Monster Elements Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Rose Gold

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“What s up everybody. It s your boy floss back again with another video and and today. We re going to take a look at the monster elements. Now these wireless dj style over the air headphones now try not to sound too hype.

But i m super excited to try these out if you watch my videos you know how i feel about monster products. You ve seen the battle little bluetooth speakers. You know the monster blasters the champ. If you see my monster hotshot video.

When it comes to bass. There s nothing this small that can touch this speaker. This is a certified beast. If you ve seen the video.

I did for the monster backfloat. This is the official pool speaker right here not only because of the way it looks. But when you submerge this speaker. The water s going to shoot out of it like a fountain.

I ll leave the link in the description. Y all. Need to see that video for yourself. This is a chick magnet right here.

And when it comes to headphones two of my favorite monster headphones the monster. Dna pros 20. Now i actually heard these out of soundstage before i got them. And when i listened to them they was playing whitney houston.

And he sounded amazing i fell in love with them immediately not to mention you got the real carbon fiber knees. I saw these as a go and my favorite headphones the monster 24k now these are the most bass heavy balanced headphones that i got these are the headphones that i rock. When i m in my gaming chair and i m playing some mortal kombat these are crazy not to mention these are my favorite looking headphones. When you wear these outside and the sun reflects off of these the love you re going to get is incredible.

Only downside to the monster 24k s. Is they have a wire. So now with the wireless elements first up let me show you the website real quick. So you can see where to get them from go to monster products calm.

I ll throw the link up in the description alright. So we got the monster elements. Wireless over ear. Headphones now the.

Price sony s 340. 995. So you re looking. At 350 bucks.

Now they re available in three different colors. You got rose gold black slate and like platinum now on the side note. If you ve seen these at ces. They had two more colors they got gold and platinum with the white air cups.

Those will be out soon pause this and read it for yourself. If you want. But let s go through some of the features real quick you got show room beautiful finish. Wired and wireless.

You got dj style hinges on both left and right sides. Folding high intelligibility. Mic. For crystal.

Clear. Calls. Got pure monster sound memory foam. Cushions and a hard.

Case. Included. So all of that for 350..


Let s check these out presentation. Now if you ever bought anything from monster. You know you re getting that quality presentation and these are the same let s see if we missed anything all right. So you got dj style swiveling air cups and foldable design.

Now that s a new feature from the month. 224 k. s. If you ve seen the 24 ks.

They have the swivel cups. But they don t fold. They only swivel so now you got foldable design. Now here s an important feature that probably make these one of the hottest new player headphones.

You could get you got direct digital usb audio. What does that mean well now you have three ways to listen to music with these headphones. You can use them wireless with bluetooth. You can use them with the 1 8 inch cable.

That comes with them plug it right into your headphone jack and now you have direct digital usb audio. So that means you can plug these directly into your computer you can plug these directly into your iphone your android phone or your tablets now i know what you re saying you can do that right now just plug it into the headphone jack well what about the iphone 7 new phones coming out like the moto z force no headphone jack so now with these headphones. All you have to do is use the provided cable that came with your phone in this case. We got usb to usb c.

So you plug one end into your phone and the other end directly into the headphones and listen to your music. So these headphones right here. Future proof. You got a vance bluetooth.

With our aptx technology. These are over maximum sound isolation and comfort ideal for djs and producers. Yeah. Cutting edge on air.

Swipe controls no buttons. That s another new feature no more buttons now you got swipe controls. We got to check those out you got super plush memory foam ear cushions and you got the 1 8 inch jack for wide listening. 350 bucks let s go let me grab a little unboxing knife and let s check.

These out right now no beast mode on these i m a little bit too height. I got to enjoy this one okay so here we go monster elements. Let s see okay got a little sleeve slide this off is your monster logo here we go okay pure monster sound. Now you got a little note right here.

This is from noel lee. The head monster in charge read this at your leisure. Got your usual books and follows to the side now. This is important with these gold and rose gold headphones you re going to need this so you get your monster cleaning cloth little microfiber cleaning cloth that s a nice touch and here s your headphones.

