Minecraft Adventure – HOW TO BECOME BATMAN!!

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“Oh veins coming back at him. He s so strong well. Bain was born into into darkness rope. Oh.

I know the whole story fire yeah molded by it i i know speech dude. It s like one of the best speeches of all time. Oh yeah batman s gonna kick his butt do it matt oh maybe not how that up saw rose that was a front kick to the face mm hmm. He still he still what kind of landed.

It though that was me sick. Oh bane s going down to finish the job. This is such an epic fight scene. I actually kind of like bane.

Yeah he is probably my favorite villain. But at the same time he s a villain so we can t like him to move oh david punch to the face it s a superman punch okay. What s gonna happen i think oh yep that s not good i think batman tries to use it like a diversion. Thing here now in a second and bane just kind of laughs at him okay.

Watch this watch this ooh did you hear what he just said there to the uninitiated. But he s initiated just like batman was they have to go to some like a place i carry the remember the name of it but they have to get initiated by some dude. And that s good basically big make them become superheroes. It s like you know what s a cop razz.

I killed in your shadows. The league of shadows or do you know so much about this yeah. That s why i m you come back. But i was just about to say the same thing no well i kind of want to become batman.

Because he s kind of like one of my favorite superhero. You know that s okay okay three two one oh dude. This is going to be sick rock paper. Scissors slenderman no we don t want that thor how to become henry danger dude.

Did you get it maybe dracula kelly. No i don t want any of these is this or nope. Oh. You haven t toss it here.

There you go no thanks bro okay i love it uh how to become batman. Oh baby. This is gonna be sick okay let me go to become dc s most famous superhero batman. You will now you must do the following things one travel through the portal.

It will bring you to the league of shadows. Dude. You were so right okay number two listen to the master master raise reza reza reza ghul okay brother girl yeah rescue and complete training course he has set out to become a stealth ninja oh. Does this outstanding dog.

I m trying to read the thing okay once the training course is complete travelled to wayne manor. And speak to alfred alpha. It s like penny lost weight. That s exactly are these night at protect the city of gotham and commissioner gordon may need your assistance complete all of these to become batman bro dad is so sick we re gonna have to go to gotham.

We re gonna have to go to resin ghouls plays. Oh oh wait a second yes. I think it s happening. I think.

It s happening. Oh baby. Here it is oh yes. Here it is here.

It is oh boom. That thing is so sick all right bro. Let s get ready cuz this hurry up don t get all what okay hold on oh come to whoa dude. Who are we please okay for a name we re in japan no we re in china.

No raise your pot. No. Where are we dude. Oh.

This is reza. Cool space. What s. A call again.

Big shadows. View shadows. Oh. My goodness dude check it out there s a ninja ninja costumes.

Let s put them on maybe i look sick man i m gonna become the best ninja ever and then i gonna become what you say what are you talking about sadie look see no yeah i look sick as in the good sick. You know what i mean the rain is like awesome. You say. Oh bro and it s like it s like saying.

Whoa. Awesome right why am. I getting into this with you come on we re in the league of shadows. This is an awesome opportunity dude.

We re gonna learn so much like crazy ninjas. What is it my girl what these residue here as a goof. He s right ahead. Oh okay okay okay um.


What do we say what do we have to do okay. So you just say that and we re looking we we traveled far and wide and we ended up league of shadows. And we would like to become members of league of shadows. So can we join your join your what else okay hello.

Sir. How you doing my name is robo. And this is better this will not be easy the league of shadows is an intense a crazy training regime. If you expect to pass you will have to delegate the next wire of your life to this course you will become if you each obstacle will be laid out and only come back finished uh yeah okay dude yeah we ll do the obstacle course and stuff.

But i mean dedicate. I don t know one day to keep my whole life to this. I mean how long is this gonna take man that guy is insane rip. I m not gonna lie.

He seems a little bit of a loop de loop to me and not the ice cream. Yeah not the nice version of the loop de loop. But just the crazy loop de loop. What are you eight come on let s get a little bit of training in i mean i m not spending the next year here.

But we can do like a little bit well what are these things okay i got climbing spikes climbing spikes. Ruffle your hair. What why what is it oh seriously i mean come on i m a superhero in my own right. I don t have to become and uh no it fell off.

Yeah you are you see you re worse. Than me your uncle yeah. Okay. I know i never said.

I was gonna be good at parker up fell. Again are you okay down there. Yeah. What s the deal can i not just use a grappling hook.

