Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a (WMO 1.1a) Overview & First Look

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“And welcome to another video overview they i have the microsoft wm. Oh. The wheel wheel mouse optical. So this is the original microsoft mouse that all the legendary counter players use i m very excited that i have this for you guys today.

So let s get started. Now. This is a brand new mouse that i got they came in like this little standard cardboard box and in that packaging and bubble. Wrap so first off you have your microsoft and tell the point 71.

Driver software full and then you have what it looks like a quick start guide so onto the mouse. It s a plastic cable..

It seems fairly thick and tough. It s approximately six or six and a half feet. It is usb or ps2. It is your choice.

It does come with the adapter personally i m not going to use the ps2 because i m using my keyboard and the ps2. So it s going to use usb now this mouse can use hundred twenty five hertz polling or five hundred hertz polling. Now you can overclock it with certain software to a thousand. I probably won t be doing that since the results are kind of negligible especially because it s only a difference between one millisecond and two milliseconds now.

This mouse is designed for a low sense to be gamers specifically 400 dpi. So if you re a high sensitivity gamer..

I would not suggest this mouse just because you ll find it very slow the design of the mouse is ambidextrous. It doesn t have any side buttons. It s just mouse 1 2. And the scroll wheel now on the bottom of the mouse.

You have your standard microsoft layout. Where you have the two mouths feet or i m sorry four mouths feet sensor in the middle and then your sticker and on the opposite side. Like i said you have cost one two and your scroll now comparing this to like let s say a is 30. Mouse wanted to actually feel more solid and the scroll wheel feels a lot more tactile.

So let s do a glide test. Actually let me uh unravel..

The cable first so first impression is that it does glide fairly nicely. But personally i think i would get some additional mouths feet just so they glide a little bit better the cable. It doesn t drag it glides fairly easy across my mouse pad so it glides quickly and i can stop when i need to so it feels really nice they re using the omron switches and the wmo which feel nice as well bite tacked on responsive. I don t i don t have a problem clicking quickly with this or like let s say if i want to get a one shot.

I can get a one shot. If i want a doubletap i can get one for one a triple. I can get one overall. Very nice the shape of the mouse is also very nice.

It s not too big. It s not too small it fits fairly well in my hands..

Especially because i have big hands so it fits nicely so i can palm. It and i can claw it either way it feels nice yeah. So just like a size comparison like with my hand. So let me get like another mouse like let s get the fk over here.

So even though it s not as long as like let s say the fk. It is fairly wider. It s not as narrow as let s let s say the fk so that s why it s bigger for my hand. Because i have a pretty wide hand other than that i think it s an amazing mouse obviously i had to test it on some games.

And i ll let you guys know when i do do that so be sure to stay tuned for that and you guys for watching this first look be sure to like and subscribe and i ll see you guys in ” ..

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