Now the difference between the monster 24k is also here s the old monster bag that you got for the 24k s. It s more like a pouch now you re getting an actual case monster logo on the case. Some monster brandon life is too short to listen to bad headphones facts. A little zipper right.

Here. Let s open this up. Now you can t drop a carbine on this if you want which i probably will let s check out the headphones now inside the case you do get a slot right here blue slot for your cables. And that s pretty much it take a look at the cables real quick now here s your adapter put dj.

s or if you got one of those old school stereo systems drop. This right on here s your micro usb to micro usb. Charging. Cable is the micro usb.

I here s the usb adapter micro usb to usb and here s your cables. 1 8. Inch for wired listening now gold tips on these one l shape. And one straight.

Now in the side note. Monster claims that you re going to get. 24 hours battery out of these i m playing these at max volume..


So i m expecting to get maybe about 10 to 12. But that s still pretty good i ll do a full test anyway here we go monster elements rose gold okay so here s your touch swipe pad. Let s see how this works now you swipe up for your volume up swipe down for your volume down here s your tap controls alright so you tap it to play and pause just like that to answer and end calls one tap. Accept the call waiting another one tap now for track up two taps per track down three taps alright.

There s your microusb charger. The led indicator light your little microphone and your multi functional button. That works for power pairing and mute ok snatch that off see anything on the other side nothing and here we go whoo now this is rose gold okay not that iphone pink stuff. This is how rose gold supposed to look kind of looks like gold.

But when you get up close you get that hint of rose to it now here s the difference between the gold and the rose gold let s see the 24k rose gold yeah same rosy color definitely feeling these now these have the brownest air cups that matches so good with the rose gold. These are hot now you got your swivel. Let s see how these swivel swivel up on both sides and fold in so you got swivel and folder. Now look at the attention to detail your monster brandon.

This is real craftsmanship right here rose gold monster elements pure monster sound same thing on the other side monster logos inside the cups. You got right and left nice piece of leather phone one on the top these are super comfortable and i m speaking from experience like i said he s about gaming headphone. I could wear these for four or five hours straight with the music pounding in my ears. And then super.

Comfortable and one of my favorite. Features about these kind of headphones is the swivel now you don t have to be a dj to use these well i use these when i m playing my video games and a lot of times. I m chilling. My daughter i have one air up so i can listen to her and the other hear my music the same thing if you re on the flight.

And you got your wife or your girlfriend or whoever with you put one ear up this way you can still talk to them. And they ll listen to your music alright. So these look hot so let s power these on we ll do a little sound test. And we see how they sound.

It said pow one. So that s another nice little feature you got voice prompts alright. So let me grab a phone. We ll pair this up and we ll see how it sounds alright so i just grabbed the htc 10.

The monster elements popped right up let s see how long it takes to pair these up okay. Now. I had a voice prompt. It said paired all right so these are connected let me find some music and we ll do a little live sound test.

Now i m also going to pause. The video and i m going to test out a bunch of other different tracks. I m going to test them wired wireless and usb connection with a good phone like the htc. 10.

That s a high quality deck. And we ll see how it sounds. But first i ll do a live test just so i could get my natural reaction. All right let s try one of my favorite test songs you know you like it dj snake.

But before we do that let s test out the touch controls and make sure they work. So one touch for playing pause okay. There s the music. Let s try swipe down for the volume.

Okay. So we got the volume. All the way down and another tap for playing pause again just. Like that alright.

So the buttons. Do work. Let s get max volume. And we ll try this again here.

We go now. I m about to drop these on that s max volume here we go i just paused. It and now i m gonna play it again whoo let s go hmm. I gotta stand up up now to follow up no if they bring me down help.

If you have a dream uh. Let s go don t tell me what could be done you know you like the bucket drop. You insane..


You know you re liking buddy job. You re insane. Yo d. Sound oop.