I mean try a trainee famous place well what do the climbing spikes. Do five times. How high is this thing gonna go okay oh well that was close what happened did you fall out no a nearly. No okay.

And i want to be if i fall here ah no seriously i fell again okay at this rate i m gonna become batman in about like eight years dude i mean come on this is fun you can do it okay fell off again i completed. It okay the single jumps actually got to be kind of bad because i m double jumping. And it s a whole thing that i have but just be careful that you don t fall. Again.

Cuz that would be pretty embarrassing. Okay be fair. Okay. Where am.

I going out okay. No i never fell off again. Oh be careful be careful be so much hey this intense. Why do you make me do this oh good job.

Okay from deb roof bar do this prank our what does more parkour on dude seriously becoming a ninja is like so much hassle. Like i mean. What do you even use the clients bucks for okay. Did you die actually did you just scream like a little girl.

No i i don t know what you re talking about i refuse to believe anything that you say hey um. Okay. So i ve got the clients. But okay jump to the wall and just kind of click on click on it hey spikes working yeah they are but it s so much well don t you know i m not the lobby.

You are ha ha ha hi. You dum dum. Okay. Make sure that doesn t kill you all right i m good oh okay dude.

You re skippy you ve got to go back to the start that s what idolize that s alive well how is that analyze man you can t fall off and then not go back to the start then that is totally not a lodgment on your dad well let s take you feeling back there. What do you mean what s taking me you re the one that fell off. I haven t fallen off on this. One.

Yet bro. Yeah. Exactly oh okay. How do i how do i get.

By this. Bit. This looks pretty difficult. Okay.

Oh. Okay. Yep. Oh.

Yeah. Let s just pretend to finish that there yeah high five okay. Chill chill chill okay this res gold reza doodle ghoul. Wet resolutely doodle help us how do you say his name that s a girl reza.

Google. Do okay yeah dude. He uh. He s pretty intense.


What all do we get. But beat up these guys oh you go down there i ll go down here. I got a katana oh okay gonna got up got up yes yeah oh robo uh huh you re dead i got him. I got up.

Okay. Kiddo third line three. Okay okay. I m like a pro with that blue sword.

I don t need this black sword okay i m gonna truck whoa check out these ninja claws i need to go with these bad boys. Oh. The fab defend all right take him out. Yes ah oh.

His ninja claws sick bro. I just want to hit that guy complete ninja terra has been and ever will be yeah. I feel like dude. You ve got an arrow sticking out of your head ain t window shopping.

All right bro um yeah braz that google do legally yeah. Hey he expects us to stay here for a very long time whereas i m kind of like yeah. I think i m done really well i mean i did the parkour. I did the weapons saying.

I m pretty much batman. What dude you ve got one stuck in your head. Okay one of my knee is not as bad that dude. That s like in my hand.

And you you ve got one in your head. All right are we finished or is this the last thing or what and well. I did see a tag a practice area up here oops and dannan you know yeah i feel like this guy thinks that we re gonna spend the rest of our lives here. Which is that yeah that s not gonna happen how are you going on over there no stop it stop.

It okay direct hit. Oh okay. I was a bit low on that one okay. But this is kind of fun now kind of want to stay here for a bit.

Now. Oh oh okay fine fine get to alfred come on let s get back to the portal and head to wayne manor. But something tells me ragged doodle google he s not gonna be happy with us kind of dig it out google who s that guy it s res acura paul yeah. Sorry no some respect for the guy that s trying to stab ya.

He has maybe trained as dude and i think spices stay here for a lot longer. But okay. I m a portal time oh dude. What took you so long.

I don t know it well haven t you get here before me dude. I be here forever boy. Please don t say that dude. This is wayne manor.

This place is amazing ok let s get inside see if we can find alfred he probably thinks that i m bruce wayne. But yeah remember you have bruce lee in there be careful you know okay i know somewhere in this place. There s a secret entrance to the batcave. But i just okay.

It s probably in one of these bookshelves that would be the. But what is it this looks kind of what is there a secret button or a secret door a distant second. What is it rip oh. It looks kind of different too.

But there s no button or it hmm interesting snap. You re it snap a root. A. Little.

Oh press. That press that did you do anything hmm dude check. It out yes. I think we did it i think we have found the back okay alfred hello.

Alfred alfred whoa dude there s more buttons around here secret drawbridge sick dude up class seriously put it back okay. See you see no dude put it back okay got it now. I m out uh. Okay one more time and you re dead okay.

