Making A Stainless Steel Torc Bracelet

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“Youtube welcome back to stoic forge today. We re gonna do a simple torque risk risk torque. What that is it s a celtic or viking or scottish symbol of that they would give to warriors to prove themselves you know and there were actually things that weren t usually owned in certain cultures. There were things that were given and if you found somebody worthy of a torque or of your torque.

You would give it to them. And it would be passed around so as more of a badge than anything that was actually physically owned or a piece of jewelry. So what we re gonna do is we re gonna take this square stock and we re going to taper the ends make sure that we get it the right size for my wrist. And then we re going to do a nice reverse twist in it.

So. That s a twist on one side. And then a reverse twist on the other side. Which gives it a really cool pattern.


So here we go before i harbor silent say for you me so some people have been asking me online. Why i don t have a real anvil to be honest. I don t like the international style handle. I don t like the way the horns.

Are actually prefer a japanese style which is a flat top usually even a mild steel. I prefer wears a hardened steel top. I m getting an s7 steel piece of steel about six by eight that i m going to be using pretty soon. But the main reason is this thing actually has sentimental value to me you can see it s been made it s one of the first animals.

I actually started on the first being a concrete block with a piece of steel on top of it. But i like this i can do a lot of rounding on it i can do a lot of tapering on it i like the round edges here these round edges actually allow me to do a lot of tape rink. A lot faster i use a round into the end of the camera so i get different size different shades out of depending. Where i m gonna get on the end.


We right now the reason. I did the cut the way. I did is usually you have a cut off tool that hits on to tie two different sides and you roll. It i haven t finished the hardy section on here yet you know needed to a make it tool.

So i m still in the middle of making the hardy section. But you can see it s got a nice pyramid shape. Now what this will do is now i don t have to do any sanding or anything i can taper that without having a crack every day. Yes every day the last step because these are made out of steel nuts stainless is just to treat it so i ve got to heat it up just a little bit.

I ve got to dip it in the oil that way it actually gets a coating on it this would be most people don t know is the most plastics are actually made of a vegetable oil or petrol. Which is old old so i m just gonna use some linseed oil color. This thing up will be good he thank you guys so much for watching i love making these they re a lot of fun. It s probably one of the first pieces of jewelry.


I actually ever learned how to make i know a few other guys online who make these they re pretty awesome as well. I like to add my own little style. These little short ends here full pearl. It s and they re not quite a scroll and more like a bowl.

But i like them because it rounds the ends out so you don t actually catch yourself. Which is kind of nice so i don t know if also you noticed i have a stoic cheered on we just have these made pretty awesome they come in all sizes. Which is pretty cool they re nice they cotton poly. They re long it s hard to find long shirts that actually go above the belt line.

Especially for gotta have some high tax check it out please like and subscribe to channel. We re working pretty hard here to show you some interesting things to new things we re getting some more rings. I m working on doing it to mass it s nice hook. It up into your wi fi.


Which is okay you know that s the best. Way to do it. I the wi fi or ethernet share it out. But you decided looks very self explanatory doesn t look really crazy.

I think the the coolest thing is about these ink bottles and i m definitely gonna test that out on my initial review. I probably tested out maybe in a 1 week 2 week print it out and see how well it works. Hopefully you guys enjoy this unboxing and first impressions on epson s expression. Et.

3600 printer. Just awesome leave comments right below and i ll ” ..

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