Moto E4 vs. Moto E4 Plus: Which should you buy?

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“Moto e4 made headlines for being a great device for a low price. The moto moto e4. Plus is a more expensive more premium version of the moto e4 in video. I want to compare them and tell you guys.

Which none is the most worth it i m jacklyn here for android central let s get into it peppy. Music the moto e4 can be found on namazon for as low as. 12999 and the e4 plus can be found nfor at its lowest 17999. The e4 comes with 16 gigabytes of storage.

Two gigabytes of ram. Na snapdragon. 427 chip and a 2800 milliampere hour battery. The moto e4 plus.

Also nhas 16 gigabytes of. Ram a snapdragon 427 chip and two ngigabytes of ram in the us. Both the moto e4 and the ne4 plus have metatech chips in the rest of the world nwhich is definitely something to note for our ninternational viewers regardless. Though they nboth perform really well so already you can see here nthat.

The main difference between these two smartphones nis. The battery life..

The e4 plus. Has amazing battery life even though. The screen nis 5 inches bigger. It still crushes screen on time both panels are also 720p nwhich helps the battery life so while the e4 s battery.

Nlife is solid. You can expect to squeeze out an extra nday or so with the e4 plus in terms of how they stack nup against each other performance wise. Neither nof them is a fast phone. But they re fast enough graphically intensive games run okay with a few frame drops here.

And there. But overall performance for web browsing texting and multitasking is solid. If you find yourself nconsuming media. A lot you have a choice to make ndo.

You want a bigger screen with slightly less pixels per inch or do you want a smaller nscreen with a crisper display. I would prefer option one for myself. As i watch a tonne of youtube videos and that extra 5 inches. Nreally makes a difference you can see here how bigger nthis phone is than this phone.

But moto e4 will have more npixels per inch. Because they both are a 720p panel and nthe moto e4 is smaller..

But that s something to note. Nboth screens aren t that sharp. But they both have pretty good colours and they have decent viewing angles. Don t expect anything like the s8.

But it will be passable for sure camera quality is the next. Difference the e4 plus. Packs a 13. Megapixel shooter with an.

F. 20. Aperture the e4 has eight megapixel. F.

22. Sensor. The photos produced lack nsharpness and accurate colours. So don t expect to have na fire instagram game with either of these video is definitely nbetter on the e4.

Though as it looks crisper and it s less grainy camera quality with both nof these phones. Though is definitely one of the nbiggest disappointments..

The front facing cameras are both okay they will definitely do fine for snapchat and the front facing nflash. Although it seems a little bit gimmicky ncan actually really help you be illuminated in a dark scene. But the back facing ncameras. The rear cameras are a huge disappointment.

I understand that these nphones are cheap. But it makes you kind of think nthat maybe picking up last year s flagship for a little bit more than both of these would be a better call. Because. These cameras are nreally really not that good an area that was not disappointing.

Nthough was the build both phones have fast. Fingerprint sensors and removable backs. The e4 plus looks a lot more premium. But the e4 is much more ngrippable with it s textured back and the motorola dimple ngiving.

It the win in my book so overall the bottom line nwith these two phones is that they re passable. They re really good budget. Smart nphones and if you just need a phone to get the job ndone you ll be happy with them. But they really don t have great cameras great screens great builds they do the job.

But nothing more and you have to know that nwhen you re buying them to decide. Which one you nwant out of the two if you want a battery nlife that can last like two to three days..

The e4 plus is my call. But if you re just looking nfor a portable easy to handle in one hand. Kinda. Phone nthat won t break the bank.

You re better off picking up the e4. As it s a little bit cheaper nhas. A little bit better video. And it s a lot smaller.

So nit s easier to carry around that s it for this video. Though leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed it be sure to subscribe to nour channel to see more and we ll catch you guys nall in the next video. Thank you guys. It s awesome nthat you re watching.

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