I m about to become batman so i ll kick your butt bro. Okay dude bat sued okay how do i look yes bro i look sick all right this is sick bro um. Okay we got to find alfred that s like the next step right now allow alfred. This is all the science e computer.

No thang scarecrow. Oh. My goodness batman must have got his hands on them or something like that okay. I m going over this other side this game is sick bro.

Look at all the back computers up there. And everything whoa dude. Okay. Do you read you say.

As you want me to kick. Your butt dude. Get. The joker outfit off of you man.


Okay. Okay. I m saying put it on yeah. Okay.

I did spoil your fun. There. I m sorry. All right.

You just back computers everywhere. This place is sick man. Oh dude just like different. What is this batgirl antidote pill.

Okay. I don t want to turn okay oh girl you got it you know oh what eletric better ring gonna open up at the doors. And then throw it in and see what it s like electrocuted. Some okay.

Oh okay. I ve gone like totally. I can t see anything okay. It s gone dark oh out okay batarang okay.

I m gonna grab a load of these things dude because they are sick what is this power thing. I m see what this is freeze grenade. I can t show any of them yeah cuz you re not wearing the bad costume. No okay.

Let me see um. What are these smoke pellets okay. I can t see why can t i see right now. This is like it s got totally black in here.

Hey are you still blind yeah. I m still blind. I don t know why okay how long well. Okay.

Yeah are you back hmm. Oh. I m back. I m at wow.

No that was you dude. You made me go blood is your scarecrow take that thing off take it off. I can t see take it this is serious come on take it off. I can t see a thing.

Okay um. Okay. So what got oh grappling hook. I don t mind nope.

Well you got to do the grappling course tonight can i do to please what what are you talking about what grappling course. Oh. It s a grappling course. Oh dude.

This is sick man. This batcave is so awesome okay. Whoa yes. Big batman is awesome bro.

But um. We probably shouldn t be doing this what i m talking to alfred maybe technically you seroquel we are bruce well you aren t bruce so yeah. But i mean we re still gonna find alfred bro whoa. Okay maybe maybe outfits waiting for you maybe.

He s at the end of this course or something oh i m nailing this yeah. I kind of said. I was nailing it and then didn t really nail it so uh well okay. I m at the end.

I m at the end all right gotta go find alfred. I mean oh i think this leads back outside. But i ve got the bat suit. And i ve got my weapons.

So did we pass or me oh dude. It s alfred. I m coming out for just give me one. Second just gonna shoot myself out of here okay here we go alfred what s happening bro okay hey robin yeah hey get my friend he s down there bro.

But um anyway um. You said you wanted to talk to me. Alfred. What s going down master wayne.

It is imperative that you get to gotham city. As quick as possible it seems. Commissioner gordon has led off the distress light. You must go now.

Hurry. Oh okay. Alfred yes. Thanks.


Dude distress call. Oh commissioner gordon. He s looking for scum on. Okay.

Let s keep down a rope. Oh whoa. Oh okay okay. There s the bad side.

Commissioner. Gordon. Um. Hey.

How you doing i only off to be a lot more professional than is up hey commissioner gordon. What s up i m back man. But what s what s happening that was terrible quite thank goodness you re here batman. It s not good it s bane he s terrorizing.

The city he s threatening to blow the bridges. So no one can escape you ve got to stop follow the flames batman you ve got to get to the bridge. Don t let him destroy it please gotham is counting on you once again don t worry commissioner gordon. I ve got this i am batman after all what jack what are you laughing at i m trying to talk with batman.

He has put on a real deep voice and he s like oh yeah. But that s good dude. Okay yeah all right i m following the flames dude. This is not good i have to i have to okay.

Yes. Oh dude. Oh. I saw know that just work.

There. Doesn t work. Well. What do you mean it didn t work program.

It didn t work like that he s not afraid of the darkness. Or something. Oh okay okay. Okay.

Oh. God there s a batman. Maybe. If i start.

Talking like batman. Batman. Again. Oh dude.

Very good back laughing get. Me. Jack okay. Oh okay.

I ve got him. I ve got a yes. No okay. I miss him again this is not good okay.

Damn i m toast the batter eggs across diversions he doesn t seem to care he s so strong dude. Okay. This is bad this is bad. Yes.

Okay. I ve got about fire. I ve got my fire broke out now. I m on fire.

As well. Oh. This is bad okay. I ve got.

One. Last. Move. Oh.

Oh. Oh okay. I ve got an electric battery. Yes.

Yes. Bro. I did it yes. ” .


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