Marvel Legends Guardians Of The Galaxy Amazon Haul

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“I want to say that this will be my last marvel legends hall for a a while but i wouldn t be what i d be kind of lying to if i if i said that d be one myself aligning you but anyway here we go with yet another marvel legends hall this is from amazon and i pre ordered these at set the price of 1599 each with free prime shipping. I still have angela coming on the way the other three i believe is three more yeah because i just vance astro. Oh. That was what the students named dark hawk and well i think it s just us oh well and of course star.

Lord yea. Though three were not 1599 and agile actually pre ordered her a while back. I saw that she was only 1999 prime shipping and i knew that i was going to get her later then then i would find her in stores. And i have seen her twice already in walgreens.


No no once i believe in walgreens or maybe twice them in walgreens was a choice and walgreens and then also at a walmart. But i knew i had her coming so i figured i just waiting on my um. My pre order plus you know i like to review on amazon. And you know it ll be a woody called a verified purchase that way anyway.

But these three 1599 each you know for for brand new legends like you know these haven t had been hit all stores. Yet that s that s not a bad price. I mean sure some of them i know which characters because i could possibly even these three um. You know could be some of the ones that go down to you know less than 15.


You know even like around ten nine dollars. You know a lot a lot of legends go that long and but uh. I figured for the price you know it was brand new. I might as well pull the trigger on them already.

So there. You go kid nova. Bubbly and of course. This drax.


Was crazy um. Like shouting face or something and beyond ooh. This one looks really good. And i think the likeness was it michael rooker.

I believe kurt unless. I m mistaken. I believe um. I think that the likeness is really really good pic on drugs as well i feel like the likenesses own some marvel legends have gotten a lot better of course.


They they typically lack the kind of added. Paint that is really make them look realistic um. But the pain apps are not bad you know. It s yeah they could have more paint.

But at least. It s not like there s there s essential paint that s left out ” ..

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