the game. I did not put two and two together. I didn t realize.

This is the whole kid. Oh thank. You i m more excited for this than. I am.

The prettiest okay um. This one. I m gonna do this has something expensive. It i go gravy on this box uh.

So i had told him i wanted the red one i was very adamant about it as but i did not think of my water. Things they were sitting in limited edition. One and so i will take this one for sure okay. These are the ar cards okay.

So you got my blah blah..

Um. I still haven t recovered from from them that was a surprise. I did it is so glossy guys i wish i wish you could touch it pause and you put the games in the front. Now okay.

That s a little bit different let s take a look. See i had my old 3ds. Here the city difference is here so i have a game the game is in the back um. The power thing has been moved a little bit.

So you know what it won t work with my duck anymore. So the oh duck knock that won t work because it s in a different place. That s what i was wondering about so okay. I m okay with that uh and let s see we got some new buddies.

We have the zl and zr buttons let me just put these together see they re about the same size. It is a slight slightly larger i know it takes microsd card which you have about a 64 gig. Sony carcass it was on cnn i don t care about the brand and so i will be transferring my stuff over that way using a computer. Because that s the fastest way to do it i m not going to do all the turning on stuff now.

I did in another video..

But so it has a face tracking camera so the 3d from what i ve heard from everybody reviewers who have it is fantastic like it actually works this time and here s that a little c stick that we re useful in smash and other games later. And it feels like an eraser and then the home button is is different. It s more streamlined it s just one button versus so you got all them three ugly buttons and now you just have one button. So yeah.

That s a lot sync app. I m going to spend today transferring the data. This looks nice. I am so pleased with happiness.

Even if the game gets old. I still just love having this so i m thank you new to know if you felt my excitement click click that like button is shut up man and i will see you definitely this week. I m gonna definitely give some more thoughts to this alone i m so happy hey i just kissed your majora. What is i don t even know what my joey.

I m gonna find out i can t wait to play the game bye. Lisa keep it to the mario tradition of having. ” ..


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