Mass Effect ANDROMEDA: Twin Sister Wakes Up from Coma

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“Sky bring it here man. It s good to finally. See you good to see see anything i was starting to think i d never wake up you will be a condition like that no one was sure what would happen at least. I got to be first at something first woman in andromeda to wake up from a coma.

Dad. Always said relish the victories won t be many of them yeah. I m sorry i wasn t there when he died there s nothing anyone could have done. I wasn t even sure i should tell you i ll miss him.

I also know he d be the first to say get over it and get on with it already well there s been plenty of that so i hear mr. Pathfinder not by choice from the sounds of it you re going to need all the help you can get careful no way are you fit for duty. Miss that stubborn skull of yours needs a chance to heal oh just for once take it easy will you you ll still be plenty of mountains left to climb when you wake up oh surely. The tallest one for me if you two want to catch up some more that s fine.

But no getting out of bed rider ticket pathfinder wake up. We have a plan for meridian please come by the tech lab. As soon as you can will do hey you re probably wondering how things have been going yeah feeling a little out of it i know your past finder. But not much else did they make you president of the universe.

Too well the big vote is tomorrow..

And i m here to make sure every comatose patient has their say vote writer ha ha. So what have you really been up to in a nutshell. We found an alien terraforming network that spans the cluster. We re going to reactivate.

It at some place called meridian wow. At all nope. There s also a race of aliens called cat that wants to turn all of us into them and their leader. A guy named archon wants me dead alright maybe taking a long nap wasn t so bad.

I thought maybe we could talk about mom and dad what about them so what you might want to know how dad died. I ve been wondering first planet. We landed on there was an atmosphere processor. It was malfunctioning dad managed to file her down saved us all.

But there was an accident. My helmet broke. I couldn t breathe and then dad gave me his she sacrificed himself it was hard to tell with dad. He could be so distant.

I guess he loved us more than we knew all those times..

I yelled at him growing up you. And me both this is a better way to remember him. Yeah you still think about mom when i woke up. I forgot she was dead for a second i looked around for her then i remembered dad talked about her before we left on our first mission.

He didn t show it. But he never stopped thinking about her. He wasn t the same after she was gone at least. They re together now you still think about mom when i woke up.

I forgot she was dead for a second i looked around for her then i remembered dad talked about her before we left on our first mission. She didn t show it. But he never stopped thinking about her. He wasn t the same after she was gone at least.

They re together. Now what do you remember about how they met as mom tells it he was doing his m7 training on earth. She was a scientist working on biotic implants. He was trying real hard to pull off a bad boy in uniform thing and failing.

But she thought it was charming and struck up a conversation dad mostly just grunted..

She finally had to ask him out our dad. The ladies man anyone else to fight the first contact war and that was over we were born and dad was posted to the sisko as an attache what do you remember about mom s biotic research. I was back on biotic abilities were a total mystery. She was a pioneer helping people cope by designing implants it s what made her sick.

So people got all sorts of weird diseases from azo exposure. What do you remember about growing up on a citadel science based city filled with every kind of alien. You could imagine i remember trying to play hide and seek with some hanar. It was no fair because they can float looking back probably why i m here i thought how mind bogglingly enormous that universe really is you should know dad was keeping some secrets from us how do you mean first off fans.

A lot smarter than he let on also his connection to dad and now me it s way more powerful than the other sam s. I never knew that oh what s that up to that encrypted memories in fam that started unlocking that what were they mom was calling dad on the citadel. The day she told him she was sick poor mom. Yeah still trying to figure out what it all means feeling homesick at all well all i ve seen so far is this met bay.

We could still be on earth for all i know right yeah before we went into stasis. I was missing my life or at least the idea of it which part you miss most looking for protein artifacts. My team was a special exo archeology unit fully funded and sanctioned by the alliance. My job as they paid me to do it was to help dig up more artifacts and learn whatever we could from them things had gone sour.

It would have been a great life..

What was wrong with how things really were well mom was gone. I m not sure i ll ever fill the hole. She left and dad it hurts him more than he let on plus. His research on sam was illegal as hell.

He was trying to save her and maybe the initiative looked the other way. But the alliance didn t after they discharged him whenever people found out i was his daughter door slammed in my face being alec. Writers kids in the milky way we were in for a lifetime of dreams that were never going to happen well. I should let you rest up yeah.

Only way to recover from a coma. Is getting more sleep. It won t be much longer at least take some pictures and meridian. ” .


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