MobileSpec Bluetooth Receiving Adapter MSBTDongle

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“Right what we got here is the mobile spec bluetooth adapter you can find in in truck stops i tried it and i couldn t find a review or anything tell you about it online. And so i figured i d make one help a brother out right anyway. This is the box. I got it at the love s they re also pilots and wherever.

But about this here s what comes in the box er. Some little dealer got some destructions. I ve noticed i bought it didn t come charged so i charged it and it took about three or four. Yeah maybe not that long probably about good at hour and a half to charge.

It and and it only stays charged for about five hours give or take was a little bit disappointing but another thing when you plug your bluetooth charger. Or your little mini usb charger in with it you it s got this kind of charging. I don t know if you can see that or not..


It s pretty much the common charging port so it does give you a charger. This is an interesting little thing. There you ve got a three by five two three by five conversion. So you can plug this in and then you can plug it into.

I guess headphones or something like that it s pretty easy to set up and pair with your radio. I just plugged it into my radio. Then yeah you ll hold this button. And then you see it comes on and then once it s on to pair.

It you hold it you push it down and hold it and i just turned off. I haven t really figured out how to pair it i did pair it it was pretty easy. But i mean i just i don t like to read the directions..


I just do it you know how that goes. But didn t have to put any code with it the destructions say you got a type in zero zero zero zero is the pass code. But i just it just immediately recognized it and plugged right in so this hangs off of your this can hang off your you know your stereo in your dashboard. And you can basically convert as long as you ve got a jack on your radio you can receive bluetooth with this so it s pretty cool the only thing i don t particularly care too much about it i wish you could get about 10 11 hours of air time.

I wish. But it s only five five hours and when you plug it in to charge it you can t you can t what am. I translator. You can t listen to it charge it at the same time it shuts it off.

But so if you re in the truck stop and you see this this little doohickey here hanging on the wall. I think it was like 30 bucks. It s not a bad not a bad setup..


Solve the problem save me from buying a bluetooth radio you know i don t know you d have to weigh that out yourself. What do you want to do you want to you want to spend the money on the radio. Because that this thing does hang out it hangs you know it just hangs there out of your offer your radio. But long as you don t mind the cosmetics of this kind of looks stupid.

But whatever but i just thought i d make this video. So you could see what exactly came in this and the reason. Why i m doing. This is i m going to be making some youtube videos and i play music and all that kind of stuff.

And my dream has been to get a flatbed throw it on the back pull that flatbed into a walmart play music till. The cops come shut me down and then get on down the road. But if you re seeing this go ahead and subscribe because the reader what i m doing is trying to get truck drivers and other people whoever to to start subscribing to this because i m going to be making my dreams come true chasing my dreams or whatever i don t know i m just doing something even if it s wrong..


It s basically what i m doing. But if you re seeing this you re getting in on the ground floor. So you can be one of the first ones to subscribe and you won t miss anything. But right now.

I m just doing some product reviews for people so when you do the search you ll come along you know and then you ll find this channel. And hopefully you ll subscribe and hopefully i ll follow through and you know my health rolled out and all that kind of stuff. And i ll be able to just rambling ramble on down the road. You know like we do so i talked to you later.

I hope you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up tell your friends right. ” ..

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