What huh. What you want to do. Oh. My god him that bass drop.

What you want what you wanna do whoa hold up. Yeah. Let me let me walk away. A little bit of test and test.

The blue free. We walk all the way to the facts okay i make thirty feet. If you wanna train me like it and i gotta pause this i hold up. Oh.

My god whoo all right. I went to the thirty feet range. That i got marked in the house and went directly to the thirty feet range. I went a little bit past it then it started to break up so thirty feet range on this is guaranteed.

Oh hold up fellas. I gotta test. These again now with the white connection and the usb connection. But they sound just as dope as the 24k s.

Pure monster sound. These are so balanced now look. I got a bunch of headphones. I got headphones that s bass heavy like the sony mdr s.

And the v motor crossfades. The skullcandy crushes some headphones have too much bass and they re not balanced. The thing. That makes the 24 case.

And now these my favorite listening headphones because they have the balance you got that hard bass. But you still got the crisp highs in mid. You need those you need the highs in mid. You can t just have overpowering bass calm down i m too high all right so i m gonna pause the video real quick.

I m going to test out the wired connection and i m going to test a usb connection using the htc. 10. That has one of the best decks in the game. Iso talk amongst yourselves.

I ll be right back alright. Y all. Real quick now on the top you got micro usb. So.

If you happen to have a new phone like a modal z. Or moto z. Droid force that has usb type c. And no headphone jack then you re going to have to get a usb type c to micro usb adapter cable.

Now if you ve got a regular usb type c. Phone like htc 10 or one plus three of nexus 6p you re going to have to use the headphone jack. Now. If you want to play these on your computer use the cable.

That came with it this is micro usb to micro usb use the adapter. Which is micro usb to usb and plug this right in your computer. Now don t have a usb type c to micro usb cable. Just yet i will order one of those and i test it out on the htc.

10. And i ll test it out on the moto z. Droid for us..


But in the meantime. I m going to plug this into my computer. And i m also going to test it using the regular 1 8. Wire talk amongst yourselves alright.

Javis will be back in now. I tested these wired wireless and wired to my computer. And i gotta tell you on a scale of 1 to 10. Buy these immediately all right.

These are my new favorite wireless headphones without a doubt now keep in mind. Two hours to charge up the battery to full and you get 20 hours of playtime 30 feet on the bluetooth range now let me show you some of the inline controls. If you the cable that came with it if you hold down the button now to activate your google now or your siri one tap you got playing pause a double tap now to take you to the next. Song these headphones sound amazing.

And these are one of the sets of headphones that sound the same wired or wireless a lot of wireless headphones. Once you plug them in they lose some sound qualities these sound actually better now when i plug these into my computer. And i was able to listen to my audio files and play with the eq settings on the computer. The bass handles so great on these i m blown away.

I these are going to be my new gaming headphones. Know why is to worry about i m spinning around in my chair. Like i said on a scale of one to ten buy these immediately. Anyway hit me up in the comments.

Let me. Know what y all. Think about these. I am totally feeling.

These. Oh. I got to get all the colors now. I do got a set of limited edition.

Ghostbusters headphones coming they should have came today. I didn t get the package. Yet. I still got to go outside and check and still early if i get those i ll unbox them real quick tonight.

If not they should be here tomorrow. Yeah. I gotta see those for yourself they look sick like i said hit me up in the comments. Let me know a job thing about these shoutout to everybody following me on facebook foursquare twitter google shout out to all the google gangsters i see how holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody rock on me on instagram.

Yeah. I know that s where i m at full time. 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody writing with the new stream on sundays. They ll already know stream gangstas on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys allowed oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy.

Underscore. Carter that s well and a special shout out to the notification squad. I see i ll in the comment section. Early hashtag salute.

Oh. Yeah one more thing. I almost forgot fellas. Ladies.

Say. It with me all y all. Haters or yeah. Trolls close your eyes.

Picture. Me. Rollin your boy. Floss on mountain deuces transport a room.

” ..

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