Mass Effect: Adromeda – How to Complete Task: Little Mouse!

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” s going on you guys dark saints here with another mass effect video today. I i m going to be telling you guys how to complete the task little mouse. The reason i want to make the videos because this one ended up being a really big pain for me i m a completionist. I always go for 100 this one actually took me a long time to figure out it s one of the ones.

Where you just have to scavenge camp sites until you find all the data pads now one trick that i will tell you about doing this one is the only data pads that are going to work are going to be ones at encampments like this the ones that don t have any buildings around or anything like this so running through the buildings looking for data pads like that isn t going to work you need finding camp mints that look like this specifically this one. Though. This is the one that i found to be the easiest on open up your maps show you where this one is zoom out okay. So if you fast travel here take your path down you run into the encampment around this area anyway.


This is where i finally was able to find a data pad they could respawn. This is it right here. I ve used the same data bed. Four times in order to complete this mission.

One thing. I do want to point out to this mission is these data paths end up telling you where a secret cache. A is but if you ve already gotten the cache. A then as soon as you collect all five or six data pads that automatically complete the mission.


But this one is definitely a pain in the rear end if some of you guys have tried to do it you guys are still working on it this one is an absolute pain in the ass to do anyway. If you come here and the data pads not here. Leave the planet drop back into the planet. And the fast travel to that spot over there and come back over here.

Anyway. You need this one to spawn once you get this one to spawn all you simply do is jump in your nomad. After you ve already killed everybody and follow my path here this is what i did you re going to follow those little crevice. You don t necessarily have to go this way.


But that s just the way that i did it point is is you need to get a far enough distance to respawn data pad. Without letting it move somewhere else so i ve tried different distances and sometimes it would work sometimes didn t sometimes i went so far that the enemies respawn. But this is what i did i traveled all the way to about right here and then i traveled back swing back around here and right now the datapath is gone because i ve already completed the mission. But i promise it works every time you come right here.

The data pad will still be there on the chest. You can just continuously harvest. It repeatedly now you don t want to go to too far because it will be spawn and everything but like i said i ve already completed the mission. Which is why it s not here right now but go to that same spot that i showed you in the video.


And then just run back do that as many times as you need to collect all five or six data pads because it does take an excessive amount of data pads. But the data pad will be different every time you come here and the enemies will not respawn. So long. As you only go the distance that i travel just keep doing that over and over and the data pad will continuously remain here.

And you can collect as many data pads you need to complete mission anyway that ll wrap it up for this video you guys i got another video. I m working on right now and i ll have that up in just a little bit so ” ..

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