Moto Z2 Force Battery Life. Is it good?

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“Guys welcome back to another video as you manage a will so i want to to take a quick look at the motorola moto g2 force battery life now motorola that we can get a full day s battery out of this thing with no problems and i m here to go ahead. And tell you how my battery life is with this device. Now. If you have the moto g.

2. 4s. Please tell me down below. What your battery life is like i ve seen.

Some comments. Here. And there what people are saying. They re better life is like.

But remember this disclaimer has to be said battery life depends on the user now i consider myself a very heavy user because i ll probably get more at more emails and text messages and notifications than the average consumer. I mean thousands in a day literally i mean phone s always beeping have to keep my phone on silent. So what that being said motorola claims that i can get a full day s battery out of this thing with no problems so how did it do well. Let s take a look now.

I do have the moto mod and i got the motorola version of this because it s super thin. Something i really love it so the first battery test that i did with the motorola moto g2 force lenovo moto z2 force. I used the battery mod with the phone..


The first go round stopped at the battery. Mount olan charged bolt to 100 took it off and used it over the weekend and i want to see how fast it was gonna die. And how much screen on time. I got so with that the first go around.

I got 6 hours and 6 minutes of screen on time with 15 percent battery left so what i decided to do and this is this is the modal mod running all the way to 0. And then the phone run to 0. Now how that how this works is when you put this modal model on it s smart charging so basically. It s gonna keep the phone at a hundred percent as long as the can every time your phone drops down a little bit.

The motor mount kicks. In is such turn your phone back to 100 and the moto. My dogs first so the opposite of that is when you re charging needs. The moto mark charges last.

It charges your phone first when you have it on then the middlemost monitor starts to charge that is something i really don t like and some people say. Well you need the wireless charger. And need the wireless back. I can appreciate that but i think they if they couldn t come up with any other mod.

They should have maude to charge mars. I think that just makes sense just a little slab pop it on their bone. Water..


Charging cable on a fast charger. Done. So with that being said i put these together. I used them over the weekend.

This past weekend and the phone. Lasted about a day and a half and at about 15. It turns red and i said okay i m going to stop it like this died. All the way and then this phone got down to 13.

And i was at 6 hours and 6 minutes was 15 left so when it after that i didn t test it any further i put it on the charger. I just tried to follow their recommendation. So they put it on the chart of your phone s dying. So i did that so i got 6 hours in 6 minutes.

And i had just over a day almost about a day and a half. I would say now the stretch party is my second test. I did without the battery mod and i haven t actually used a battery mod since uh that first test. I kind of got the battery mod for like the murderous purposes or you know no i ll be gone for a while i figured the battery mod will give me that extra juice.

I need however i tested this phone without the battery mod and to my surprise. It lasted 22 hours. And i got 5 hours and 25 minutes of screen on time with 15 left..


So. The question that i have for motorola is this is battery model really working. I shouldn t need to condition it or anything. It should be good to go out of the box.

Then i m sure all the experts will come out in the comments. Oh jay you got to do this so jay you got to do that no i put it on the phone or needs to work and that s what it did. But my only concern is that you know the battery mount runs 50 bucks. And i will do another cycle.

I mean. But if you re watching this today. I ve had this phone for about five straight days or about six days probably. But i don t know when you re watching it.

But i ve had the phone for about five to six days. So the phone lasted pretty much all day. And i got five hours and 25 minutes of screen time and bear in mind. I still had 15 left.

But i followed their instructions that i plugged the phone up in turbocharged. It and now it s back to ohio. So their claim that you can make it a full 24 hours is actually true in my experience..


And i think that the average consumer can definitely make it 24 hours with this phone because i can make it 24 hours with this phone with heavy heavy use now. I know a lot people prior not on their phones as much as i am. But the truth is you should be able to make it through a full day with the moto z2 force. Now some people are concerned about the battery exhaust than it is it s two thousand seven hundred thirty milliamps.

I ll admit that kind of you know it wasn t it s not a deal breaker for me obviously because i got this phone for 300 bucks. And it s a fantastic deal to me so the battery life really didn t matter because i felt like okay. I m gonna buy this battery ma. So if it does have poor battery.

I ll get a little bit more juice out of this well it turns out. I probably didn t even really need to buy the matter. The battery mod probably didn t need it so that s my battery life with the moto g. To force.

What is yours. I think motorola s claims to all day battery are true at least in my experience is your manager will and i ll ” ..

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